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Gen-X Women Cruising Solo - Part 3: What To Expect On a Cruise Your First Day

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome aboard! Are you a Gen-X woman getting ready to set sail a solo cruise adventure? If you've been scrolling through dreamy cruise photos and imagining the salty sea breeze in your hair, but also wondering about the nitty-gritty details, this guide is for you.

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Table of Contents

Entering the Port and Navigating the Terminal

Baggage Check-In and Retrieval Process

Paperwork, Security and Customs

First Impressions and Welcomes

Finding Your Room, What to Expect In Your Room, Storing Valuables

Safety Measures and Mandatory Briefing

Options for What To Do Next After Finding Your Room

Navigating Your Cruise, Onboard App, Data and Wi-Fi

Part 3: Dining Options Main Dining Room

Room Service

Special Eateries and On-The-Go Options

Challenges of Dining Alone

Part 4: Social Aspects, Entertainment, Activities and Night Life Meeting New People: Tips and Conversation Starters

How to Find Out About Events and Activities

Group Activities and Social Mixers

Balancing Social Life and Personal Time

Health and Wellness: Spa and Fitness Options

Night Life Options

Introduction for What To Expect On a Cruise Your First Day

Why specifically focus on Gen-X women, you ask? Well, setting sail solo as a Gen-X woman who cherishes her independence is not just a vacation—it's an invitation to explore, recharge, and own your freedom, all while enjoying the comfort and amenities of a cruise designed for your well-being.

If you're still on the fence about which cruise line to choose or how to prepare for your solo voyage, don't worry! Be sure to check out our previous articles, "Gen-X Women Cruising Solo - Part 1: Choosing a Cruise Line" and "Gen-X Women Cruising Solo - Part 2: How to Prepare For A Cruise" and other resources listed below for useful tips and insights.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll set sail from the moment you step onto the cruise ship, covering every essential topic. From arrival and check-in procedures to dining options and social aspects to know on day 1, we’ve got you covered.

So grab your favorite sunhat and a refreshing drink, and let's dive into what it really means for a Gen-X woman to cruise solo!

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Part 1: The Arrival Experience - What To Expect On A Cruise

Entering the Cruise Port: Directions and Signs

Whether you're arriving by taxi, driving yourself, or taking a shuttle, entering the port can be a bit overwhelming with all the signs and activity. If you're coming by taxi or shuttle, the driver usually knows exactly where to drop you off.

For those driving, look for signs indicating "Cruise Terminal" or your specific cruise line. Parking is generally well-marked, too. Once you arrive at the terminal, there will typically be large signs or digital boards displaying cruise ship numbers. Make sure to locate your ship number so you know where to go.

You're here! The cruise ship is in sight and you're full of excitement. But first things first: getting through the check in process.

Paperwork You'll Need

You're here! The cruise ship is in sight and you're full of excitement. But first things first: checking in.

Make sure you have your passport, tickets, and any other needed paperwork. Having these ready will make the process smooth.

Handling Your Baggage: Timing and Retrieval Process

When you arrive at the port, you have the choice to hand over your larger pieces of luggage to port workers. Deciding to do so comes with both advantages and considerations you should be aware of.


  1. Ease of Exploration: Letting port workers handle your luggage frees you up to roam the ship without bulky bags slowing you down.

  2. Streamlined Process: These workers are skilled in quickly and securely getting your bags to your cabin, so you don’t have to worry about them.

  3. Smoother Check-In: Without large luggage to manage, you'll find the check-in and boarding process easier to navigate.


  1. Initial Separation: Your bags might not immediately be available, as it usually takes a few hours post-check-in for luggage to be delivered to your cabin.

  2. Essentials: Due to the wait, pack a smaller bag with any immediate necessities such as medications, toiletries, or swimwear.

Luggage Delivery Timing

On average, you can expect your luggage to arrive at your cabin within 2 to 4 hours after you've checked in and boarded the ship.

The Retrieval Process

Your bags won't be delivered directly inside your cabin. Instead, they will be left in the hallway outside your cabin door. It's a common practice and generally secure, but you should aim to retrieve your bags and bring them into your cabin as soon as possible for added security.


It's customary to tip the port workers who handle your luggage. While tipping is discretionary, a standard amount is $1-$2 per bag. These tips go a long way in recognizing the workers' efforts to ensure your bags reach your cabin safely.

Typical Wait Times and Customs

Upon entering the terminal building, you'll first go through a security screening similar to what you'd experience at an airport. This is standard protocol and usually moves relatively quickly.

Following that, you may face customs if you're leaving from an international port. This process could add some additional wait time, so be prepared. Make sure to have your passport and other identification ready for inspection.

