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Magnificent Red and Gold Christmas Tree Decor Ideas for a Festive Look

Updated: Jan 25

Transform your home this holiday season with a stunning red and gold Christmas tree.

From ornament choices to topping off the decorations, these ideas will not only create an atmosphere of lavishness but also give you all-out festivity at its finest.

Whether it’s tinsel garlands or glimmering stars—we’ve rounded up some fantastic options for incorporating both warm hues into one divinely decorated display!

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Red and Gold Christmas Decorations

  • Create a festive look this Christmas with red and gold decorations, ornaments, ribbons & bows.

  • Incorporate additional colors for balance & depth to your tree decor plus green accents for vibrancy.

  • Make your living space merry by adding red and gold elements throughout the home, from DIY hand painted ornaments to outdoor trees!

Creating the Perfect Red and Gold Christmas Tree

For a classic and elegant look, decorate your red and gold Christmas tree with mostly ornaments in these colors.

To give it some festive flair, you can also add branches adorned in this traditional combination of hues along with warm lights to create an inviting atmosphere.

A sturdy Douglas is the ideal choice for displaying plenty of decorations without having them weigh too heavily on its base.

The perfect balance between all elements such as ribbons, lighting and golden trinkets will result in creating the desired effect that your home requires during this season!

Choosing the Right Ornaments

When selecting ornaments for your festive red and gold Christmas tree, you should consider the size, form, and texture.

Utilizing a classic combination of green, red as well as golden hues (or alternatively using a colour scheme with crimson white and gold) can give an eye-catching look to the holiday decoration.

Introducing numerous designs plus sizes renders more depth & pizazz to its appearance.

Timeless glass globes in shades of red are also suggested alongside retro inspired pieces like mercury decorations which offer that nostalgic charm too!

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Selecting Ribbons and Bows

Adding the right ribbons and bows can really bring out the red and gold Christmas tree theme.

For a classic, sophisticated style, there is no better choice than velvet or satin ribbon – although you might want to opt for jute, plaids or even burlap if you are after something more casual.

To add extra pizzazz consider some metallic stripes in your decorations too!

Wired types of bows will hold their shape well, which helps when deciding on size, bear this in mind as adding different widths creates an interesting effect while also taking into account how many ornaments make up your beautiful golden festive display.


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Lighting Your Tree

A red and gold Christmas tree can look stunning with the correct lighting choices. Warmer white lights, along with multi-colored ones, make for an ideal combination on a festive tree of this kind.

For best results, one should begin stringing these decorations from bottom to top in a zigzag fashion. 4-6 strings (30-40 feet strands) would suffice for 6 foot trees.

Selecting LED bulbs that offer 2700, 3000 K color temperature will create a classic warm glow feeling while cool whites give off cooler bluer tones.

In sum, it’s possible to transform any traditional red and gold Christmas into something spectacular by choosing the right light options!

Themed Red and Gold Christmas Trees

Adding decorations in shades of red and gold can create a truly festive atmosphere at Christmas, with ideas like vintage-influenced or rustic tree designs incorporating this colour palette.

Here we will explore the potential for utilizing these colours through showcasing some gorgeous golden and crimson trees to inspire you when decorating your own home for this Yuletide season.

Vintage-Inspired Red and Gold Tree

Create a timeless and festive atmosphere with this classic red and gold Christmas tree - adorned with antique golden decor, ornaments, decorations & vintage inspired lights.

A great way to capture the nostalgia of the holiday season is by using mercury glass pieces along with various shades of both reds and golds for your hanging trimmings!

This unique blend adds color as well as sophistication to any home’s own christmas decor and decoration style!

Glamorous Red and Gold Tree

Bring luxury to your home by creating a beautiful red and gold tree. To achieve this, start decorating the tree with ball ornaments in shades of both colors as well as ribbons and garlands.

Add extra sparkle with glittery accents plus some floral picks for an additional touch. Finish it off by putting on top a stunning red-and-gold themed topper – you will be left marveling at such gorgeousness that now dominates your holiday decorations!

Rustic Red and Gold Tree

Achieve a rustic atmosphere with a tree adorned in red and gold colors. To do this, add some pinecones, twigs and dried berries to the branches along with burlap or plaid ribbons for an extra touch of texture.

Vintage-style decorations like wooden ornaments are perfect to bring out its inviting warmth, just what you need if expecting family members!

Incorporating Additional Colors

In order to create a stunning decor with your gold and red Christmas tree, adding other colors is the key.

Think of incorporating neutrals such as taupe, white and brown along with cream or rust hues for more depth.

Adding green will make it look livelier while also bringing out the main two tones in an amazing way!

Now let’s talk about mixing in hints of white combined with this vibrant Christmastime color scheme (red and gold) on the real tree in itself for extra beauty!.

Green Accents

A Christmas tree with red and gold hues can really come alive when you incorporate green accents. For example, hang traditional ornaments in both colors as well as metallic green ones that have golden highlights to them.

This will bring out the beauty of a red and gold themed holiday atmosphere while also presenting an attractive balance between nature and elegance for this festive season. It will create an inviting yet vibrant environment perfect for capturing the joyous spirit of the holidays!

White and Red Christmas Tree

For a modern take on the classic red and gold Christmas tree, incorporate some white elements into your decor.

To help you create this look, here are various golden holiday tree ideas: Begin by making a base of both reds and golds.

Add accents like ornaments, ribbon trimming and lights in white colors, hang up stylish stockings that also come in white shades, and to top it off place an elegant whitetree topper.

Ensure each color is evenly distributed throughout for optimal balance so that everything blends together beautifully!

