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Best Rolling TV Stand

Updated: Jan 25

Roll Flat Screen TVs to the Deck, Kitchen, Office, Bedroom, Bathroom, or Exercise Room with Ease. The sleek style is great for small apartments or rooms, or simply in a home where you don't want the TV stand to take up much space.

Rolling TV Stands and Mobile TV Carts

Quick and Easy Setup With 1 Person, Height Adjustable, Lockable Wheels, Sturdy Setup

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In our rapidly evolving entertainment landscape, rolling TV stands have quietly taken center stage in redefining flexibility.

Our Top Pick: Perlegear Rolling TV Stands

Why Perlegear Rolling TV Stands Are a Must Have

Lots of people love watching TV. But not everyone wants to stick their TV on a wall. That's where Perlegear mobile TV stands come in.

Here's why they're great:

1. Easy to Move:

Rolling TV Stands have wheels. You can push your TV from one room to another easily.

Easily extend your entertainment space to the deck or patio outside with a mobile tv stand.

Cooking all afternoon? Push your rolling tv cart into the kitchen and watch your favorite show or display a recipe on an easy-to-read large tv screen.

Lightweight mobile TV carts can be moved from room to room with ease by one person.

2. Change the Height:

Easily adjust the TV higher or lower.

This is great for watching movies on the floor or for showing something to a group.

3. Strong and Safe:

The stands are made sturdy, so they last long.

With proper (and easy) assembly your TV is safe and will not fall off.

Lockable wheels provide safety from your TV moving or rolling if the mount is bumped.

4. No Messy Cables:

Hate seeing wires everywhere? These stands hide them, so everything looks clean.

5. Simple to Set Up:

Putting together the stand is easy to do with a single person in a short time.

Tools needed and readable, easy-to-follow instructions are included.

Nothing too large or too heavy to be handled.

6. Fits Many TVs:

Different TV sizes and brands work with these stands.

Check out the Mobile TV Stand options below for varying television sizes.

7. Compact, Fits in Small Spaces

Display a full flat panel full-screen television without taking up a lot of space.

Rolling TV Stands can stand on their own or be placed behind coffee tables, etc.

Takes up a small footprint in your home; can roll in and out of view easily.

8. Clean, Modern Lines

Clean lines with a modern look.

Goes with any decor.

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9. Optional Shelf for Laptops, Gaming Consoles, etc.

Most models come with an optional shelf that can be additionally used for rolling TV accessories, and laptops for presentations.

The shelf can easily be removed or left out of the setup and not used at all.

Rolling TV Stands Available for Different TV Dimensions:

Smallest rolling TV Cart Option on Our List

Adjustable tilt

Easy to Assemble

Adjustable height 39.76-50.78-inches height

smallest rolling tv stand with caster wheels and adjustable height with various settings and sturdy design

Adjustable tilt and level

Brackets provide 3 height options from 56.1-60.4 inches

Easy to Assemble

Rolling TV Stand for Mobile TV Cart with safety lock wheels, cable management and av shelf for tv accessories


Power Outlet,

Height Adjustable with Swivel

Wood Base

Rolling TV Stands with Cable Management System, shelf for customers viewing experience accessories weight capacity 110


Rolling TV Stand for 32-75-inch and up to 99lbs

Flat or Curved Panel Screen

Adjustable tilt for TV

Height can be adjusted. Extra Tall with a height range of 45-65"

Rolling TV Stand Extra Height Option cable management system and sturdy base for customers tvs and stands

Soundbar Mount

Mobile TV Cart with Storage Shelves

Tilt and Swivel Corner TV Stand

Rolling TV Stands with Soundbar Mount cable management for televisions and tvs for customers; shelf for laptop system


Places Where Rolling TV Stands Can be Placed or Used:

  1. Living Room: For flexible viewing angles, especially in spaces that are rearranged often.

  2. Bedrooms: Easily move televisions and stands between positions or rooms.

  3. Office Spaces: For presentations, video conferences, or break-time entertainment.

  4. Conference Rooms: To display presentations, charts, or video calls during meetings.

  5. Classrooms: For educational videos, virtual lessons, or presentations.

  6. Hospitals: In-patient rooms for entertainment or in lobbies for general information display.

  7. Hotels: In event conference halls or suites for customizable room layouts.

  8. Retail Stores: To display advertisements, promotions, or product information.

  9. Trade Shows: For product demonstrations or company presentations.

  10. Gyms or Fitness Centers: To display workout videos or entertainment for members.

  11. Restaurants or Cafes: For menu displays, sports games, or special events.

  12. Libraries: For educational seminars, virtual tours, or community events.

  13. Churches or Places of Worship: For hymn lyrics, sermon points, or live video feeds.

  14. Outdoor Events: For broadcasting live events, movies, or announcements.

  15. Workshops: For instructional videos or demonstrations.

Using rolling TV stands in these places provides flexibility, allowing the TV cart to be moved and adjusted based on customers' specific needs, locations, or events.

Easy to Assembly Instructions for Rolling TV Stands

General Steps For Setting Up Rolling TV Stands

Please Note: Each TV will arrive with detailed setup instructions, follow those instructions. These steps are listed here simply to give an idea of what is involved with the typically-easy assembly.

  1. Unbox All Parts for the Rolling TV Stand: Open the box from the manufacturer and lay out all the parts on a flat surface.

  2. Assemble the Base : Attach the wheels to the base. Make sure they're tight and secure.

  3. Attach the Vertical Supports: Connect the tall poles (vertical supports) to the base. These will support and hold the TV later.

  4. Set Up the Tray/Shelf (if included and if you want it - this is optional): If your stand has a shelf or shelves for devices, slide or attach it to the vertical support.

  5. Attach TV Mounting Plate: Connect the plate or bracket that will mount and hold the TV onto the vertical support.

  6. Secure the TV: If the television is heavy or too large to handle, get another person's help and install the TV onto the mounting plate and secure it using screws that came with your purchase from the manufacturer, ensuring the TV fits within the stated weight capacity range.

  7. Manage Cables: Organize the TV cable. Most carts have clips or holders, use them to keep cables tidy in their space.

  8. Test the Wheels: Gently roll the stand to ensure the wheels roll smoothly.

  9. Adjust the Height (if needed): If your stand allows, adjust the TV to your preferred height.

  10. Double-Check Everything: Ensure all screws are tight and the TV is stable.

Rolling TV Stands: The Ultimate Blend of Convenience and Affordability

This handy piece of equipment has blurred the line between static and mobile, granting users the power to reposition their rolling TV displays effortlessly. But it's not just about flexibility and adaptability; the rolling TV stand's rising star can also be attributed to its incredible affordability.

No longer is access to your television tethered to one location, but instead, it can be moved to wherever the viewer desires, be it the living room, bedroom, or even a different floor.


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