After you've cleared security and customs, you'll proceed to the check-in counters. Depending on the cruise line and time of day, wait times here can vary.

Some cruise lines offer expedited check-in or priority boarding for an additional fee, which can shorten your wait time. This might be worth considering if you're someone who prefers to settle in quickly.

Solo Traveler Considerations

If you’re traveling solo, keep an eye out for special check-in lines or booths. Some cruise lines offer this to make the process faster for solo travelers.

Part 2: Boarding the Ship and Getting Your Bearings

After the check-in procedures are complete and you’ve either attended the safety briefing or accessed it through the onboard app, it's time to get your bearings on the ship.

The First Step: A Moment to Remember

You've cleared check-in and now it's time for that heart-pounding moment—stepping onto the ship. As you make your way across the gangway and step over the threshold, whether it's your first cruise or you are a seasoned cruiser, it's a rush of emotions.

This is it. You're officially on vacation. The air seems to be buzzing with excitement; you can feel the ship's energy greeting you, welcoming you to what promises to be an unforgettable journey.

First Impressions: The Atmosphere

Right as you board, you're likely to notice the interior of the ship—elegant, maybe even a bit overwhelming. Depending on the cruise line, you might be walking into a grand foyer, complete with glittering chandeliers and sweeping staircases.

You'll hear light music playing, perhaps a live pianist or a subtle soundtrack that seems to whisper, "the adventure has begun."

Warm Welcomes: Staff and Refreshments

Cruise employees are generally stationed at the entrance, offering warm smiles and "Welcome Aboard!" greetings. Many lines offer a welcome drink—maybe a sparkling wine or a tropical cocktail. Accept it; you're on vacation after all!

Some even offer cool towels, which feel amazing if you're embarking in a hot climate.

Finding Your Room

Once you step aboard, your first priority should be finding your room. There will be crew members stationed throughout the ship to assist with directions, and signage will also be available.

Elevators and stairwells often have deck plans displayed to help you navigate.

Grabbing a Ship Map

Physical maps of the ship are generally available at guest services, often located near the main entrance of the ship. These can be handy for a quick overview. Many ships also have interactive digital maps at key locations around the ship, which can be super useful.

Documents and Information in Your Room

Once you find your room and step inside, you'll usually find a welcome packet waiting for you on the table or bed. This packet often contains important documents like a daily schedule of activities, information on dining options, and sometimes even some special offers for onboard services.

Take a few moments to glance through these; they can help you plan your first day on board.

The Onboard App

While you'll find a lot of essential information in your room, the ship's mobile app will be your go-to guide for the duration of your cruise. It's often more up-to-date than the printed material and can be accessed anywhere on the ship.

Don’t worry, we'll cover all the cool features of the onboard app in the next section!

Luggage and Room

How and When Luggage Arrives

As above, once you've entrusted your luggage to port workers, you can generally expect it to be delivered to your cabin within a few hours of boarding the ship.

If you're interested in receiving your bags more quickly, some cruise lines offer a premium expedited luggage service. However, this service usually needs to be arranged in advance and is unlikely to be available on the day of departure.

Making Your Cabin a Cozy and Secure Sanctuary

Upon arriving at your cabin, it's likely that you'll be greeted by your room attendant. If not immediately, you'll certainly encounter them multiple times throughout your cruise.

These attendants are invaluable resources for enhancing your onboard experience, capable of supplying you with anything that might be missing from your room or answering any questions you might have.

As you step inside your cabin—be it an interior, ocean view, suite, or balcony room—you'll be met with a well-maintained and welcoming space. Beds are often adorned with decorative touches by your room attendant, which may include intricately folded towel animals, all thanks to the creative talents of your cabin steward.

Lastly, make sure to locate your welcome packet, which is usually laid out on the bed or a centrally located table. This packet contains crucial information, including the daily schedule of activities, to help you get the most out of your cruise experience.

While tipping is discretionary, it's worth noting that standard practice on most cruises is to tip room attendants for their attentive service. Planning for this tip in your cruise budget is often appreciated.

Room Safe for Valuables

One of the first things you should do is locate the room safe. It's typically built into a closet or a drawer and comes with instructions for setting your own security code.

It's an extremely good idea to store your passport, cash, and other valuables in the safe as soon as you get settled.

Amenities Most Rooms Have

While amenities can vary by cruise line and cabin type, most standard cabins come with a small ensuite bathroom, television, mini-fridge, and often a desk or vanity. Some rooms may even have a balcony.

Toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are usually provided in dispensers in the bathroom, included with the cruise fare. Additionally, you'll typically find a phone that you can use to contact guest services or even other rooms.

