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Ultimate Guide to Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Jan 18

Unsure about the what, why, and how of Royal Caribbean luggage tags? Our ultimate guide has got you covered—helping you chart a course for a hassle-free voyage.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on Royal Caribbean Cruise luggage tags. If you've ever been on a cruise—or even if you haven't—you'll soon find out how crucial these tags are for a smooth boarding and disembarkation experience.

This article will cover everything you need to know about these tags, from what they are to how they're used, and even some insider tips on making the most out of them. Read on to make your cruise experience as seamless as possible.

2. What Are Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags?

These specialized tags are provided by the cruise line to help identify and manage your luggage during your journey.

While most cruise lines, such as Disney Cruise Line or Celebrity Cruises, offer some form of luggage tags to manage your bags, Royal Caribbean's luggage tags have unique features that set them apart.

Made from sturdy paper or plastic, Royal Caribbean Cruise luggage tags are distinct in their design.

They usually feature the Royal Caribbean logo along with essential information such as your name, stateroom number, and sail date.

Unlike the generic tags often used at airports or by other cruise lines, these tags are specifically crafted for the Royal Caribbean experience, offering an extra layer of convenience and security for your voyage.

3. What Are Luggage Tags Used For?

These luggage tags serve multiple purposes. First and foremost, they act as identifiers for your luggage, helping the crew sort and deliver it to the correct room on board. This is especially useful during boarding when hundreds or even thousands of bags need to be processed.

The tags also play a crucial role in case of lost luggage; the details on the tag can be used to trace it

back to you.

Lastly, during disembarkation, these tags assist in organizing luggage in designated areas, making it

easier for you to locate your belongings as you leave the ship..

4. In Which Parts of My Cruise Vacation Do I Use The Luggage Tags?

Before Your Cruise:

  • Pre-Cruise Preparation: Print your luggage tags at home well before your departure date. Make sure all the details such as your name and stateroom number are correct.

  • Packing: Pack your bags and leave them untagged for the flight. Bring the printed luggage tags with you, either in your carry-on or easily accessible pocket.

  • Arrival at Destination Airport: Retrieve your checked luggage after landing at the destination airport. Keep the tags handy but do not attach them yet.

Embarkation Day

  • En Route to Cruise Terminal: Make your way to the cruise terminal. This is often when people choose to attach their cruise luggage tags, either in the cab, shuttle, or just before entering the terminal.

  • At the Cruise Terminal: Confirm your tags are securely attached to your luggage before handing the bags over to the terminal porters.

  • Boarding: Once your tagged luggage is taken by the porters, proceed to the boarding area. Your luggage will be delivered directly to your stateroom.

During The Cruise

  • During the Cruise: Keep the luggage tags attached during the cruise. They can help staff return your luggage if it ends up in the wrong place.

Disembarkation Day: How do luggage tags work on disembarkation day?

  • On disembarkation day, your tagged luggage should be left outside your stateroom the night before.

  • Ensure the luggage tags are still attached and in good condition the night before you disembark. Any damaged or missing tags should be replaced at customer service.

  • Luggage will be sorted into zones for collection based on the tags.

  • When you leave the ship, your tagged luggage will be grouped with others based on tags, usually making it easier to locate in the terminal.

  • Detailed instructions will be left in your room the night before disembarkation

5. How to Get Your Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags

Where do you get your cruise luggage tags?

Per the Royal Caribbean site as of Q3 2023, "the Royal guest document (eDocs - electronic document) we issue includes a bag tag specific to the guest ship, sailing date, stateroom and deck number. The bag tag also provides information on how it should be used. "

  • Can I get luggage tags at the port?

  • Per the Royal Caribbean site as of Q3 2023, "... if you forgot your luggage tags at home, ship luggage tags are available from our Porters at the pier on the day of boarding, but to avoid any day-of-boarding delays we recommend that you secure your Luggage Tags before leaving home if you are a qualified guest."

Once you receive your guest document, simply print luggage tags (go to How to Print and Fold Luggage Tags for details).

If you're unable to print them at home, there are other options:

  • Printing Services: If you don't have a printer at home, consider using a local printing service. Places like FedEx Office, UPS Store, or even local libraries often offer printing services at a nominal fee.

  • Friends or Family: Ask a friend or family member to print the tags for you if they have access to a printer. Simply email them the electronic document and ask them to print it.

  • Cruise Planner or Travel Agent: If you've booked your cruise through a travel agency, they can often assist in printing your luggage tags for you.

  • Hotel Printing: If you're staying at a hotel before your departure, many hotels offer business centers where you could print your tags.

