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Gen-X Women Cruising Solo - Part 1: Choosing a Cruise Line

Updated: Jan 25

solo cruises with single cabins and virtual balcony staterooms on four ships with a pool deck and other cruise passengers with more solo cabins

Cruising solo can be fun and freeing, especially for Gen X women who like a mix of relaxing and exploring.

If you were born between the early 1960s and early 1980s, you're part of Gen X, a group that loves being independent and having real, meaningful experiences.

Picking the best cruise can feel like a lot because there are so many choices. So, we've put together some key info on the top cruise lines to help you get set for your trip.

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General Guidelines for Cruising Solo

Safety First

Before diving into the particulars, safety should be your primary concern.

Ensure that the cruise ship you choose has a stellar safety record and complies with international maritime laws.

Reading reviews and talking to past travelers can provide valuable insight into how the company handles security measures, especially for solo women travelers.

Consider the Itinerary

Gen Xers are often more interested in quality experiences rather than the loudest party boat. Look for itineraries that allow you to explore unique destinations.

Whether it's cultural experiences in Europe, outdoor adventures in Alaska, or relaxing beach days in the

Caribbean, the key is to find an itinerary that resonates with your personal interests.

On-Board Activities

One of the advantages of cruising is that there's always something to do.

Given that Gen Xers have a diverse range of interests—from live music and art to wellness and yoga —look for cruise ships and lines that offer a variety of activities.

Many cruises offer enrichment courses, wine tastings, or even yoga classes. Pick a line that aligns with your hobbies and passions.

double occupancy fare is not fair for single travelers like silversea cruises solo adventure solo accommodations sea view cabins and welcome reception on holland america

Social Scene

Being a solo cruiser doesn't mean you'll want to spend your time alone.

Many of the best cruise lines offer singles mixers or group activities that provide opportunities to meet like-minded individuals.

Some even have forums or social media groups to connect before embarking with other solo travelers.

It's worth finding out whether the cruise line caters to solo or single travelers, in a way that will make

your experience enjoyable and socially enriching.

Age Demographics

While it might be tempting to go for the lowest-cost option, cheaper cruises often cater to younger crowds.

This is why it's important to consider the age demographics of the cruise line you're interested in. For a

Gen X woman, being surrounded by people of similar age can enhance your travel experience.

Look for lines that attract a more mature crowd, or ones that have themed cruises catering to specific age groups.

Cabin Choices

Many cruise ships and lines now offer studio cabins specifically designed for those taking a solo cruise, eliminating the dreaded single supplement fee.

These single cabins also often come with perks like exclusive lounge areas or social events, adding more value to your solo trip.

Budget and Inclusions

Budgeting is important, especially when you're responsible for covering all costs yourself. When choosing a cruise line, make sure you understand what is and isn't included in the ticket price.

From dining options to shore excursions, Wi-Fi, and spa treatments, the extras can quickly add up.

Comparisons of 7 Reputable Cruise Lines for Solo Cruise Travel

1. Royal Caribbean International

General Demographic: Families, young couples, and an increasing number of solo cruisers.

Average Cost: Prices typically start around $800-$1600 for standard cabins on common itineraries.

Solo Cabins: Some ships offer studio cabins and dedicated solo staterooms designed to avoid the additional supplement fee for single cruisers.

Single Social Events: The line often hosts singles meet-and-greets and other social events targeted at solo travelers.

Concerns for Gen X Women: It can be very family-oriented, which may not appeal to all solo travelers.

Why it's Great for Gen X Women: Offers a vibrant social scene, a plethora of activities, and studio cabins on some ships, making it easier to find like-minded travelers.

2. Norwegian Cruise Line

General Demographic: A broad mix of families, couples, and singles of various ages.

Average Cost: Prices can start from $700-$1500 for standard itineraries depending on the season.

Solo Cabins: Studio solo cabins are designed to eliminate the need for a single supplement.

Single Social Events: Access to a private lounge where solo travelers can mingle.

Concerns for Gen X Women: The line attracts a broad demographic, which may not be suitable for all.

Why it's Great for Gen X Women: Studio cabins and a range of dining and entertainment options suitable for a wide age range.

3. Holland America Line

General Demographic: Older couples and solo travelers, fewer families.

Average Cost: Starting prices for standard cabins range from $900-$2000.

Solo Cabins: Some ships offer solo staterooms, but a supplement is typically charged otherwise.

Single Social Events: Offers solo cruiser meetups.

Concerns for Gen X Women: Tends to attract an older demographic.

Why it's Great for Gen X Women: More refined experience and focus on enrichment programs like cooking workshops and photography classes.

4. Celebrity Cruises

General Demographic: More mature travelers, fewer families.

Average Cost: Standard cabins can range from $1100-$2500 depending on itinerary and season.

