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Trending Christmas Gifts for College Guys

Updated: Jan 25

Are you shopping for Christmas gifts for college guys? If so, you are in the right place. We have resarched trending ideas that aer easy to find and that college boys will actually use!

Table of Contents for Christmas Gifts for College Guys

trending christmas gifts for college guys that they will actually use best christmas gifts for college boys and young men

Finding the Right Christmas Gifts for Young College Men

Got a college guy you're shopping for? Buying Christmas gifts for boys this age can seem hard, but read on for more ideas than you have time to shop for!

We've sorted the best Christmas gifts for college guys to help you pick easily. These lists are college guy approved!

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Tech and Gadget Christmas Gifts for Your College Guy

For college guys, you can't go wrong with great quality tech Christmas gifts for college kids.

Smart Watches: These watches do more than just tell time. They can show messages, count steps, and much more.

Fire TV Stick: allows college students more watching options without a subscription.

Wireless Headphones: Good headphones help block out outside sounds, making music or studying better on college campuses.

Portable Chargers: These portable charger help keep phones and tablets charged all day. College student have no time for electronics with a poor battery life.

Laptop Stands: These stands lift laptops higher, making it easier to use them for a long time.

Smart Home Devices: Things like voice helpers or special light bulbs can make room life fun and easy.

Digital Notepads: These are great gifts for students who want to write or draw without using paper.

Wireless Earbuds: Small earpieces without wires, great for listening to music anywhere.

VR Headsets: Step into new worlds with these. Great gifts for games and virtual hangouts.

Gaming Mouse: For players, a good mouse is a fun gift that will get plenty of use.

Micro USB or USB Hubs: More ports for plugging in stuff, especially when the laptop doesn't have


Bluetooth Speakers: Portable music players that can go loud, perfect for small parties.

Cell Phone and Phone Holder: Hands-free solution for watching videos or video calls.

External Hard Drives: Extra space to store lots of files, photos, or games.


Clothes and Accessories College Boys Will Appreciate & Wear

Help the college guy express himself and stay on-trend with these fashionable and thoughtful gift ideas:

Backpacks: Not just for books. Cool backpacks that are comfy and look good.

New Kicks: It seems that college boys can't have enough shoes. Shoes are always a great idea!

Watches: A nice watch makes an outfit better.

A Nice Pair of Sunglasses: Cool glasses for sunny days.

Wallets: A good wallet keeps money safe and organized.

Hats & Caps: For sunny or bad hair days, and just for fun.

T-shirts: Tshirts are always a go to for college guys.

For any clothing, some safe designs for most college guys are college representation, name brands for stores they shop at, name brands of athletic wear and sports teams, if the recipient enjoys sports.

If you know your guy well enough, you can go for a tshirt that represents his interests, or something retro from his younger years or even further back like M

TV. Humorous shirts can be fun, depending on the individual, but unless you know them well, humor shirts can be hit or miss.


Food Christmas Gifts Are Always a Hit With College Guys

Young men absolutely love most things that speak to their stomachs. Food items are some of the best gifts to give to college kids!

Snack Baskets: Yummy snacks like cheese, chocolates and fruit put into a care package. A basket full of single-serve pantry items such as Cheez-Its, Gold Fish, Beef Jerky, etc. that they can take back to their dorm is a hit that will continue gifting after they return to college.

Meal Kits: Easy cooking at home, these meal kits will keep your college boy from eating out as often, while providing them with nutritious and easy to prepare meals. Green Chef, Factor and Every Plate are top trending choices in 2023.

Green Chef: Organic meals for all diets.

Factor: Healthy meals made by chefs for every macro or eating preference. The link below for savings of $120 at signup. Fully cooked, no prep, just microwave.

Every Plate: Good food, good prices. Lots of choices. Click the link below to sign up your college guy with EveryPlate for $1.49 per nutritious meal.

Coffee or Tea Box: Monthly coffee or tea to stay awake and focused.


Dorm Room Essentials for the College Guy on Your List

Essentials for your college boy living on their own. Whether yours is a college bound student or returning to college, this list will help them out during their college experience.

Coffee Makers: Small and quick coffee makers. Starts his day with hot coffee. You can view top coffee makers in our article Best Coffee Makers Under $100 and Best Battery Operated Coffee Makers.

Rolling TV Stand: Possibly the best invention yet for great, usable design in tight spaces. Your college mate can move the tv to any area or angle, and then easily push back against the wall to keep space uncluttered. Stands fit all sizes of TVs. Check out our article that describes this awesome piece of furniture in more detail.

Cool Posters: Make his room feel like his with movie or art posters.

