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How to Wrap a Gift Card: 23 Fun Wrapping Ideas and Easy Tips

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Gift cards are the go-to present for many, and can sometimes seem impersonal. Discover easy, fun and unique ways showing how to wrap a gift card creatively and make it a personalized experience.

Our guide offers everything from easy, cute ways to wrap gift cards, to elaborate, fun ideas for how to wrap a gift card for Christmas, birthdays or just because. The goal is to give the gift card a personal touch with fun or elegance, whether it's for a man, woman, or teenager.

Wrapping gift cards using these ideas can make the gift experience personal and memorable.

Table of Contents for How to Wrap Gift Cards

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how to wrap a gift card festively with bottles of wine hot cocoa cups ribbons cellophane and more fun easy and thoughtful wrapping ideas fun ways to wrap a gift card for Christmas

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Transform your gift cards into memorable presents with creative gift card wrapping ideas.

Traditional Gift Card Wrapping Ideas

1. How to Wrap Gift Cards Creatively With Cellophane Bags and Ribbon

A clear cellophane bag with a festive ribbon is the base for many of the ideas below, or simply place the gift card by itself in a cellophane bag and tie it up with an elegant or fun ribbon. You'll be amazed at what a difference the choice of ribbon can make. You can go fun and festive with bright colors, or demure and elegant with a higher quality ribbon with colors and patterns to match the occasion.

Adding glitter or candies inside the bag is always a great gift-wrapping idea.

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2. The Classic Envelope Look

An envelope is possibly the easiest way to gift a card, but it is also a timeless method that never goes out of style.

You can add stickers or decorative touches to envelopes that make the gift more exciting or personal. Use a pen or marker in your recipient's favorite color for an added, personal touch.

3. Gift Card within a Greeting Card and Personalized Note

Place the gift card inside a greeting card that matches the occasion.

It's a simple method that can be personalized with a hand-written message for friends, co-workers, family, etc. Don't underestimate the personal impact of a hand-written note. In today's electronic world, handwritten messages are a treasure.

4. Gift Card Holder

You can purchase gift card holders that double as the greeting card and gift card holder.

They are widely available at Amazon, Walmart, greeting card stores, etc. If you're on a budget, check out your local Dollar Tree or general dollar store.

5. How To Gift Wrap a Card With a Gift Bag and Tissue Paper

If you're unsure how to gift wrap a gift card, this is the easiest trick available to create a beautiful presentation. Use tissue paper to fill the bag and place the gift card inside the gift bag. It's simple, fast and elegant. Add a handwritten note, as above, for a personal touch.


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6. Gift Card Box with or without Wrapping Paper

There are many gift card boxes that you can purchase that are already decorative enough, you don't even need gift wrap paper.

When wrapping a gift card, consider reusing a box if your recipient values eco-friendly gifts. This is one of the most economical and best ideas for how to wrap a gift card with wrapping paper in an eco-friendly way.

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Creative Ideas for Gift Card Wrapping

7. How to Creatively Wrap a Gift Card with a DIY Gift Card Holder

DIY and homemade gift card holders add a personal touch and are easy to customize.

  • Envelope Pouch: Create a custom envelope using decorative paper or cardstock, and seal it with a sticker or ribbon. Include a hand-written note or message inside. Check out this quick and easy YouTube tutorial.

  • Mason Jar Holder: Place the gift card inside a mason jar and fill it with decorations like shredded paper, confetti, or individually wrapped candies. Add a handwritten tag or label to the jar.

  • Origami Holder: Fold origami paper into a unique shape or envelope to hold the gift card. There are many online tutorials available for origami designs, check them out today!

  • Fabric Bag: Sew or glue together pieces of fabric to create a small bag. Decorate it with buttons, ribbons and glitter.

  • Photo Frame Holder: Place the gift card inside a mini photo frame, and add a personal photo or design to the frame to make it personal.

  • CD Case Holder: Repurpose a CD case by decorating the outside and placing the gift card inside, and add a creative label or design to the case.

  • Paper Bag Holder: Decorate a paper bag with stamps, stickers, or drawings, and then fold and secure the top of the bag with decorative tape or a ribbon.

8. PopCorn Bowl Gift Card Holder - A Delicious Way to Wrap a Gift Card

Start with a popcorn bowl with a popcorn theme or a bowl decorated for the occasion (birthday, Christmas, etc.). The bowl can be made of glass, plastic, or metal. There are also disposable, festive popcorn bowls on Amazon or other online stores.

Add items to the bowl, such as: popcorn, popcorn oil, seasonings like cheese powder, caramel drizzle, ranch flavor, chili lime, buttery salt, or sweet cinnamon sugar.

Include fun popcorn adds like like M&M's, Reese's Pieces, raisins, almonds, and more.

Last, add the gift card, wrap the entire bowl and fillings with a cellophane bag and tie it with a ribbon.

