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13 Creative Cruise Door Decoration Ideas for Every Type of Traveler

Updated: Jan 25

If you're looking for DIY cruise door signs, cruise door decoration ideas, theme inspiration, information on where to buy, general door decorating information or door decorating rules by cruise line, you're in the right place.

Some decorate very simply, some go all out and cover the entire door and some use the space for practical decorating like message boards or noteboards for communicating with cruise mates or ship staff.

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13 Cruise Door Decoration Ideas

1. Celebration Door Signs

Door Magnet Decorations for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings

*By purchasing decorated magnets, you avoid the need for potentially door damaging adhesives.

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2. Holiday Cruise Door Decorations

Make Your Cabin Door Festive

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3. Personalized Cruise Door Magnets

Family Name, Personal Message

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4. Tropical

Tropical or Port of Call Themes

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5. Message Boards

Practical and Fun

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6. Marine Life

Celebrate Ocean Life, Anchors

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7. Drink Package Humor

Celebrate With Funny Cruise Door Decorations

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8. Full Door Decoration

Ensure Your Cruise Line Allows and Take Adhesive That Won't Damage the Door

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9. Large Cruise Door Signs

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10. Cruise Memory Magnet

Design Your Door Decor With Cruise Ship Name, Year, Etc. for a Keepsake

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11. Everyday Magnets RePurposed for Door Decor

Decorative Magnets,

Magnet Hooks to Hang Wreath or Sign

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12. Ship Humor Cruise Door Decorations

Silly Humor Everyone Can Enjoy

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13. Photo Frame Magnets

Photo Frame Magnets - Insert Any Design - Easy, Inexpensive Decoration

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Easy DIY Cruise Door Decoration Ideas

Cruise Door Sign and Magnet in One


  • Avery Magnet Sheets (8.5" x 11", 10 sheets)

  • Regular printer

  • Scissors

  • A program to make designs (like Word, Canva, Powerpoint or a simple photo app)

Steps for DIY Cruise Cabin Door Decorations:

  1. Pick a Design: Choose a picture, quote, or graphic you like.

  2. Make the Design: Open your design program. Put your design on an 8.5" x 11" page. If you want many designs, place them with space a between.

  3. Printer Setup: Put the magnet sheets or paper for Command Strips in your printer. Make sure they're the right way up. Check your printer guide if you're unsure.

  4. Print: Print your design. Use the "high quality" setting on your printer for a nice look. Some printers have a special setting for different sheets. Use that if it's there.

  5. Let it Dry: Wait a bit so the ink doesn't smudge.

  6. Cut and Stick: Use scissors to cut out your design. If you printed many, cut them one by one. If using Command Strips or adhesives, stick them to the back now.

  7. Put It On: Now, put your design on your cruise door. It'll stick with the magnet or adhesive!

  8. Save for Later (Optional): If you want to use it again, keep it flat in a cool spot.


Why Decorate Your Cruise Cabin Door?

Decorating cruise doors helps guests spot their rooms when walking down the long hallways. Most doors look identical, and it is easy to get disoriented on a cruise ship the first few days.

Cruise decorations on the door helps passengers easily spot their room. This can be especially important for children or elderly passengers. Or let's face it, it also helps cruisers who enjoy their drink packages.

Having cruise door decorations are also a fun way to meet other passengers, as they are often a conversation starter.

Last, it's a chance to celebrate events like birthdays, holidays or anniversaries and give your cabin a touch of home.


Cruise Ship Door Decoration Rules by Cruise Line

While most of the rules are very similar, it is always recommended to review your cruise line's policy page on door decorations prior to purchasing decorations or cruising. Most of it is common sense, but there are some things to consider.

Similar policies across most cruise lines:

Ensure Your Cruise Door Signs and Decorations Don't Pose Hazards

While cruise cabin decorations are fun, safety always comes first. Avoid items that take up more space than the door or might cause tripping or other hazards in the surrounding space.

Being Respectful of Neighbors and Crew

Always consider your neighbors when choosing your cruise cabin door decoration. Avoid offensive or overly loud decorations that might bother your cruise cabin neighbors.

Maintenance: Checking and Adjusting Throughout the Cruise

Throughout the cruise, check your decorations. Ensure they're still secure and adjust if needed.

Ensure Decorations Do Not Damage the Door Or Leave Adhesive Residue Behind

Magnets are great for keep door decorations hung, as most cruise ship doors are made of metal, and magnets leave zero residue behind.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival cruises welcome cruise door decorations.

Some things to keep in mind on Carnival are that they prohibit items with adhesives that could harm the cruise cabin door finish, and door decorations should be in good taste and avoid offensive content.

