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13 Strategies for Prioritizing Your Needs as a Woman Flying Solo

Updated: Feb 3

In a world that often promotes busyness and sacrifice for others, recognizing and prioritizing our own needs can seem counterintuitive. Balancing careers, societal expectations, and personal aspirations make self-care not just beneficial, but essential.

be your best self by taking care of all the things in your life that matter, then take care of parents, kids, partner, and the rest

As women who live alone, we have unique challenges and needs when it comes to self-care and prioritizing our own needs. The good news is that we also have some advantages that allow greater opportunities for prioritizing our needs.

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Why It Can Be Hard to Prioritize Our Needs

For women who live alone, the potential absence of daily human interactions, coupled with the weight of singular responsibility for household chores and decisions, adds layers of complexity to our lives. This makes it even more vital to ensure that our mental, emotional, and physical needs aren't overlooked.

For us, prioritizing personal needs is a powerful assertion of self-worth and a means to sustain the energy required to thrive in our multifaceted roles.

When living solo, it's natural for us to occasionally feel isolated or overlooked in a world bustling with families and partnerships. We can sometimes feel that we aren't anyone's priority, so making ourselves a priority is essential.

This self-prioritization builds resilience, promotes independence, and cultivates a deep inner strength within us. When we take care of ourselves, we carve out a personal haven where our goals, values, dreams, and feelings reign supreme. This can create a sense of fulfillment and contentment within ourselves.

Living Alone May Be a Benefit When It Comes to Self-Care

Living alone also offers us a distinct set of advantages.

We have our own space and unparalleled level of autonomy, allowing us to make choices exclusively for our well-being. There's the freedom to set personal schedules, cultivate environments that reflect our tastes, and embrace a lifestyle that aligns with our true desires.

When we prioritize our needs, we harness these benefits to further enhance our mental, emotional, and physical health. This intentional approach to self-care amplifies feelings of contentment, boosts creativity, and creates an environment of self-growth and discovery in us.

It's not just about thriving in solitude, but about maximizing the potential of every facet of our unique lives.

13 Important and Simple Ways to Promote Self-Priority

Self-Care Rituals

Benefit: For us Gen-X women living alone, self-care rituals offer a moment of respite from daily stresses. These rituals allow and remind us to recharge, focus on self-love, and experience nurturing moments that elevate us.


  • Setting aside Sunday evenings for a warm bath.

  • Experimenting with aromatherapy using our favorite essential oils.

  • Tuning into calming music before bedtime.

Personalized Living Space

Benefit: Customizing our space to reflect our personal style offers a sense of belonging. For us, it becomes a sanctuary that mirrors who we are and serves as a constant reminder of our journey and achievements.


  • Infusing the living room with colors we love.

  • Showcasing sentimental items or photos in our home.

  • Designing a cozy reading corner adorned with plush pillows.

Pursue Hobbies

Benefit: Hobbies give us a creative outlet and chances for continuous learning. Especially for us living alone, they provide a sense of purpose and a bridge to communities with similar passions.


  • Enrolling in a pottery workshop.

  • Initiating a book club with friends.

  • Practicing or learning a musical instrument.

Travel Solo

Benefit: Traveling alone fosters self-discovery, and independence, and breaks the monotony. It offers us an invaluable chance to challenge our boundaries, immerse in different cultures, and gather memories for ourselves.


  • Planning a weekend getaway to a nearby town.

  • Escaping to a national park to reconnect with nature.

  • Charting a solo voyage to a longed-for destination.

Continued Learning

Benefit: Embracing lifelong learning keeps our minds agile and spirited. Continuous education cultivates personal growth, broadens our horizons, and instills a sense of achievement.


  • Signing up for an online photography course.

  • Diving into books exploring new themes.

  • Participating in local workshops or seminars.

Prioritize Health and Fitness

Benefit: Our physical health profoundly affects our mental state. This solo time is ideal for establishing fitness habits tailored to our preferences, ensuring we enjoy a long, energetic life.


  • Sampling a new dance workout.

  • Becoming part of a community hiking team.

  • Whipping up nutritious meals at home.

Create a Financial Plan

Benefit: Financial freedom is invigorating. By spotlighting finances, we lay the groundwork for a future of security while also boosting our present-day decision-making confidence.


  • Allocating part of our earnings for future adventures.

  • Investing in a promising retirement package.

  • Acquiring knowledge about stocks or property.

Nurture Relationships

Benefit: Genuine connections are paramount for our emotional health. By cherishing relationships, we maintain a circle of support, exchange stories, and forge life-enriching ties.


  • Organizing regular movie or game nights with buddies.

  • Scheduling weekly catch-up video chats with family.

  • Venturing out to community gatherings to expand our social circle.

Set Boundaries

Benefit: Boundary-setting aids in our productivity while preserving emotional energy and mental harmony. It empowers us to place our welfare above societal or occupational expectations.


  • Making it a rule to disconnect from work by 6 PM.

  • Politely declining engagements that feel draining.

  • Carving out dedicated "me-time" each week.


Benefit: Clinging to past grudges saps our vitality. Forgiving lightens our emotional load and paves the way for inner harmony and joy.


  • Allocating moments for introspection on past grievances and penning our thoughts.

  • Exploring therapy options to tackle lingering issues.

  • Engaging in meditation with a focus on release.

Cultivate a Daily Routine

Benefit: A consistent routine imparts a sense of purpose and steadiness. For us, this daily regimen provides security, efficiency, and a comforting pattern to our lives.


  • Adhering to a fixed bedtime.

  • Incorporating a morning ritual, perhaps with some journaling.

  • Scheduling a daily fresh-air stroll.

Reconnect with Nature

Benefit: Nature serves as a soothing, grounding force. Renewing our bond with it helps us discover peace, uplift our spirits, and deepen our appreciation for our surroundings.


  • Planning regular visits to the city's botanical garden.

  • Cultivating a home garden or adorning our balcony with greenery.

  • Indulging in nature treks or birdwatching sessions.

Volunteer or Give Back

Benefit: Volunteering kindles a sense of purpose and ties us to the broader community. It's a path to positively influencing others, deriving satisfaction, and feeling more integrated into society.


  • Volunteering weekly hours at the neighborhood animal refuge.

  • Assisting at community happenings.

  • Guiding younger women or contributing at a local school.

Self-Care is Not Selfish; It Is a Necessity,

Engaging in activities that nurture our physical, mental, and emotional well-being is at the core of self-care. Many might think of self-care as just a luxury or a selfish act of self-indulgence, but it's far from that. It's vital for maintaining our physical health, alleviating stress, and steering clear of burnout.

When we sideline our own needs, consistently placing others or work-related tasks before ourselves, it can pave the way for fatigue, feelings of bitterness, and a dip in our overall performance. Prioritizing self-care equips us to face life's hurdles, manage stress more effectively, and strike a harmonious balance between our professional and personal lives.

t is not selfish to prioritize sleep hours as a first step to treat your body well

Shifting Perspectives

It's time to rethink how we view self-care. It isn't about being self-centered; it's about self-preservation. Drawing from the airplane analogy, before assisting others with their oxygen masks, it's crucial to secure our own. This isn't selfish; it's practical. By putting self-care at the forefront, we position ourselves to be wholly present for our family, coworkers, and the wider community.

Practice Self-Care To Meet Your Needs

Self-care is an essential practice that allows us to recharge, prevent burnout, and maintain overall well-being. By recognizing the importance of self-care, we can create a healthier and more balanced approach to living.

So let's embrace self-care as a necessary and empowering act of self-preservation.


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