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9. Jigsaw Puzzles

Gift a puzzle and add the gift card underneath the puzzle pieces. They may not see it until they start to put the puzzle together, so you may want to give them a hint to do the puzzle soon!

10. Balloon Surprise

Give a single balloon or balloon bouquet along with a balloon pin. Be sure to tell the recipient to pop the balloons, though, before throwing them away!

11. Cocoa Mug

Place the gift card at the bottom of a cocoa mug and fill it with a hot chocolate envelope, k-cup pod, edible stirring spoon, stir stick, candy, treats, or tissue paper, so the card is a surprise at the bottom.

If you're gifting multiple gifts, consider cute disposable hot chocolate cup designs.

P.S. - these are fun and easy gifts even without a gift card!

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12. Coffee Mug with Gift Card

Similar to the hot cocoa mugs, choose a coffee mug that is themed for the holiday or occasion, funny, timeless or represents an interest of your recipient.

Fill the mug with candy, tea or coffee, stir sticks, spoons that are edible, votive candles, or tissue paper.

Add the gift card to the mug with the other filling items.

Wrap the mug in a cellophane bag and tie it with a ribbon for a beautifully finished gift.

Include a personalized note, gift tag or holiday card.

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13. Gift Card Bookmark for Shopping Catalog or Magazine

Place the gift card as a bookmark in the corresponding shopping catalog for the gift card, or if it is a restaurant gift card, print off the restaurant menu or get a to go menu to gift with the card.

14. Add to a Favorite Box of Chocolates or Candy

Tape or tie the gift card to a box of candy, a large chocolate bar or another favorite treat. Wrap in cellophane, and tie with a ribbon for a fun presentation.

15. Photo Album Surprise

Create a photo album and include the gift card in a photo spot.

Add a Gift Card to a Gift

16. Inside a Wallet or Purse

Whether the wallet or purse is designer or a budget brand, they make a great gift wrap presentation for a gift card.

17. Gift Card and Flowers

Flowers never go out of style. Attach a gift card to a bouquet of flowers for an elegant and timeless gift.

Christmas and Holiday Gift Card Wrapping Ideas

18. In an Ornament Ball

Personalized Christmas ornaments are a great idea during the holiday season. Place the gift card inside a clear, empty ornament ball filled with some decorative items, and hang it on the tree.

19. Christmas Stocking Surprise

Slip the gift card into a mini Christmas stocking or a regular-sized stocking with other treats and stocking stuffers.

Hang it alongside other stockings or place it under the tree.

20. Advent Calendar Countdown

If giving the gift in early December, create a DIY advent calendar where the gift card is revealed on a special day. Check out our article for how to make an advent calendar: Guide to New or Handmade Book Advent Calendar.

21. Use a Mason Jar as a Snow Globe Gift Card Holder

Create a snow globe with a mason jar.

Fill the jar with water, glitter and place the gift card inside. Seal and shake.

22. Tie to Wine, Cider, or Coffee Syrup Bottle with Wine Bottle Cover

One of our favorite ideas for elegance is to attach the gift card to a bottle of wine, cider, or coffee syrup.

Finish the gift off with a decorative wine bottle cover or bag and tie the gift card with a ribbon around the neck of the bottle for a complete gift.

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Humorous Gift Card Holder and Funny Ways to Wrap a Gift Card

23. Toilet Paper Tube

Tuck the gift card inside an empty toilet paper roll, then wrap the roll in festive paper or ribbons.

Fortune Cookie

Place the gift card inside a giant homemade fortune cookie with a fun fortune.

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FAQ for Gift Card Giving and Wrapping Ideas

What is a fun way to wrap a gift card?

Put the gift card inside a coffee or hot chocolate mug, fill it with candies and a gift card. Wrap it in a cellophane bag and include some glitter in the bag and tie it off with a festive ribbon.

How do you present a gift card creatively?

Create a snow globe with a mason jar. Fill the jar with water, glitter and place the gift card inside. Seal and shake.

How to wrap a gift card without it looking like a gift card?

Consider placing it within a book as a bookmark, or hide it inside a pair of cozy socks or a mug filled with candy.

how to wrap a gift card creatively with easy to use instructions for fun gift wrapping ideas

What are some ideas on how to wrap a gift card?

Re-use a box and wrap it in wrapping paper, use a gift card envelope, put it in a gift bag with tissue paper. For more ideas, reference How to Wrap a Gift Card: 23 Easy & Fun Wrapping Tips and Tricks.

How do you wrap a gift card step by step?

Start with a piece of wrapping paper larger than the gift card. Place the gift card in the center. Fold the paper over the gift card, ensuring all sides are covered. Tape the edges securely. Finish with a decorative ribbon or bow.


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Take your gift-giving up a notch with our tips on how to wrap gift cards creatively, making your present stand out whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion.


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