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Royal Caribbean Corkage Fee Explained and Tips To Avoid It

Updated: Mar 7

Everything you need to know about the Royal Caribbean corkage fee. From avoiding extra charges to understanding what the policy entails, this is your complete guide to corkage fees when bringing wine on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.

royal caribbean corkage fee explained with ideas and guidelines and tips to avoid the corkage fee

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royal caribbean corkage fee explained and tips to avoid it for genx men enjoying a solo cruise with their buddies on royal caribbean

1. Corkage Fee General Definition

A corkage fee is a fee that some restaurants and cruise lines charge for guests who want to bring their own wine or champagne onboard.

The fee is intended to cover the cost of service, which can include opening, decanting, and serving the bottle.


guests wishing to bring alcoholic beverages or wine onboard need to read the cruise's lpolicy before they bring onboard on embarkation day

2. Understanding the Royal Caribbean Corkage Fee Policy

Policy Overview for Royal Caribbean Corkage Fee

The corkage fee is specifically for guests of legal drinking age who bring their personal wine and want to drink it in any of the ship's public areas, such as the dining room, atrium or bars.

The concept of a corkage fee, common across various cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Holland America, is a charge for serving wine brought onboard by passengers in the ship's dining areas.

Specifically for Royal Caribbean, guests are permitted to bring their own wine onto the ship. However, in order to open and drink your personal bottle of wine in the dining room, you are expected to pay the Royal Caribbean corkage fee.

This fee is not unique to Royal Caribbean; cruise lines like Norwegian (NCL), Holland America, Carnival and others also implement corkage fees.

Royal Caribbean corkage fee explained and tips to avoid it for Gen X solo cruisers traveling alone or with others:


instead of drinking six beers these gen x aged middle age ladies are enjoying glasses of wine brought from home on a private balcony while avoiding the corkage fee charge

The policy varies, but generally Royal Caribbean's policy is:

  • Each guest of legal drinking age is typically allowed to bring one 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne onboard a Royal Caribbean ship per sailing.

  • The bottles must be brought onboard in carry-on luggage on boarding day or packed in hand luggage, not checked bags.

  • A corkage fee will be applied when a guest consumes the wine in a public area.

  • Personal wine and champagne consumed in public areas will typically incur a $15 corkage fee per bottle.

  • Alcoholic beverages, including wine, champagne, beer and hard liquor, that are purchased from onboard shops, cannot be taken to your stateroom. All onboard purchases will be kept by the cruise line and given back on the last day of the voyage.

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Royal Caribbean's Corkage Fee Policy for Consecutive Sailings

  • For consecutive sailings (two or more cruises on the same ship, where the next cruise starts on the day the prior cruise ends ), guests of legal drinking age are allowed to bring one (1) 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne for each separate sailing.

  • For example, if a guest has two sailings back to back, they are allowed to bring two bottles of wine or champagne onboard.

  • Guests bringing more than one bottle at the start of the first sailing should bring documentation for consecutive sailings to share during check in.

  • Only one bottle can be taken to your cabin, additional bottles will be stored by the cruise line and delivered one bottle at a time to guest staterooms on the first day of each new voyage.


Special promotions or loyalty programs may offer "complimentary corkage" as a perk. Additionally, you can typically consume your wine in your stateroom without incurring any extra charges. Just remember to pack your wine bottle opener!

guests can bring one or two bottles of wine per person per cruise onboard royal carribbean cruises for consumption at night in the dining room and of course there are more sharing options per glass at the bar with opened bottle choices


3. Checking Royal Caribbean's Latest Corkage Fee and Alcohol Policies Is Recommended Before Packing

It is recommended to check the most up-to-date policy before planning and packing for your cruise, as information can change.