Additional Touches

Beyond that, some cruise lines offer bathrobes, slippers, or even fresh fruit as complimentary additions to make your stay more comfortable.

It’s these little touches that add to the experience, making your room more than just a place to sleep—it becomes a cozy retreat between adventures.

Safety Measures

Must-Attend Safety Briefings

Before the ship sets sail, there will be a mandatory safety briefing you're required to attend. The briefing educates passengers on emergency procedures and what to do in case of an unexpected situation.

Given the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, most cruise lines have modernized their approach to safety briefings. Now, in addition to or in place of the traditional group gatherings, some lines offer the option to access safety training via their onboard app.

This allows you to complete the briefing at your own pace while minimizing crowd exposure. Regardless of the format, make sure you don't miss this crucial step; it's essential for your safety and the well-being of all passengers on board.

If you have any questions or concerns about the safety briefings, rest assured that cruise staff members are readily available to assist you during boarding. The cruise line also monitors who has completed the safety training, ensuring everyone is prepared for any emergencies.

Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Since you're traveling alone, it's extra important to stay safe. Keep your room locked when you're not there, and let a crew member know if you're planning any off-ship excursions alone.

That wraps up Part 1 of your journey. You’ve checked in, explored a bit, and made sure you’re safe and sound. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we'll talk about how to really dive into your cruise experience!

Finding Your Way Around

Maps and directional signs are placed strategically around the ship to help you find your way. You can usually pick up a printed deck plan near the customer service desk, or access digital maps through the ship’s onboard app, which we’ll delve into more in the next section.

Time for Lunch or a Swim?

Some people like to dive straight into the cruise experience, quite literally! The pools are often open as soon as boarding begins. If you packed swimwear in your carry-on, feel free to take a refreshing dip.

Others prefer to kickstart their cruise with a hearty meal. The buffet is usually open for business right after boarding, offering a range of choices to satisfy your hunger. Remember, these first meals can be a bit crowded, so patience is key.

Scenic Spots and Quiet Corners

If you prefer a quieter start to your cruise vacation, many ships have observation decks, libraries, or lounges that offer serene settings. These spots are perfect for soaking in the scenery as the ship sets sail.

Making Reservations

If you're looking forward to specific experiences like fine dining or a spa treatment, now is a good time to make reservations. Some popular spots can book up quickly, so it’s better to secure your place early.

You can typically reserve via the online app discussed in detail next, or by visiting the spas and various dining restaurants.

Navigating Your Cruise with the Onboard App

The Onboard App

Most cruise lines have their own app that serves as a comprehensive guide to your cruise experience. From deck maps to daily schedules, the app is a convenient way to stay informed and organized.

It can even help you book reservations for restaurants or excursions. We'll cover the app in detail in the next section, so stay tuned.

Why Use the Onboard App?

The onboard app is your virtual concierge. It provides an overview of daily events, restaurant menus, ship maps, and more. With features like in-app messaging and notifications, you can stay informed and connected throughout your journey.

Getting Started

Downloading and setting up the app is generally straightforward. You can usually do this before you board, but if you forgot, don't worry.

Ships often have Wi-Fi zones where you can download the app. Just follow the setup instructions, and you'll be digitally connected in no time.

What Can You Do?

  1. Check Daily Schedules: Whether it's a list of the day's activities or the schedule for nightly entertainment, you'll find it here.

  2. Make Reservations: Book that fancy dinner at specialty restaurants or reserve your spot in a popular exercise class right from the app.

  3. View Ship Maps: Never get lost again! The ship maps will help you navigate from your room to any point of interest.

  4. Connect with Other Travelers: Some apps feature in-app messaging, allowing you to connect with new friends or group members.

  5. Emergency Notifications: The app will also provide important safety updates and other notifications, keeping you well-informed at all times.

Digital vs. Traditional Information

While the onboard app is a convenient tool, traditional forms of information are still available. Daily newsletters, printed maps, and the ever-helpful customer service desk are always there for passengers who prefer a digital detox.

A Word on Data and Wi-Fi

It's important to note that while the app is often accessible without a Wi-Fi package, some features may require an internet connection. Check with customer service for specific details related to your cruise line's app capabilities and Wi-Fi packages.

Whether you're a tech-savvy traveler or a digital newbie, the onboard app can be a helpful tool to maximize your cruise experience. It puts control and information right in the palm of your hand, allowing you to focus more on enjoying your journey.

Part 3: Dining Options

Dining alone on a cruise offers a range of experiences that can be both enriching and challenging. Here's a more detailed look at what to expect.

Special Tables in the main dining room for Solo Travelers

Many cruise lines are sensitive to the needs of solo travelers and offer communal dining options that foster interaction. These special tables are usually in central dining areas and are reserved specifically for those traveling alone.