Decorating Other Areas of Your Home

To create a unified Christmas look, why not add festive red and gold accents beyond the tree?

We will show you how to bring this decorating scheme into your living room and illuminated this area by dressing up mantle decorations, table settings, and staircase features.

Red-and-gold is an excellent way to go when trying to draw attention to holiday splendor - it’s far from being limited just to trees!

Mantle Decor

Make your mantle look gorgeous for the holidays by incorporating elements of red and gold.

To create an impressive decor, try these ideas: Use ornaments in golden hues to adorn your mantelpiece, bind a strand of both red and gold ribbons or beads around it, and hang bright scarlet-and-golden stockings on each side.

Use candle holders with matching tones along the front edge, make sure they are either all reds or all yellowish whites.

Finally, finish off this elegant arrangement with some decorative bows that come in similar shades as those used previously!

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Festive Table Settings

For a special Christmas dinner party, you can set the mood with festive red and gold decor.

Consider charging plates and other tableware in metallic gold for an eye-catching look that will make your guests feel happy.

Other decorative touches could include napkins, runners or centerpieces featuring these two colors together. A combination of reds and gold is sure to give any setting a beautiful seasonal atmosphere!

Staircase Decorations

Decorating your staircase with red and gold can lend a festive touch to it.

Here are some more ideas for: You could hang garlands of these two colors along the banister or tie thick red ribbons around spindles for an elegant feel.

Ornaments in matching tones, draped swags of garland finished off by ribbon - even using ball-shaped adornments and faux fur stockings, all contribute towards adding Christmas cheer to your home.

To truly finish the look, you may want to add green as well as gold elements such as color-coordinated Christmas decorations like plaid buffalo ones!

DIY Red and Gold Christmas Tree Decorations

For a one-of-a-kind Christmas look, why not craft custom ornaments and decorations for your red and gold tree.

We have suggestions of how to hand paint the baubles, make bows from ribbon, and create adornments using pine cones. All perfect ideas for gifts that will show off your unique holiday style!

Hand-Painted Ornaments

For your red and gold Christmas tree, you can create special hand-painted ornaments with simple supplies.

Begin by taking off the ornament hanger from above.

Afterward, brush a base color on its outside surface and then use acrylic paint to decorate it in unique patterns before reattaching the top of the decoration when dry.

Homemade Ribbon Bows

To give a personal touch to your red and gold Christmas tree, you can make homemade ribbon bows.

Firstly measure how long you want the tails of each bow to be then cut two pieces twice as long as that length. Curl them over into one loop at the base and secure it with wire or floral tape.

You may either tie these onto branches directly or use other decorative accents such as a tree topper attachment for greater effect when displaying them on your own christmas tree decorated with-themed evergreen!

Pinecone Ornaments

For a festive and inviting gold Christmas tree, try adding pinecone ornaments with red and gold accents.

Start by applying glitter spray paint to the cones before threading ribbons through them.

Embellish each cone with small ornaments as well as berries for an overall rustic look that’ll bring warmth into your home like a beautiful wreath would during this holiday season!

Real-Life Red and Gold Christmas Tree Inspirations

For ideas to create a gorgeous and joyful Christmas tree display in your house, we’ll present you with examples of stylish living room trees adorned in red and gold, comfy family room flocked trees donning the same hue combination, as well as exuberant outdoor christmas trees that follow the theme.

These real-life inspirations will give you more thought and inspiration for making an extraordinary holiday show at home.

Elegant Living Room Tree

Create an eye-catching statement piece by showcasing a red and gold Christmas tree in your living area.

Adorn the branches with ornaments of both colors, adding some white ribbon for extra effect along with other decorations such as pinecones to give it that final festive touch.

With this display you can light up not only your home but also everyone’s holiday spirit!

Family Room Flocked Tree

Transform your living room into a winter wonderland by setting up a flocked red and gold Christmas tree featuring inviting decorations.

Give the look of snow with white-flocked branches, offsetting it beautifully against ornaments in shades of festive red and shimmering golden hues as well as lush burgundy ribbon trimming to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Outdoor Red and Gold Tree

Decorating an outdoor Christmas tree in red and gold will bring joy to your yard or porch. Choose classic colors of shatterproof bulbs, with decorations that are resistant to the weather conditions as well as lights for extra sparkle!

This gorgeous Merry Christmas themed display is sure to light up any space it’s placed into, making use of bright shades such as traditional reds and richly colored gold hues on this festive decorated tree creates maximum impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do red and gold go together Christmas?

The season of Christmas typically associates with the classic and traditional union of red and gold, which can be seen adorning trees through shiny ornaments as well as creating gift packaging using sparkling ribbon.

This combination oozes festivity and cheerfulness, a must for any festive decorations during this time!

Do silver and gold go together on a Christmas tree?

Christmas trees adorned with gold and silver decorations create a mesmerizing atmosphere, perfect for the festive season.

The shimmering effects of these trimmings provide an eye-catching contrast that truly adds to the holiday ambiance.

These majestic evergreens become even more breathtaking when highlighted by gentle glimmers of gold against seasonal elements in stunningly brilliant hues.

What are some cool DIY red and gold Christmas tree decorations?

To bring some holiday cheer, make your own red and gold ornaments and Christmas decorations for the tree such as handmade ornaments of various colors, ribbon bows crafted at home, and pinecone adornments in hues of red and gold.

What type of ribbon is best for making DIY Christmas ornaments?

For festive, homemade Christmas decorations, red and gold ribbon in satin and velvet with wire accents will create beautiful gold Christmas tree ornaments.

These materials are perfect for crafting beautiful holiday embellishments that can be hung around the home to spread cheer this season!

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