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line allows door decor and encourages you to add magic to your door.

Disney has policies that prohibit materials that might damage the door. Ensure any adhesives used are easily removed. Since most cruise ships use metal doors for cabins, magnets are a great option for door decorations.

(You can get festive magnets that add to the decorating theme.)

Holland America Line

Holland America is a bit more traditional than some cruise lines, yet modern. Holland appreciates personalized door touches that enhances or coordinates with the ship's refined ambiance.

Decorations on Holland should be very tasteful and, of course, free from materials that may potentially damage the door.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is a line with European flair. MSC favors cruise cabin door decorations that reflect its Mediterranean essence, but any non-offensive theme is welcomes.

As with all cruise lines, cruisers should ensure their decorations do not damage the door or leave adhesive residue behind.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Door decorations on the Norwegian Cruise Line should be fire-resistant.

The use of tape, adhesives, or anything that might cause damage to the door or hallway is frowned upon. Again, magnets make door decoration very easy.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is open to door decorations, provided they don't hinder access or pose risks. Decor that's deemed inappropriate or offensive will be taken down.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean invites guests to personalize their doors, with a few stipulations for safety and respect.

Decorations shouldn't damage or block the door. If the decorations include lights of any kind, the lights need to adhere to the ship's safety protocols which you can find on Royal Caribbean's web page.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages has a very modern and adult-centered vibe. Virgin allows cruisers to decorate doors as long as guidelines are followed such as prevention of door damage. Virgin encourages door decorations to align with their ship ambiance.

Additional Cruise Line Policies: Quick Notes on Decor Rules

Rules across other cruise lines likely have similarities. Before cruising, always verify the policies of your specific cruise line to understand the most current regulations.

For the safety of all, ensure door decor is made of flame retardant materials or is fire retardant.


Where to Find Cruise Door Decor:

You can find cruise door decorations on websites like Etsy and Amazon.

When you're on the cruise, some ships have stores that sell themed decorations.

You can order personalized door decorations or personalized magnets with your family's names, photos or special occasion dates from some print shops and online stores.

Top Picks for Door Decor:
  • Ship-Themed Magnets: Cool magnets that fit any cruise.

  • Family Banners: You can add your family's names or pictures.

  • Stickers for Different Stops: Fun stickers for each place your cruise visits.

Resources for Cruise Door Sign Inspiration

Seeking inspiration for cruise door decorations can spark your own ideas into play. Check out these sites for cruise door decor inspiration:

Cruise Critic Forums: The Cruiser's Goldmine

Cruise Critic is more than just a review site; it's a bustling community of avid cruisers. Their forums are a hub of information, with many members sharing photos, experiences, and ideas about door decorations specific to various cruise lines.

Not only can you find pictures of past decorations, but you can also get feedback on your own ideas, ask questions, and discover the latest trends in cruise door decor.

Click the photo below to see what Cruise Critic has to offer:

While many turn to Amazon primarily for shopping, it's also a great platform for inspiration. By searching for cruise door decorations, you can discover a wide range of products, from magnetic kits to personalized banners.

Customer reviews often come with photos, showcasing how these products look in real cruise settings.

Even if you plan to create your decor from scratch, exploring the available products can spark ideas and guide your creativity in a specific direction.

Pinterest: Visual Creativity

Pinterest never disappoints when it comes to craft and cruise ship door decorating ideas. A simple search for "cruise door decorations" will unveil a myriad of designs, ranging from DIY projects to elaborate themes tailored to specific cruise experiences.

Etsy: Handmade Inspirations for Door Decorating

While Etsy is known as a marketplace, it's also a fantastic source of inspiration. Browsing through cruise-specific shops can introduce you to unique and personalized designs, even if you're just seeking ideas and not a purchase.

YouTube: Visual Guides and Tutorials for Door Decoration

YouTube is brimming with cruise vlogs and DIY craft videos. Watching fellow cruisers guide you through their decoration process can be both informative and inspiring, giving you a sense of what's feasible and attractive.

Past Cruise Memories

Sometimes, inspiration comes from our own experiences. Skimming through photos from previous cruises might reignite memories of a captivating door design or even provide ideas based on destinations or onboard activities.

FAQ Section: Cruise Door Decorations

General Questions About Cruise Door Decorations

Can I decorate my door on a cruise?

Yes, most cruise lines allow passengers to decorate their cabin door, but there are usually specific guidelines and restrictions to ensure safety and respect for other passengers.

Why do people decorate their doors on cruise ships?

Decorating cabin doors on cruise ships has become a cherished tradition for many passengers. It allows travelers to personalize their space, celebrate special occasions, easily identify their rooms, and even foster a sense of community among fellow cruisers.