Solo Cabins: Generally charged, but promotional offers can sometimes reduce or eliminate it.

Single Social Events: Occasionally offers singles-only events and mixers.

Concerns for Gen X Women: Higher cost and less focus on family-oriented activities.

Why it's Great for Gen X Women: Modern luxury, fine dining, wellness programs, and enriching talks.

5. Princess Cruises

General Demographic: A mix of families, older couples, and some singles.

Average Cost: Prices for standard cabins usually start around $1000-$2200.

Solo Cabins: Some ships offer solo cabins, but a single fare fee is often charged otherwise.

Single Social Events: Hosts singles meet-and-greets.

Concerns for Gen X Women: Can attract a mixed demographic, which may include many families and older couples.

Why it's Great for Gen X Women: Offers varied itineraries and a balanced range of activities and excursions.

6. MSC Cruises

General Demographic: A mix of European and American travelers, families, and some solo travelers.

Average Cost: Prices can start from $700-$1500 for standard cabins.

Solo Cabins: Typically charged, though promotional offers for solo travelers are occasionally available.

Single Social Events: Some ships offer events aimed at bringing solo travelers and fellow passengers together.

Concerns for Gen X Women: Less focus on English-speaking guests.

Why it's Great for Gen X Women: Modern ships, diverse itineraries, and international flair.

7. Viking Ocean Cruises

General Demographic: Mostly older, well-educated travelers.

Average Cost: Being a luxury line, prices start higher, generally from $3000-$6000.

Solo Cabins: Some promotional fares for solo cruisers are available that can eliminate the single supplement.

Single Social Events: Not typically focused on singles events due to the older demographic.

Concerns for Gen X Women: Attracts an older demographic and lacks bustling nightlife.

Why it's Great for Gen X Women: Focused on destination immersion and offers educational enrichment activities.

The choice of a cruise line can significantly influence your solo traveling experience. These bullet points aim to give a detailed comparison, helping Gen X women make an informed decision for a fulfilling solo cruise journey.

FAQ Specific to Generation X Women Cruising Solo

Question: Why should safety be the primary concern for a Gen X woman traveling alone on a cruise?

Safety should be the primary concern because it sets the foundation for a worry-free and enjoyable trip.

Solo travel can be an exhilarating experience, but it also requires heightened awareness about personal safety.

Ensuring that the cruise line has a strong safety record and abides by international maritime laws is crucial. Reviews and first-hand accounts from past travelers can also offer insights into how well the cruise line handles security, particularly for solo female travelers.

A secure environment will allow you to fully engage in all the experiences that cruising has to offer.

Question: How can Gen X women identify solo cruises that offer itineraries in line with their personal interests?

Gen X women can identify suitable cruise itineraries by first narrowing down their areas of interest, whether it’s cultural experiences, adventure, relaxation, or something else.

Once you know what you're looking for, research cruise ships and lines that specialize in those types of trips. Reading reviews, blogs, and testimonials can help in gauging whether a particular cruise line's offerings align with your interests.

Travel agents and cruise line websites often provide detailed itineraries that outline the activities and destinations included, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Question: What kind of on-board activities should a Gen X woman look for in a cruise line?

Gen X women have a diverse range of interests, from fine dining and art to wellness and outdoor activities. Therefore, the ideal solo cruises would offer a balanced mix of enrichment courses, entertainment, and wellness activities.

Whether it's cooking classes, live music, yoga sessions, or wine tastings, the cruise line should offer activities that resonate with your personal preferences.

Many cruise lines provide daily itineraries, sometimes even in advance, which can be a helpful resource in assessing if a cruise line’s activities align with your interests.

Question: Are there any cruise ships or lines that cater specifically to the social needs of solo cruisers?

Yes, several cruise lines cater specifically to the social needs of solo cruisers. These cruise lines often host special events, such as solo traveler mixers or group dining options, designed to help solo guests meet and interact.

Some cruise ships also have online forums or social media groups where solo cruisers can connect before the cruise begins. Companies like Norwegian even offer studio cabins specifically for solo cruisers, along with a private lounge where you can socialize with other solo cruisers.

It's worth doing some research to identify cruise lines for solo cruising that offer such specialized services.

Question: How important is the age demographic when choosing a cruise itinerary as a solo Gen X woman?

Age demographic can be quite important when choosing a cruise itinerary, especially for solo travellers and Gen X women. Being surrounded by people in a similar age range can make socializing easier and more enjoyable.

It can also mean that the on-board activities, excursions, and general ambiance are better suited to your tastes. Some top cruise lines are known for attracting younger or older crowds, while others may host themed cruises that cater to specific age groups.

Checking reviews or directly asking the cruise line about their typical demographics can provide valuable insights.