This offers you a chance to meet other solo cruisers and potentially make new friends while sharing a meal.

Choosing Your Favorite Table

On your first meal aboard in the main dining rooms, the dining staff generally allows you to choose where you'd like to sit. If you find a table that offers the level of interaction or privacy you're comfortable with, you can often request that same table for the duration of your cruise.

This is a handy option for those who prefer consistency and wish to establish a rapport with their servers and fellow diners.

Room Service for Privacy

There may be days when you'd rather dine alone without stepping out of your room. Most cruise ships have comprehensive room service menus, making it easy for you to have a private dining experience.

This is a comfortable and convenient choice if you want to avoid social interactions, especially after an activity-filled day.

Some lines include room service with the cruise fare, others may only include breakfast with the cruise fare, and there are some that have a flat fee or varied fee. Fees should be clearly displayed in the room service menu that you'll find in your cabin.

Alternative Eateries and Grab-and-Go Options

Apart from the main dining room, cruise ships usually feature a variety of eateries ranging from cafés to specialty restaurants. These are great for solo travelers who don't want the formality of a sit-down meal but still want the ambiance of a dining venue.

Many ships also offer grab-and-go options, allowing you to take your meal to a quiet spot on the ship, like an observation deck or your own balcony if your room has one.

Challenges of Dining Alone

While solo dining offers freedom and flexibility, it can sometimes feel awkward or isolating. Stigmas around dining alone can make some people feel self-conscious, and there's the occasional challenge of having to wait for a table, especially during peak dining times.

However, with the growing trend of solo travel, these challenges are diminishing as cruise lines adapt to meet the needs of solo cruisers.

So whether it's the communal experience of special tables or the solitude of room service, dining alone on a cruise can be tailored to fit your mood and preferences, offering you a unique culinary journey on the high seas.

Part 4: Social Aspects, Entertainment, Activities and Night Life

As a Gen-X woman cruising solo, you're far from alone; about 25% of cruisers are expected to be solo travelers by 2025. The range of opportunities for both social interaction and personal reflection is what makes solo cruising a compelling choice.

In this integrated section, we'll explore the multifaceted experience of a solo cruise, touching on social dynamics, entertainment, and activities tailored for you.

Meeting New People and Conversation Starters

Cruises are a microcosm of diverse individuals, making it a fantastic setting to make new friends or acquaintances. Social mixers aimed at solo travelers are a common feature, providing a structured environment for meeting people.

If you're looking for casual conversation starters, consider wearing a T-shirt with your home state or a favorite hobby on it. Engaging in an activity like reading a book in a public area also naturally invites conversation.

How to Find Out About Events and Activities

Your daily cruise newsletter, digital screens across the ship, and the onboard app are your go-to resources for the latest events and activities. Look out for posts on bulletin boards near customer service. Your room attendant can also answer any questions about activities.

Group Activities, Mixers, and Special Considerations

Whether it's cooking classes, dance lessons, or themed events targeted at the Gen-X crowd, group activities are an excellent way to meet people and share enjoyable experiences.

Solo travel also allows you to choose adventures and shore excursions that interest you most when the ship docks at various ports. When booking, opt for group activities that accommodate solo travelers or offer a single supplement, and make sure to book in advance when possible.

Balancing Social Life and Personal Time

The flip side of the social coin is the freedom to relish your own company. There are plentiful quiet corners and serene spots across the ship where you can read or simply soak in the views.

Health and Wellness

Wellness is often a priority for Gen-X women, and cruise ships generally offer a plethora of options from full-service spas to well-equipped gyms. Keep an eye out for classes like yoga or Pilates that cater to your demographic, or even women-only gym sessions.


As the sun sets, the ship comes alive with multiple avenues for evening entertainment. From bars and dance clubs to theater shows, you have an array of choices. Safety on cruise ships is generally high, with extensive security measures in place.

And if you're feeling adventurous, the onboard casino is not just for gamblers but also offers a lively atmosphere for those who simply enjoy the vibe.

Whether you're looking to meet new people, indulge in personal reflection, or simply enjoy the various activities and entertainment options, the choice is yours. That's the beauty and empowerment of cruising solo.


Embarking on a solo cruise journey as a Gen-X woman is more than just a vacation; it's an empowering experience full of opportunities for self-discovery, adventure, and relaxation.

From the moment you step onboard to the time you disembark, each phase of the cruise offers unique experiences tailored to your comfort and enjoyment.

Whether you're looking to make new friends or simply indulge in some much-needed "me time," a cruise provides an abundance of options. Just remember, the most important aspect of any trip is what you make of it. So go ahead, set sail on a journey of a lifetime—you've earned it!

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