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Safety Necklace and Safety Bracelet For Women

Updated: Jan 25

Are You Serious About Safety?

If so, this article is for you. Whether you're looking for safety jewelry for yourself or a loved one, you have come to the right place to learn about the different features of potentially life-saving safety jewelry.

What Is a Safety Bracelet?

A safety bracelet is like a regular bracelet you wear on your wrist, but it's special because it can help keep you safe. Think of it as a friend that's always with you. If you ever feel scared or in danger, you can press a button on the bracelet. It can do things like tell people where you are or even call the police for you.

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3 Top Brands for Safety Bracelet Devices When You're Serious About Safety

Invisawear Smart Jewelry- Personal Safety Device - Silver Expandable Bracelet

If you double press the back side of the charm, it sends a text message instantly with your GPS location to five people to let them know you need help.

InvisaWear uses the same emergency response technology as ADT, the #1 name in security.


Water-Resistant Emergency Button for Elderly, 24/7 Wireless Medical Alert Systems for Seniors


Push a button on the medical alert necklace for women and men to connect to a live USA-based and trained operator immediately. Speak directly to any of the 24/7 emergency monitoring personnel at any time of the day.


HELP Dialer Medical Alert- No Monthly Fees Medical Alert System- HD700

No Monthly Fees - Bills or Contracts

2 Panic Buttons Included - 1 Wrist Panic Button and 1 Necklace Panic Button

Instantly calls up to 3 phone numbers & plays your personalized emergency message.


How Does It Work?

Finding You Anywhere

One of the best things about this bracelet is it knows where you are. It has something called GPS, which can tell your family, friends, or the police exactly where to find you. So, if you ever feel lost or scared, the bracelet can help people come to you really fast.

A Button for Help

The bracelet usually has a special button called an SOS button. When you press it, it tells the bracelet to get help. It sends a message to people you trust and can even call the police. Imagine having a way to say "I need help" just by pressing a button. That's what this does.

Record What's Happening

Some bracelets have a cool feature where they can record sounds or even take a short video. This could be really helpful for showing people what happened if something bad occurs. It's like having a witness right on your wrist.

Alerts that Keep You Safe

Some smart bracelets can even send you a message if you go outside a place where you usually feel safe. For example, if you are walking home and take a different path, the bracelet can send a message asking if you're okay.

Don't Worry About Charging

No one wants to worry about another thing to charge every day. That’s why these bracelets are made to last a long time before they need to be plugged in. So you don’t have to stress about the battery running out when you need it the most.

Basic Alert Bracelets

These are the simplest form of safety bracelets. They usually have a single button that, when pressed, sends a text message or call to pre-selected contacts. The contacts receive an alert that you're in danger, often accompanied by your GPS location.

Advanced GPS Bracelets

Apart from sending alerts, these bracelets have advanced GPS features that can track your movements in real time. Some may even offer route history so that loved ones or authorities can see where you've been in case of an emergency.

Medical Alert Bracelets

Designed primarily for older adults or people with specific medical conditions, these bracelets often feature fall detection, heart rate monitoring, and other health-related metrics. They can automatically alert medical services or specified contacts if an anomaly is detected.

Smart Bracelets

These are more versatile and often integrate with your smartphone. Apart from safety features like GPS and alerts, they may also offer other functionalities like fitness tracking, notification for calls or texts, and even voice activation.

Fashion-Forward Safety Bracelets

These bracelets prioritize both safety and style. They often look like high-end jewelry and can easily blend in with various outfits. They may contain hidden compartments with physical safety tools like a whistle or even pepper spray, in addition to electronic safety features.

Child Safety Bracelets

Designed for younger users, these bracelets often feature colorful designs and simplified functionalities. They allow parents to track their children's locations and often have a button kids can easily press to alert their parents if they're in danger.

Outdoor Activity Bracelets

Tailored for those who love outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or boating, these bracelets are often rugged and waterproof. They may include additional features like a compass, temperature sensor, or even an SOS flashlight.

Travel Safety Bracelets

Designed for frequent travelers, these bracelets may include features like global GPS tracking, translation services, and international emergency numbers pre-loaded for quick dialing.

Self-Defense Bracelets

These bracelets come equipped with tools that can be used for self-defense, such as a loud alarm to scare off potential attackers or even a small electric shock feature.

Pet Safety Bracelets

Though not for women, it's worth mentioning that similar technology is used for pet safety. These bracelets can attach to a pet's collar and help you keep track of your furry friend's location.

Each type of safety bracelet offers different features tailored to various needs, lifestyles, and activities.

Whether you're a parent concerned about your child, a senior citizen in need of medical monitoring, or simply someone who values personal safety, there's likely a safety bracelet designed with you in mind.

Why is Wearing a Safety Bracelet a Good Idea?

It's Hidden But Helpful

The safety bracelet looks just like a normal bracelet that you would wear for fashion. People around you can't tell that it's something special made to keep you safe. Because it's comfy and stylish, you'll want to have it on your wrist every day.

Super Simple to Use

The bracelet is very easy to use, making it great for all kinds of people. If something happens and you feel scared, all you need to do is push one big button. There's nothing tricky or hard to remember. Just one button gets you the help you need.

Help Comes Fast

When you push the button, the bracelet sends a call for help really, really quickly. The faster your friends, family, or even the police know that you're in trouble, the quicker they can get to where you are to help you out.

