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Maximize Your Play: Royal Caribbean Club Royale Insider Information

Updated: Mar 7

Wondering how Royal Caribbean Club Royale rewards its casino players? This article strips away the mystery and offers a straightforward look at the point system, membership tiers, and the real-world perks they unlock. Ready to find out how your gameplay could lead to free cruises and more? Let’s step inside the world of Club Royale.

royal caribbean club royale casino program for cruisers and solo cruisers

Highlights of Royal Caribbean Club Royale Program

  • Earn points at Royal Caribbean’s Club Royale casino regardless of wins or losses, with points leading to perks like free cruises, discounts, and a personal host.

  • Club Royale has a tier system (Choice, Prime, Signature, Masters) with increasingly better benefits, including complimentary drinks, WiFi, and stateroom upgrades.

  • Your SeaPass card tracks your casino activity and points on the ship, while Instant Reward Certificates offer instant benefits without affecting tier status.


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Royal Caribbean's Exclusive Casino Program

Club Royale is not your typical flashy casino experience on Royal Caribbean. Instead, it rewards you for the time spent playing with exclusive benefits. Every dollar you spend at the tables or slot machines earns you points, regardless of whether luck is in your favor that day. These points determine your tier status and unlock greater perks such as complimentary cruises, discounts, and a personal casino host, all without being affected by wins or losses.

The Club Royale program has different tiers (Choice to Masters) which offer increasingly better benefits. The best part? You start earning points immediately upon placing bets, no waiting around! So whether games like poker or slots are more up your alley, each wager brings you closer to an array of exclusive privileges through this highly rewarding loyalty system.

Understanding Points and Tiers in Club Royale

Let’s take a closer look at the details of Club Royale’s points and tiers system. Every game played in the casino results in earning points according to specific criteria.

  • For every $5 bet on slots, 1 point is earned.

  • In video poker, it takes a $10 bet for 1 point.

  • Table games are monitored by the pit boss who awards points based on betting amounts and duration of play.

Isn’t that an appealing deal?

Club Royale presents four distinct levels:

  1. Choice

  2. Prime



As you climb up these ranks, your rewards become more generous. Beginning with basic perks as a Choice level member, moving up to Prime grants free WiFi access for one device during cruises organized annually by Club Royale.Rising To Signature status earns members complimentary balcony staterooms on these annual trips.As high rollers reach the Masters tier, they gain benefits such as priority check-in and significant EFFY boutique credits.Collecting more points means enjoying increased privileges which enhance each experience playing in this exclusive club.

The Tier Ladder: From Interior Cabin to Ocean View Balcony

Let’s take the conversation to a higher level and go over the perks offered at each tier of Club Royale.

At Choice status, you receive the basic benefits.

But once you accumulate 2,500 points and move up to Prime, you can enjoy complimentary beverages at Casino Royale as well as an interior cabin for free on your yearly cruise along with other advantages. It only gets better from there.

For Signature players who reach 25,000 points, they will enjoy an ocean view balcony cabin during their annual complementary cruise. As part of this elite club’s Masters division with 100,000 points or more in their account balance, members have access to top-tier privileges such as a grand suite cruise experience, priority check-in services upon arrival, entry into Coastal Kitchen dining areas aboard ships, internet service for two devices, special lunch arrangements, and much more. Casino Royale guarantees that every member will find their perfect fit within any given membership level giving all enrollees specific package amenities tailored specifically designed exclusively engineered empowering participants promising optimal cruising experiences overall heightened intentions satisfying thirsts determining correct ingredient portions enhancing venturesome excursions. So if youre heading out running romping away gloriously fluttering zigzagging adventurously gazing through”

RCL casino program and perks

Your SeaPass Card: Tracking Casino Activity Onboard

Wondering how to monitor your onboard casino activity? Look no than the SeaPass card. This handy plastic item serves as your room key, allows you to make cashless purchases on board, and most importantly tracks all of your play at the casino. Every time you take part in a game using your SeaPass card, it automatically records and updates points.

