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What To Get Someone Who Doesn't Want Anything

Updated: Mar 20

Whether you have someone on your list who is a minimalist, who doesn't want anything because they can buy anything they want, or who doesn't give you ideas for their gift, you are in the right place.

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What to Get Someone Who Doesn't Want Anything?

Finding the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t want anything can be quite the challenge. But fear not, for we have curated a list of unique and thoughtful gift ideas that will surely delight even the most difficult-to-shop-for individuals.

From experience-based gifts to eco-friendly options, this guide on “what to get someone who doesn’t want anything” will help you discover the perfect present that shows thought, creativity, and care.


Experience-Based Gifts

Gift-giving can be simplified by choosing experience-based gifts that create lasting memories instead of material things.

Cooking Classes are a great option for the food lover in your circle of family and friends. Not only does it offer fun, but also knowledge which can be passed down for generations. From mastering French techniques to creating amazing sushi dishes, this experience provides individuals with plenty of new culinary tools that will last them a lifetime!

Having such useful skills can benefit everyone they know through fantastic meals made from these newfound recipes. The artful combination of education and enjoyment makes teaching people how to cook not just enjoyable. It’s priceless!

A Spa Day is the perfect gift to show your loved one some much deserved TLC. Providing services such as massages, facials and body wraps that allow for calming relaxation and revitalization from the stresses of everyday life, it will be sure to give them both physical and mental peace.

A weekend getaway is an excellent way to build remarkable memories and experiences. Whether it’s for couples or families, discovering new places as well as activities are sure to bring pleasure and enthusiasm.

These gift ideas provide diverse options, which makes them practical presents featured in many gift guides. Gifting experiences rather than objects ensures your present is appreciated long after the event has ended, making it more meaningful overall.


Meal Kit Services

A meal kit delivery service is a great gift for someone who doesn't want 'more stuff', because it's simple, practical and useful.

They get everything they need to make delicious meals without having to shop or figure out what to cook. It's a practical gift that lets them enjoy cooking and eating without any extra clutter.


Green Chef:

Organic meals for all diets.



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Every Plate:

Good food, good prices. Lots of choices. Click the link below to sign up your college guy with EveryPlate for $1.49 per nutritious meal.


Wine, Beer, or Coffee Subscriptions

For the coffee lover or coffee drinkers in your life, a present that goes on giving is to give them a subscription to their favorite type of coffee or hot chocolate. Delivered right at their doorstep and offering different flavors and origins, it is a delicious treat with each new box that will last far beyond the holidays or their birthday.

A present that continues to provide delight for the wine enthusiast or beer lover in your life is a subscription bottle service. Offering up an expertly selected selection of drinks, it gives them the opportunity to taste and discover new vintages or beers delivered right at their doorsteps. This thoughtful surprise not only attends to all their preferences, but also serves as a delectable treat with each delivery.

Subscriptions are a welcome and perfect gift anytime, and are great ideas for those who don't want to add unneeded stuff or clutter to their home.

Our two top picks for coffee subscriptions are Fresh Roasted and Peet's Coffee because of their subscriber discounts and high quality products.


Streaming Services

If you’re searching for the ideal present, then look no further! Subscribing to a streaming service is perfect as it provides countless hours of entertainment. With this gift, there’s exclusive content available alongside classic movies and TV shows that are sure to be loved by all who receive them.

Discovering new favorites or catching up on old classics has never been easier. Plus keeping up with the latest releases gives even more incentive for an enjoyable viewing experience! It really makes a great gift, movie and series fans will truly appreciate such generosity.


Amazon Subscriptions

For those who prefer minimalism or claim to want nothing for Christmas, gifts that take up no physical space and offer a wealth of resources can be the perfect solution.


An Amazon Prime membership is a multipurpose gift that provides a variety of benefits, from free two-day shipping on countless items to access to Prime Video and Prime Music, making it an excellent gift for the pragmatic person who appreciates convenience and entertainment.

gift amazon prime membership

Audible, on the other hand, offers a bounty for the book lover who might not want more physical books cluttering their space. With a subscription, they can listen to a vast selection of audiobooks, podcasts, and more, making it an ideal gift for those who love to read but are always on the go.

gift amazon audible

Lastly, a Kindle subscription and/or a Kindle tablet is a thoughtful gift for an avid reader who's run out of shelf space. It's a compact device that can store thousands of books, giving the gift of an entire library that fits in the palm of their hand, without contributing to more 'stuff' around their home.

kindle unlimited subscription

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gift baskets full of delightful delicacies make a wonderful gift for food-lovers. These lavish packages contain many treats like snacks, cheeses, chocolates and desserts that have been carefully chosen to suit the tastes of the recipient.

Not only is it a thoughtful present they will cherish, but also an experience they can savor!

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Bottle Festively Presented

A celebratory bottle, whether it be a luxury wine, gourmet coffee syrup, or an everyday cider, is a sophisticated and thoughtful gift that presents beautifully.

It's an ideal gift that is both practical and versatile, allowing you to match the price of the bottle with the relationship with the recipient.

Whether it's an economically-priced coffee syrup or cider, or a higher-end vintage wine, this versatile gift can cater to many, especially those who are hard to buy for.

For an elegant presentation, choose from the wide variety of wine bottle covers and gift bags. Choices range from whimsical to refined, ensuring your gift appears intentional and tasteful.