Small Fridges: Small refridgerators or mini fridges are a college necessity for late-night food or cold drinks.

Desk Lamp with a Bright Light: Good for studying late.

Cozy Blankets: Makes movie nights warm and comfy.

Comfy Pillows: For a good night's sleep or quick naps between classes.

Alarm Clock with Cell Phone Charger: Make the space count with dual-purpose technology.

Gaming chair: During his down time, he can play in comfort with a gaming chair which can double as a comfortable desk chair.


Books and Learning are Favorite Gift Ideas

Help him with his late night study sessions with this practical present and gift guide.

Good Reads: Stories about successful people or books that push him to do better.

Learning Subscriptions: Monthly audiobooks or journals to keep learning fun.

Puzzle Books: Fun brain games like crosswords or Sudoku for breaks.

E-Readers: Store hundreds of books in one place. Handy for reading on the go.

Study Apps: Gift cards or subscriptions to apps that help with studying or time management.

Notebooks: Simple but always useful for jotting down thoughts or class notes.

Hobbies Gifts for College Guys

Gifts to make his free time more fun:

Fun Group Games: Classic or new board games or a card game for fun nights with friends.

Small Instruments: Things like drum sticks, harmonicas or a guitar for music anytime.

Art Supplies: Sketchbooks, paints, or drawing tools for creative moments.


Gift Cards and Subscriptions - Great Gifts For College Living

Gift Cards and cash are always the perfect gift when you're not positive about their needs or interests.

Here are a few ideas that go a step beyond cash to add a more personal touch.

Watch Stuff: Subscriptions to watch his favorite shows or movies.

Easy Meals: Cards for food delivery for yummy eats on busy days.

Learn Online: Courses to try something new, like coding or painting.

Gaming Passes: Access to online games or in-game content.

Music Subscriptions: Listen to his favorite tunes or discover new ones.

Book Clubs: Monthly books or e-books, picked based on his interests.

Tech Tools: Gift cards to tech stores for any gadgets or apps he might need.


Travel Essentials

For the college guy on the move, an item for easier travel is a great gift.

Durable Luggage: Quality backpacks or suitcases for trips home or adventures.

Travel Kits: Compact toiletries, travel pillows, or earplugs for comfortable journeys.

Global Adapters: Essential for overseas trips to keep gadgets charged.


Personal Care and Grooming Gifts for College Boys

Help your young men look and feel their best.

Quality Razors: For a close, smooth shave.

Grooming Kits: Everything he needs for hair, beard, or skin care.

Cologne Sets: Fresh and appealing scents to boost confidence.


Outdoor Campus Gear for College Boys

For those brisk walks to class or lounging on the quad, ensure he's equipped with these outdoor essentials:

Jackets & Coats: Warm, stylish options for colder days or light, water-resistant ones for drizzly afternoons.

Boots: A great pair of boots suitable for rain or snow.

Scarves: For added warmth and a dash of style during chilly mornings.

Quality Pair of Warm Gloves: Touch-screen friendly gloves so he can use devices without taking them off.

Beanies: Keep the head warm while looking cool.

Hoodies: Versatile for layering and perfect for casual campus vibes.

Thermal Wear: Base layers to keep warm during colder months.


Gear and Essentials for the College Athlete

For the college guy dedicated to mastering his sport, a practical gift can support his passion and performance:

Sports Balls: From basketballs, soccer balls, to footballs, ensure he practices with the best.

Training Gear: Items like resistance bands and agility ladders to boost his training sessions.

Sports Headbands & Wristbands: Essential for keeping sweat in check during intense workouts.

Personalized Water Bottles: Not just any water bottle, make hydration personal with a family name, college name, or short message.

Sportswear: Quality t-shirts, shorts, or leggings designed to handle sweat and rigorous movement.

Sports Bags: Bags tailored to carry gear, with specialized compartments for shoes, apparel, and



Gifts for the College Boy Who is an Ultimate Sports Fan

For the college guy who's an avid follower of sports, these gifts will make him feel closer to the action:

Team Jerseys: Authentic jerseys to let him represent his favorite team or player.

Team Caps & Hats: Perfect for sunny days or just showing team pride around campus.

Game Tickets: What better gift than the experience of watching his favorite team live?

Sports Biographies: Delve into the stories of iconic athletes, understanding their struggles and triumphs.

Hockey Stick Bottle Opener: Practical conversation piece for the hockey fan.


Stocking Stuffer Gifts for College Boys

Even in college, the joy of digging into a stocking filled with little surprises remains a cherished holiday memory. Stocking stuffers make Christmas shopping fun and affordable.