You can view Royal Caribbean's current corkage fee information here. Knowing the corkage fee policy is the first step to avoid unnecessary expenses.


gen x couple middle aged in their 50s on a cruise ship enjoying wine they brought from home and they avoided the corkage fee by brining their glasses of wine to the formal dining room


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4. How to Avoid the Royal Caribbean Corkage Fee

Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Extra Charges

  1. Consume in Your Stateroom: The easiest way to avoid the Royal Caribbean corkage fee is to drink your bottle of wine or champagne in the privacy of your stateroom.

  2. Special Packages: Sometimes Royal offers packages that include complimentary corkage once you board. Look for these deals or ask your travel agent when booking.

  3. Loyalty Perks: If you're a repeat guest, check if loyalty programs offer corkage fee waivers.

  4. BYO Glass: Bring personal wine in your personal wine glasses to the dining area; some guests have reported that this sometimes helps avoid the fee, although it's not a guaranteed method. As always, ensure you are abiding by the ship's policies.

  5. Inquire About Policy Exceptions: Always ask the dining staff if there are any current promotions or exceptions to the corkage fee.

  6. Dine During Off-Peak Hours: Some guests have noted fewer corkage charges during off-peak dining hours, although this is not a guaranteed method.

  7. Look for Special Events: Royal Caribbean occasionally hosts events or dinners where corkage fees are waived.


cruise ships allow one to two bottles of unopened wine in guest staterooms or specialty restaurants but it must be brought onboard in carry on bags

5. Can You Bring Your Own Bottle of Wine to the Dining Room on Royal Caribbean?

Rules for Dining with Your Own Wine

Yes, you can bring your own bottle of wine to most dining areas on a Royal Caribbean ship. However, be prepared to pay a corkage fee unless you have a special package or deal that waives this cost.


royal caribbean corkage fee being explained to two generation-x women in the dining room who brought their own bottle of wine from home

6. Packing for Your Cruise: Corkscrews

Royal Caribbean Corkscrew Policies: Can You Bring a Corkscrew on a Royal Caribbean Ship?

On Royal Caribbean, you are generally allowed to bring a corkscrew in your checked luggage. Some staterooms might even provide one, which is convenient if you plan to enjoy your own wine.

This corkscrew policy is relatively consistent across various cruise lines, though it's always best to verify the most up-to-date luggage guidelines to ensure compliance with current policies.

In summary, you're generally allowed to bring a corkscrew in your checked luggage, and some staterooms may even provide one for your convenience. However, it's always best to check the most up-to-date luggage guidelines to make sure you're in compliance with current policies.


7. Complimentary Corkage: What Does It Mean?

Explanation of "Complimentary" Corkage Services

"Complimentary corkage" means that the usual corkage fee for serving your own wine in public areas is waived. This is often a limited-time offer or a loyalty member perk. Always check the terms and conditions, as this might not apply to all venues on the ship.


gen-x group in the dining room drinking a bottle of wine they brought from home while avoiding the corkage fee charge by drinking the wine in private room

8. Other Cruise Lines: How Do Other Cruise Lines' Fees Compare?

Brief Comparison of Corkage Policies with Other Cruise Lines

Corkage fees are quite standard in the cruise industry, but how each line implements them can vary. For instance:

  1. Carnival Cruise Line: Generally allows one 750 ml bottle per adult, with a corkage fee of around $15 to $25.

  2. Norwegian Cruise Line: Typically charges a corkage fee even if you consume your wine in the cabin.

  3. Princess Cruises: Has a similar policy to Royal Caribbean, typically allowing each guest to bring one bottle with no corkage fee if consumed in the stateroom.

genx solo women cruising solo

9. FAQ Section

Fees and Costs

How do I avoid corkage fees on a cruise? You can often avoid corkage fees by paying attention to the cruise line's policy. You may avoid the corkage fee by consuming the wine in your cabin instead of in public areas.

Refer to the section above for more information: How to Avoid Corkage Fees on Royal Caribbean for more information.

Do you have to pay to bring personal wine on Royal Caribbean?

Yes, there is a Royal Caribbean corkage fee if you bring your personal wine onboard and consume it in public dining areas. Fees vary, so check the most current policy.