Makes You Feel Better

Having the bracelet on your wrist can make you feel safe and relaxed. It's comforting to know that if anything bad happens, you're not by yourself. Just by pressing that one button, you can get help. This helps you and the people who care about you feel a whole lot better.

Who Should Wear One?

Women Living Alone

Living alone poses a unique set of concerns, such as unexpected noises in the night or the anxiety of returning to an empty house.

For women in this situation, a safety bracelet can give peace of mind and be a game-changer. With immediate access to help and the ability to notify chosen contacts swiftly, the bracelet adds an extra layer of security that can make all the difference.

Young Women

Young women, particularly those who are either new to a city or living on their own, can greatly benefit from a safety bracelet. The experience of living alone or navigating a new city can be thrilling but also brings its share of vulnerabilities. A safety bracelet serves as a quick way to get help or let loved ones know where you are, offering a sense of security in unfamiliar surroundings.

People Who Work Late

For individuals who work late into the night or have unconventional working hours, the journey home can often be unsettling. If you find yourself walking to your car or home when it's dark and deserted, a safety bracelet can be a protective companion. With just a button press, you can notify trusted contacts or even authorities to ensure a safer commute.


As people age, the risk of medical emergencies or falls increases. Older women living alone or even with family can find peace of mind with a safety bracelet. These bracelets often have features tailored for immediate medical assistance, such as fall detection or quick alerts to emergency services, making them suitable for seniors who may need help in a hurry.

People Who Love the Outdoors

Outdoor enthusiasts, especially women who enjoy solitary activities like hiking, jogging, or cycling in less populated areas, would find a safety bracelet beneficial. While nature offers an escape, it also poses risks, especially when you are alone. The GPS feature can be particularly helpful here, sending your location to loved ones or authorities if you encounter trouble.


Parents with young children, particularly those with daughters, often find themselves worrying about their kids' safety. A safety bracelet can alleviate some of this stress by serving as a discreet but effective safety measure. Whether your kids are at school, at a friend's house, or out in the community, knowing they can press a button to signal for help offers invaluable peace of mind.

College Students

Though college campuses often feel like safe environments, the reality is that incidents can and do happen. For students who are far from their families, a safety bracelet becomes not just a piece of technology but a lifeline. Whether you're coming back from late-night study sessions or parties, the bracelet can quickly alert friends or campus security in case of an emergency.

Public Transport Commuters

Those who rely on public transportation often find themselves waiting at stations or stops, sometimes in isolation. The vulnerability that comes with waiting alone can be mitigated with a safety bracelet. A quick alert can be sent to trusted contacts or even the local authorities, providing a sense of security when it's needed the most.


Traveling exposes you to new cultures and places, but it can also leave you vulnerable, especially if there is a language barrier. With a safety bracelet, you're never entirely alone; help is just a button press away. It's a source of comfort to know that, regardless of where you are, you have a direct line to emergency assistance.

Women in High-Risk Occupations

Certain jobs come with an elevated level of risk, such as real estate agents showing empty properties, or night-shift nurses who walk to their cars in isolated parking lots. For these women, a safety bracelet can be a powerful tool to enhance personal security. In potentially dangerous situations, the immediate ability to alert someone can make all the difference.

FAQ Safety Bracelets For Women

How do you connect with the free iOS app?

Many safety bracelets come with a free iOS app that you can download on your iPhone. This app enables you to customize your settings, manage your emergency contacts, and even track your location.

What is She's Birdie Personal Safety Alarm?

The She's Birdie Personal Safety Alarm is a device that emits a loud sound to attract attention and deter potential threats. While it's not a bracelet, it is a portable and easy-to-use personal safety tool.

What is the Flare Smart Bracelet?

The Flare Smart Bracelet is a stylish yet functional piece of safety jewelry. It features a button that, when pressed, sends out an emergency alert and can even fake a phone call to give you an excuse to leave an uncomfortable situation.

Can men use it too? Yes, safety is important for everyone. While these are often marketed towards women, men can also benefit from the added security a safety bracelet provides.

Does it look like a regular bracelet? Many models are designed to look like ordinary jewelry, blending in with your usual style while offering an extra layer of protection.

What kind of situations is it useful for? It's useful in emergencies or any situation where you feel unsafe. Whether you're walking alone at night, find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, or have a medical emergency, the bracelet can help.

What is the bracelet that sends SOS? An SOS bracelet is a type of safety bracelet that sends an "SOS" alert to designated contacts or emergency services when activated. It often includes GPS to share your location.

How to get a free medical ID bracelet? Some organizations and insurance plans offer free medical ID bracelets. You'd need to check eligibility and apply through their respective programs.

What is the safety bracelet that calls 9-1-1? This type of safety bracelet is equipped with a feature that directly dials 9-1-1 when the button is pressed, ensuring immediate contact with emergency services.

What is the best medical bracelet? The "best" medical bracelet can vary depending on individual needs. However, look for one that is durable, easy to read, and has enough space to list essential medical information.

To Wrap It Up

The world can be a scary place sometimes. But a safety bracelet can be like a safety net, giving women a way to get help fast. It's easy to use and makes you feel safer. While it can't fix all the big problems about safety, it's a good step in the right direction.


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