  • Hand-Writing Your Luggage Tags

    • Materials Needed: Get a piece of sturdy paper, a ruler, a black or blue pen, and either a stapler or clear tape.

    • Format: Use a ruler to create a rectangle that approximates the size of a standard luggage tag (approx. 3.5 x 2 inches). If possible, refer to a sample Royal Caribbean luggage tag for guidance on layout.

    • Essential Information: Write the following information clearly and legibly within the rectangle:

      • Your Full Name

      • Ship Name

      • Sail Date

      • Stateroom Number

      • Deck Number (if available)

    • Attach to Luggage: Cut out your hand-written tag carefully. Fold it in half, then either staple it securely around your luggage handle or place it in a clear plastic luggage tag holder. Use clear tape for added durability and security if you’re not using a tag holder.

    • Backup: Create multiple copies in case one gets lost or damaged.

6. How to Print and Fold Luggage Tags

Printing and folding your tags at home is a straightforward process that can save you time during boarding. Here's how:

Step-by-Step Guide to Printing:

  1. Log into your Royal Caribbean account.

  2. Navigate to your upcoming cruise and locate the option for luggage tags.

  3. Click to download the tags, which usually come in a PDF format.

  4. Print them using a color printer for best visibility.

How do you fold a luggage tag? Proper Techniques for Folding:

  1. Cut out the printed tags along the indicated lines.

  2. Fold the tag lengthwise, aligning the edges.

  3. Fold it once more, if indicated, to create a double layer.

  4. Use a stapler to secure the tag, ensuring it won’t easily tear off.

Tips for Durability:

Consider laminating the tags, covering them in clear packing tape for extra durability, or purchasing inexpensive luggage tag holders as discussed in the next section.

7. Luggage Tag Holders

Investing in a luggage tag holder can offer an extra layer of protection and convenience. These holders are usually made of durable plastic and come with a zip-op closure to protect your tag from water damage. Here are some benefits:

  • Visibility: Clear holders make the tag easily readable.

  • Durability: Protects the tag from tearing or getting wet.

  • Convenience: Easily attachable to any type of luggage.

You can purchase these holders online, in travel stores, or sometimes even at the cruise terminal. Make sure the holder's dimensions fit the Royal Caribbean luggage tags for a snug fit.

Amazon carries luggage tag holders specifically for Royal Caribbean luggage tags that are inexpensive, durable and stress-free.

8. Quick Tips

  1. Print Early: To avoid last-minute stress, print your luggage tags at least a week before your departure date.

  2. Laminate or Use Plastic Holders: For added durability, consider laminating your luggage tags or using plastic luggage tag holders.

  3. Double Check Information: Always double-check the printed information on your tags to ensure it matches your booking details.

  4. Use Clear Tape: If you're not laminating, secure a tag to each bag with clear packing tape for better visibility and durability.

  5. Snap a Photo: It's a good idea to take a photo or keep an e-docs of your luggage tags. This serves as a backup in case they get lost or damaged during your journey.

  6. Timing for Tagging: Attach your tags only after you arrive at the cruise terminal, avoiding attachment before your flight or during airport travel. This minimizes the risk of the tags getting lost or damaged. Make sure the tags are securely attached before handing your luggage over to a porter at the terminal.

  7. Check for Updates: Keep an eye on any announcements from Royal Caribbean, as they may update their luggage tag procedures or even your cabin number in some instances.

9. FAQ for Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags

Necessity and Usage

Are luggage tags necessary for a cruise?

Yes, luggage tags are essential for identifying and sorting your checked bags. Without them, there is a higher risk of your luggage being misplaced or delayed.

Do you need cruise luggage tags on carry-on?

No, cruise luggage tags are generally not required for carry-on bags. However, having a luggage tag on your carry-on is still a good idea for added security.

Handling and Care

What if the luggage tag falls off?

If your luggage tag falls off or gets damaged, visit the guest services desk on the ship or the terminal for a replacement.

How do you tape cruise luggage tags?

After folding, you can reinforce the luggage tag by wrapping it in clear packing tape before attaching it

to your luggage.

Can I laminate cruise luggage tags?

Yes, laminating your printed cruise luggage tags can provide extra durability and protection against water damage.

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10. Conclusion

Royal Caribbean Cruise luggage tags may seem like small, inconspicuous items, but their role in ensuring a smooth cruise experience is significant.

From aiding in quick boarding to helping locate lost luggage and facilitating an organized disembarkation, these tags are indispensable.

By understanding their importance and how to use them effectively, you can look forward to a more enjoyable and stress-free vacation.

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