Your gameplay is always being tracked with real-time monitoring by the SeaPass card. Whether you’re enjoying slot machines or testing out different games at the poker table, simply check back periodically for an updated point count. Think of it like having a personalized scoreboard that helps guide and enhance your playing strategy for maximum benefits.

Jackpots at Sea: Slot Machines and Video Poker at Royal Caribbean

Let’s turn our attention to the main attraction of Royal Caribbean’s casino: their selection of slot machines and video poker games. These options cater to all types of players, with popular titles such as 5 Dragons, 88 Fortunes, Double Diamonds, and One Red Cent.

No matter your preference for traditional fruit slots or the strategic elements of video poker, you’ll find a game that suits your style at this casino.

But beyond just entertainment value, every spin on a slot machine or hand dealt in video poker is an opportunity to accumulate points. Reel slot machines award 1 point for every $5 played while video poker earns you one point per $10 spent. This means each game not only brings excitement, but also helps you climb up the Club Royale tier ladder within the casino system.

High Stakes Strategy: Maximizing Your Slot Play

Let’s take a deeper look at optimizing your slot play. Whether you’re someone who likes to bet big or prefers smaller wagers, the way you strategize can greatly impact your points and ultimately determine your tier status in Club Royale. The higher stakes means more potential for earning points, so if you’re ready for the challenge, consider upping your bets to gain access to even more exclusive benefits.

Remember that with Club Royale, playing $5 on reel slot machines earns you 1 point. So when it comes to maximizing your rewards, keeping an eye on how much you typically wager is important – because the bigger the bet, the greater number of points earned! It may seem like a simple tactic, but implementing this strategy could have significant effects on enhancing your overall experience within our loyalty program.

Video Poker Mastery: Tips for Scoring Big

When it comes to playing video poker on Royal Caribbean, having a bit of strategy can greatly increase your chances of winning. They offer various types of video poker games, including Spin PokerTM, all requiring both luck and skill from the players. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the pay tables and look for machines that have favorable ones as this will not only lead to bigger winnings but also give you an advantage while playing.

Apart from increasing your chance at winning big prizes, there is another benefit in playing these casino games - every $10 spent earns you 1 point just like slot machines do! So whether you’re an experienced player or new to video poker altogether, keep in mind that each game gives you opportunities not only for entertainment but also earning points towards Club Royale benefits.

royal caribbean's casino program casino royale for cruisers couples and solo

Betting on the High Seas: Table Games and the Pit Boss's Role

While slot machines and video poker are popular, there is a certain excitement that comes with playing table games. Royal Caribbean’s casino offers a variety of options for players including blackjack, roulette, craps, poker and baccarat.

What makes table games even more appealing is the presence of the pit boss who oversees your play and keeps track of your points. Every bet you place and every minute spent at the tables contributes to earning Club Royale points which come with various benefits. So to aim for wins while playing these exciting games, each hand played also adds up towards rewards through this loyalty program.

Sailing with Benefits: How Club Royale Enhances Your Cruise Experience

Club Royale takes your cruise experience to the next level. More than just gaming, it enhances every aspect of your Royal Caribbean journey. As soon as you step on board, Club Royale unlocks a world of exclusive perks that will make your voyage unforgettable.

From discounted internet access for Prime players to complimentary access for two devices for Masters players, each tier offers more than just gaming benefits. The focus is on providing comfort, luxury and enjoyment throughout your entire cruise with Royal Caribbean – and that’s what sets Club Royale apart from the rest.

Instant Gratification: Utilizing Instant Reward Certificates

Club Royale offers an outstanding perk with their Instant Reward Certificates. While playing your favorite game in the casino, you can earn points that can be immediately converted into free play or onboard credit - it’s like winning a jackpot right from your seat!

The best part is that utilizing these Instant Cruise Rewards will not affect your tier points or benefits. These certificates are just another way for Club Royale to enhance and add instant gratification to your cruise experience, catering to both casual players and high rollers alike. So whether you’re simply enjoying some games or going all out at the casino, these certificates make sure your cruise becomes even more rewarding.