What is a corkage fee per bottle of wine or champagne on a cruise? A corkage fee is a charge applied when you bring your wine and want to consume it in the ship's public dining areas. The fee covers the service of opening, decanting, and serving the wine.

What is cruise corkage fee? The cruise corkage fee is similar to corkage fees in restaurants. It's a charge for serving your bottle of wine in public areas on the cruise ship. The fee can vary by cruise line.

What is the complimentary corkage fee for a bottle of wine? Some cruise lines or special promotions offer a "complimentary corkage fee," meaning the charge for opening and serving your bottle of wine is waived. This is usually a limited-time offer or a perk for loyalty members.

Wine Policies and Guidelines

Can you bring your own bottle of wine to dinner on Royal Caribbean?

Yes, you can bring your own bottle of wine to dinner on a Royal Caribbean ship, adhering to the latest onboard drink policy. Be aware that a corkage fee is typically applied unless covered by a complimentary package. This policy is similar to other cruise lines like Celebrity and Holland America, though specific corkage fees and allowances may vary.

How many wine bottles can I bring on Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean usually permits each guest of legal drinking age to bring one (1) sealed 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne. It's crucial to refer to Royal Caribbean's updated policies for any changes, which can be found in the References section.

Can I bring wine onto a Royal Caribbean ship?

Yes, Royal Caribbean generally allows each guest of legal drinking age to bring one 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne. This policy aligns with the practices of cruise lines like NCL and Holland America, though they might have different stipulations on quantities and types of alcoholic beverages.

What size wine bottles can you bring on Royal Caribbean?

Guests are typically allowed to bring 750 ml bottles on Royal Caribbean cruises. For larger or smaller bottles, check the cruise line's updated policy. This is in line with the standard practice across many cruise lines, with similar restrictions in place.

Can you bring your own wine to dinner on a cruise?

This varies by cruise line. On Royal Caribbean, bringing your own wine to dinner is usually allowed, but a corkage fee is expected unless waived by a special offer. Policies on other cruise lines like Carnival, Celebrity, or Holland America may differ, particularly regarding corkage fees and the types of beverages allowed onboard.

Packing for Your Cruise

Are you allowed to bring a corkscrew on Royal Caribbean? Yes, you are generally allowed to bring a corkscrew in your checked luggage to open wine bottles. Checking the cruise line's most recent policy before packing is recommended.

Can you bring a corkscrew on a Royal Caribbean ship? Yes, corkscrews are typically allowed, but it's always good to check the most current regulations and guidelines of the cruise line.

The question of 'how much is the corkage fee' varies by cruise line. For instance, Royal Caribbean's corkage fee may differ from that of Holland America or Carnival. The fee is typically charged per bottle, and it's advisable to check the latest policies before your cruise, as these fees can change.

The rationale behind the corkage fee is to cover the service and use of glassware provided by the ship's staff. Understanding the details of Royal Caribbean's corkage fee policy can make your cruising experience go much smoother.

gen-x cruise on royal caribbean with waiter pouring wine for table after they paid the corkage fee since they brought their own wine to dinner

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We hope this guide has helped you to understand the Royal Caribbean corkage fee, as well a given you some insight on how to avoid the corkage fee. Bon voyage, until we meet on the high seas!

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May 15

I have never read so much nonsense about bringing wine onto a ship and consuming it onboard. As a veteran of come 30 cruises across all cruise lines, please note the following:

  1. We have always poured our wine from the 2 complimentary bottles into wine glasses and taken them from the cabin to the restaurant or elsewhere on the ship. No problems ever ever experienced. Stop making this an imaginary issue.

2. For many , many years we have carried onboard the equivalent of 10-15 bottles of wine in our luggage. How? Using commercially available wine sachets ('Rum Runners')

without detection ever, ever. The potential downside ? Confiscation I suppose. They are undetectable so call me back in 10 years…

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