Bottles can also be wrapped in clear cellophane, gathered at the top with a festive ribbon for a beautiful touch. Top it off with a seasonal greeting card or note for a personal touch.

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DIY Custom Recipe Book

A custom recipe book is a truly meaningful and practical gift idea for any food enthusiast. This presents the receiver with an organized collection of cherished meals in one place, simplifying meal planning while potentially introducing them to new cuisine.

As an added bonus, this thoughtful present can become a treasured memento that the family member will be held onto for many years into the future – giving it its own special touch!


Charitable Donations

Gifts that demonstrate kindness and compassion can make an impact on the world. Donations to meaningful causes close to a recipient’s heart are one way of showing this support. This could include donations for animal welfare, environmental programs or educational funds, all these gifts will help create positive change in society today.

By presenting charitable contributions, it not only shows thoughtfulness but also emphasizes dedication towards building a better future. Something we should strive for collectively!

How to Wrap a Gift Card With A Clear Cellophane Bag

A clear cellophane bag with a festive ribbon is the base for many of the ideas below, or simply place the gift card in a cellophane bag and tie it up with an elegant or fun ribbon.

Adding glitter or candies inside the bag is always a great gift-wrapping idea.

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As we wrap up this guide on navigating the tricky task of knowing what to get someone who doesn't want anything, it's clear that thoughtfulness is key. The best gifts for someone who doesn't want anything often aren't items they can hold, but experiences they'll remember or gestures that speak to your understanding of their values and preferences. For more gift lists, visit by ChelleV to get insightful tips on many hard to find gift niches.

For those scratching their heads over what gift to get someone who doesn't want anything, consider that sometimes the most meaningful present is your presence. Offer your time, an ear to listen, or a hand to help with a project.

For gifts for someone who doesn't know what they want, a subscription to a service that aligns with their interests, or a donation to a cause they're passionate about can be both thoughtful and impactful.

Creating a custom gift for someone who doesn't want anything is another route to show you care. A handwritten letter, a photo book of cherished memories, or even a personalized playlist can carry more weight than any store-bought item.

The gift for someone who doesn't want anything shouldn't add clutter but should instead enrich their life in a meaningful way.

For birthdays, birthday gifts for someone who doesn't want anything can revolve around experiences. Think less about wrapping a package and more about planning a surprise outing or a peaceful day at the spa. Likewise, gifts for the man who needs nothing might involve getting tickets to a game so he can watch his favorite team, or maybe arrange a tasting at a local brewery.

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As holidays roll around, instead of the typical Christmas gifts for someone who doesn't want anything, adopt a tradition of giving back. Spend a day volunteering together or plant a tree in their name. Such actions can be extremely meaningful to those who feel they have enough by giving to others who have less.

For those seeking gift ideas for someone who needs nothing, consider upgrading something they already use or gifting a class that hones a skill they've been wanting to improve. In this way, you're not adding to their possessions but enhancing their daily life.

Ultimately, the best gifts for someone who doesn't want anything are those that acknowledge their contentment. Gift for person who doesn't want anything? How about a simple day spent in nature, free from the pull of material possessions, or a membership to a museum for the person who appreciates culture more than material things?

When it comes to gifts for someone who does nothing in the sense of desiring no particular hobbies or material items, think about gifts that create relaxation or offer a change of scenery. A hammock for the backyard or a pass to a national park can be a unique invitation to unwind.

Finally, for the individuals who seem to embody the concept of gifts for someone who likes nothing in the material sense, your task is to think outside the box. Offer something intangible, yet invaluable. Peace of mind with a prepaid service, a learning opportunity, or maybe a creative outlet.

Whether you're in search of gifts for someone who has nothing or for someone who feels they need nothing, your gift should focus on connection and thoughtfulness. The gift ideas for the man who needs nothing, and indeed all good gifts even for a man who needs nothing, are the ones that show your appreciation for who they are more than anything you can buy.

In summary, when you're searching for gifts for someone that wants nothing, steer clear of the shopping mall and look towards creating memories, experiences, and demonstrations of love. After all, the most cherished gifts are often simply gestures that say, "I understand you."


Frequently Asked Questions

What to ask for when you don t need anything?

Request their presence. Take them out for a meal, lunch break or walk. Express gratitude by offering them the most precious present, your undivided attention!

What are some unique experience-based gifts for someone who doesn't want material items?

Give your loved one a memorable present with cooking classes, spa days and weekend excursions, no need to opt for material items! The perfect gift that will last beyond the holiday season.

What are some popular subscription services that make great gifts?

Subscription presents are a great way to surprise someone with convenience. Consider gifting streaming services, meal kits or even coffee subscriptions for your loved one!

What types of personalized items make thoughtful gifts?

Thoughtful presents that will be cherished forever, such as customized jewelry, monogrammed accessories and personalized home decor, can make wonderful gifts.

What are some DIY gift ideas that show thoughtfulness and creativity?

Gift ideas for DIY lovers such as handmade candles, knitted scarves and blankets, and customized recipe books are thoughtful options to show gratitude.


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We hope this article has helped you decide what to get someone who doesn't want anything for Christmas! Remember, it is the thought and remembrance of the person that counts. Merry Christmas!


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