Planning Ahead: Annual Complimentary Cruise and More

To the immediate rewards, Club Royale also has long-term benefits. Once you attain Top Tier Signature or Masters status, you can enjoy a free cruise every year. Imagine earning an annual complimentary cruise simply by playing your favorite casino games - that’s quite a rewarding deal.

But it doesn’t end there - with various perks and advantages offered by Club Royale, such as exclusive onboard credit offers and discounted rates for family and friends, you can plan ahead for future complimentary cruises. This membership truly opens doors to a more satisfying cruising experience.

casino royale program offers free drinks and up to free annual cruise or cruise discounts

From Casual Player to Prime Status: My Personal Journey

Initially a casual player, I was initially drawn to the dynamic atmosphere of Casino Royale and its thrilling games. Through my accumulation of points and ascension up Club Royale’s ranks, I achieved Prime status by summer 2021. This journey was filled with electrifying wins, captivating games, and unforgettable moments.

The attainment of Prime status also came with an array of perks for me such as complimentary beverages at Casino Royale, discounted internet access, special rates for loved ones, and even an annual cruise along with a free interior stateroom.

Club Royal is about more than just playing casino games. It offers exclusive rewards,benefits, and amplifies one’s overall cruise experience on top-notch ships. Reaching prime has opened up doors to unparalleled opportunities within this elite club that enhances every visit to the luxurious Casino aboard any cruise ship in their fleet.

Gaming with Caution: Responsible Gambling While Cruising

While the thrill of playing casino games may be enticing, it is important to remember that gambling also comes with responsibilities, such as paying taxes. To ensure a fun and enjoyable experience, it is crucial to know your limits, set a budget and not exceed what you can afford.

Royal Caribbean emphasizes responsible gambling by providing helpful tips.

  • Play responsibly while still enjoying the excitement of casino games.

  • Establish a budget and stick to it strictly.

  • Take breaks from gambling activities in order not spend excessive time on them.

Also note: do not pursue losses or gamble when under the influence of alcohol/drugs. Make sure you familiarize yourself well enough before engaging in any particular game.

It’s worth bearing in mind that apart from accumulating points or achieving certain status levels - ultimately more about having great experience full joy associated with gaming enterprise.


Club Royale offers more than just a casino program. It’s an opportunity to enhance your cruise experience. Whether you are a casual player or enjoy high stakes, every game you play brings you closer to exclusive perks and rewards while on board Royal Caribbean cruises. So, next time you set sail with us, make sure to stop by our casino for the chance of hitting the jackpot without ever leaving the ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Club Royale tiers?

The tiers available in Club Royale are Choice, Signature, and Masters. All new members will start off at the Choice tier before having the opportunity to move up to either of the higher levels, Signature or Masters.

How do you become a club Royale member?

Joining the Club Royale is as easy as becoming a member of Crown & Anchor and utilizing your SeaPass card during gaming. Simply follow these steps to become a part of our exclusive club!

Can you combine casino Royale offers?

The offer for a complimentary stateroom cannot be combined with any other offers.

How do I earn points in Club Royale?

Club Royale members can accumulate points by participating in various casino games. These include slots, where every $5 bet earns 1 point. Video poker, with 1 point earned for each $10 wagered. And table games, where the pit boss determines the points based on your bets and duration of play. Your membership level at Club Royale will determine how many rewards you receive from these accumulated points.

What are the benefits of reaching Prime status in Club Royale?

Attaining prime status in Club Royale entitles members to fantastic benefits such as complimentary beverages at Casino Royale, discounted internet access, exclusive rates for accompanying family and friends, and a free interior stateroom on an annual cruise. This membership offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in special privileges and rewards that are not available to non-members of the club.

With your prime status, you will have access to numerous perks like complimentary drinks while playing at the Royal Caribbean Club Royale or enjoying discounts on internet usage.


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