Question: What budget considerations should be taken into account when traveling alone?

When traveling alone, all the financial responsibility lies on you, making budgeting an important aspect to consider. Beyond the ticket price, additional expenses like shore excursions, dining options, Wi-Fi, and spa treatments can quickly add up.

Some cruise ships and lines offer all-inclusive packages that might seem expensive upfront but can offer better value in the long run. Make sure you understand what is included in the ticket price and what will be extra so that you can budget accordingly.

Also, look out for special promotions or discounts specifically geared toward solo cruisers to maximize your budget.

FAQ General

celebrity cruises virgin voyages ships with solo cabins main dining room single cabins and solo cabin

Is it a good idea to go on a cruise alone?

Yes, going on a cruise alone can be an excellent idea for those who value independence and flexibility.

It offers the opportunity for self-discovery, relaxation, and participation in activities that interest you without compromise.

What percentage of people go on cruises alone?

Statistics on the percentage of people who go on cruises alone vary and may not be readily available for all cruise ships or lines. However, it is a growing trend, and some estimates suggest that around 5-10% of all cruise passengers are solo cruisers.

What does cruising alone mean?

Cruising alone means embarking on a cruise without any accompanying friends, family, or partners. You are responsible for your own schedule, activities, and overall experience.

celebrity cruises virgin voyages ships with solo cabins main dining room single cabins and solo cabin

Are there cruises for singles only?

Yes, there are cruises specifically designed for singles that offer activities, events, and amenities tailored to solo travelers looking to meet other people.

Do singles meet on cruises?

Yes, cruises often offer social events, activities, and excursions where singles have the opportunity to meet and interact. Some cruises are specifically designed for singles and make it easier for solo and single cruisers to connect.

Does Royal Caribbean have solo cruising?

Yes, Royal Caribbean does offer options for solo cruisers, including studio cabins on some of their ships and social events designed for solo cruisers .

Does Royal have any ships with solo cabins?

Yes, some Royal Caribbean ships offer studio cabins designed specifically for solo cruisers.

Is it worth going on a cruise by yourself?

The worth of cruising alone is subjective and depends on your personal preferences. Many find it liberating and enriching, but it may come with additional costs and the potential for loneliness if not adequately prepared.

Which is the best cruise line for singles?

The "best" cruise company, cruise fare and experience for singles can vary based on personal preferences, but Norwegian Cruise Line is often cited for its solo traveler-friendly amenities, including studio cabins and solo traveler meet-ups.

How much does it cost to cruise solo?

The cost to cruise solo can vary widely based on the cruise itinerary and ship, destination, and cabin type. Expect to pay an additional fee for solo travelers.

Does Celebrity charge a single supplement?

Yes, like most cruise ships and lines, Celebrity Cruises generally charges for solo cruisers, although they occasionally offer promotions that reduce or eliminate this fee.

Can you get a room for one person on a cruise?

Yes, some cruise ships offer studio cabins designed for one person, allowing you to avoid the additional fee.

Can you book a solo room on a cruise?

Yes, some cruise lines offer the option to book a solo room, usually referred to as a "studio cabin."

celebrity cruises virgin voyages ships with solo cabins main dining room single cabins and solo cabin

Which cruises are suitable for single people?

Cruises that offer solo cabins, single-friendly activities, and social events are generally suitable for single people. Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and Holland America are examples of such cruise lines.

How much is a cruise for 1 person?

The cost for one person can vary widely but expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, not including the single fee, which could significantly increase the cost.

How can a single person go on a cruise?

A single person can book a cruise like any other traveler—either online, through a travel agent, or directly with the cruise ship's company. Look for options that minimize the supplement fee and offer activities and amenities suitable for solo travelers.

Does Royal Caribbean have a solo room?

Yes, some Royal Caribbean ships offer studio cabins designed for solo cruisers.

Is a solo cruise a good idea?

A solo cruise can be a great idea for those who enjoy independence, flexibility, and the opportunity to meet new people. However, it's essential to be prepared for the additional costs and to choose a cruise itinerary that aligns with your interests.

virgin voyages european river cruises double occupancy fares single supplements for solo travellers on celebrity edge for single cruises and celebrity's ships with interior rooms onboard activities and double occupancy rate

Which cruise ship or line does not charge a single supplement?

Some cruise ships occasionally offer promotions that waive the single supplement, and a few, like Norwegian Cruise Line with its studio cabins, provide options that minimize this extra cost. However, it is relatively uncommon for cruise ships and lines to entirely forgo the single supplement fee.

Is it more expensive to go on a cruise alone?

Generally, yes, it is more expensive to go on a cruise alone due to the single supplement fee. However, some cruise lines offer solo cabins or promotions that can make it more affordable.

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