Do people decorate their cabin doors on cruises?

Yes, many passengers enjoy decorating their cabin door on cruises. The decorations vary from simple to elaborate and can include themes, personal photos, or festive elements.

Do people decorate their cruise ship doors?

Yes, decorating cruise ship doors is a popular and fun activity among many passengers. It adds a personal touch to the cruise experience and often serves as a conversation starter.

Cruise Line Specific Questions

Do people decorate doors on Royal Caribbean cruises?

Yes, many passengers on Royal Caribbean cruises choose to decorate their cabin door. The cruise line generally supports this tradition but has specific guidelines to ensure the cabin door decorating is safe and respectful.

Does Royal Caribbean allow cabin door decorations?

Yes, Royal Caribbean does allow cabin door decorations as long as they adhere to the cruise line's guidelines, which typically prohibit items that might damage the door and surrounding frame or be offensive to other guests.

Do people decorate their stateroom doors on Royal Caribbean?

Yes, decorating stateroom doors on Royal Caribbean is a popular activity. However, passengers are advised to follow the cruise line's cruise door decoration guidelines.

Do people decorate doors on Princess Cruises?

Yes, door decorating is also a common practice among passengers on Princess Cruises. As always, it's essential to check the specific guidelines set by the cruise line.

Special Occasions and Specific Decorations

Can I bring birthday decorations on a cruise?

Yes, you can bring birthday decorations on a cruise to celebrate special occasion onboard. These can be used for decorating your cruise cabin or the cruise cabin door. However, it's essential to ensure your decorations adhere to the cruise line's guidelines, especially concerning safety and potential damage.

How do you make your birthday special on a cruise?

To make a birthday special on a cruise, consider decorating your cabin door, booking a special dinner at one of the ship's premium restaurants, ordering a birthday cake, or planning a spa day. Many cruise lines also offer birthday packages that include various celebratory amenities.

What does decorating your cruise door with pineapples mean?

Using pineapples in cruise door decorations is traditionally a symbol of hospitality and warmth.

Historically, pineapples represented welcome and affluence. Thus, incorporating them into door decor can convey a friendly cabin atmosphere.

It's worth noting that in some contexts, an upside-down pineapple has been associated with the swinger community. While this meaning isn't universal and may not be widely recognized, it's something to be aware of when choosing your decorations.

Can you use string lights for decorating your cabin door?

While string lights can add a festive touch to your cabin door, it's essential to check with your specific cruise line's guidelines. Some cruise lines may have restrictions on using lights due to safety concerns, such as potential fire hazards. If allowed, always opt for battery-operated string lights to prevent any electrical issues and ensure they don't obstruct or impede any pathways. Remember, safety first!

Decor Alternatives and Specifics

What can I put on my front door instead of a wreath?

Instead of a traditional wreath, consider using cruise decorations like monogram letters, seasonal banners, decorative signs with quotes or messages, and floral swags. These are often magnetic door decorations. The choice would depend on the occasion and personal preference.

Can you put magnets on cruise ship doors?

Yes, many cruise ship cabin doors are metallic, making them perfect for magnetic decorations. Magnets are a popular choice as they do not damage the door and are easy to apply and remove.

What is magnets for on a cruise?

Magnets on a cruise are primarily used for decorating cabin doors. Since many cruise cabin doors are metallic, magnets provide a non-damaging way to personalize the space. Additionally, they can be used inside the cabin for organization, holding up daily schedules or important notes.

How to make Disney magnets for cruise door?

To make Disney magnets for your cruise door, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your favorite Disney characters or designs (ensure you follow copyright regulations).

  2. Print them on high-quality paper or purchase pre-made stickers.

  3. Adhere the printed designs to magnetic sheets.

  4. Cut out the designs.

  5. Your Disney magnets are ready to be placed on your cruise door!

What size are the decorations on the Disney Cruise door?

The size of the decorations on Disney Cruise doors varies based on personal preference. However, most passengers opt for decorations that are roughly between 8x10 inches to 12x12 inches. It's essential to ensure your decorations do not obstruct access or breach any of the cruise line's guidelines.

Additional Cruise Resources

For more travel articles, click on the articles below or go to

Cruise Critic: This is an invaluable online resource for cruise enthusiasts and first-timers alike. Cruise Critic offers detailed reviews of cruise lines, ships, and destinations, as well as forums where you can ask questions and share experiences.

Click the photo below to see what Cruise Critic has to offer:

Whether you're looking for the best excursions in a particular port or tips for cruising solo, Cruise Critic has you covered.

We hope these cruise door decoration ideas help you prepare for your next exciting cruise adventure on the high seas! Bon Voyage!


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