Phone Grips: Handy for one-handed texting or taking selfies.

Earphone Cord Organizers: Keep earbuds tangle-free.

Pocket Notebooks: Quick jotting down of ideas or to-dos.

Mini Flashlights: Useful for late-night reading or walks.

USB Drives: Always handy for saving schoolwork.

Snack Packs: Quick bites for study sessions.

Gift Cards: For his favorite coffee shop or online store.

Novelty Socks, Thermal Socks: Fun patterns or colors to add some flair.

Travel-size Grooming Kits: On-the-go touch-ups.

Sticky Note Sets: For reminders or marking textbook pages.


Funny Gifts for Some Good Laughs

Bring a smile to the college guy's face and indulge his sense of humor with these amusing and entertaining Christmas gift ideas.

Burrito Blanket or Pizza Blanket: Useful while providing a good laugh with burrito blankets!

Funny Mugs: Start his day with a dose of humor through witty sayings or hilarious images on a coffee mug to keep his coffee hot with a laugh.

Bizarre Board Games: Think outside the box with unusual and comical games that promise hours of laughter.

Joke Calendars: A year's worth of dad jokes, comic strips, or funny trivia to brighten each day.

Gift Guides for Specific Gift Givers

Personalized holiday ornaments are a great way to give your college guy a piece of home in his dorm room.


From Moms: Christmas Gift Ideas for College Guys

Moms often know the small details that matter most. Consider these personal gifts that combine a mother's love with the right balance of sentiment for young men.

  • Homemade Care Packages: Fill a care package with home-baked goodies, favorite snacks and pictures from home to name a few.

  • Personalized Keepsakes: Engraved jewelry or custom photo albums.

  • Comfort Items: A soft blanket or a set of premium bed sheets for those colder nights.


From Dads: Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for College Guys

Dads tend to focus on the practical side of things. Here are some gift ideas inspired by a father's practical approach:

  • Toolkits: Basic tools for small dorm repairs or tasks. A new kit, or a kit with some special tools from home.

  • Great Quality Wallets: A durable wallet for organizing cash and cards.

  • Books on Life Skills: Guides on financial literacy, cooking basics, or career development.


From Sisters: Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for College Guys

Sisters often have a unique bond with their brothers, knowing just what will make him smile. Here are some gifts that encapsulate that special sibling relationship:

  • Customized Merch: T-shirts or mugs with inside jokes or memorable quotes.

  • Playlist or Mixtape: A compilation of shared favorite songs from growing up.

  • Novelty Gifts: Fun and quirky items that remind him of childhood pranks or shared moments.


From Brothers: Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for College Guys

Brothers understand the campus trends and the joys of brotherhood. Here's what one brother might suggest to another:

  • Video Games: The latest game that everyone's talking about.

  • Sports Memorabilia: A jersey from their favorite team or a signed baseball.

  • Adventure Gear: Maybe a camping kit for weekend getaways with friends.


From Friends: Trending Christmas Gift Ideas for College Guys

Friends know the current trends and what's considered "cool" on campus. Here are some gifts that resonate with college life:

  • Trendy Gadgets: The latest tech everyone's raving about.

  • Event Tickets: Concerts, sports events, or theater shows.

  • Board Games or Card Games: Popular games that can be played during hangouts or breaks.


From Girlfriends: Romantic and Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for College Guys

Girlfriends often aim to strike a balance between romance and practicality when choosing gifts. These suggestions reflect that special intimacy and understanding that comes with a romantic relationship:

  • Personalized Jewelry: Engraved bracelets or necklaces with significant dates or coordinates.

  • Memory Scrapbooks: A compilation of photos, tickets, notes, and other memorable items from their time together.

  • Cologne: A scent that she loves on him, making it a personal and intimate gift.

  • Special Date Night: A planned evening or weekend getaway to spend quality time together, perhaps visiting a place they've always talked about.


From Grandparents: Nostalgic and Comforting Christmas Gift Ideas for College Guys

Grandparents have the great gift of offering comfort, warmth, and a touch of nostalgia. Their presents often reflect the wisdom of their years and a deep-seated love for their grandchildren:

  • Heirlooms: Passing down a cherished family item, be it a watch, a piece of jewelry, or a vintage book.

  • Hand-knit Items: Warm scarves, mittens, or sweaters crafted with love.

  • Recipe Books: A collection of family recipes that he can try his hand at, bringing a taste of home to his college life.

  • Letters or Journals: Personal notes recounting stories from the past, wisdom for the present, or hopes for his future.


FAQ for Christmas Gifts for College Guys

General Christmas Gifts for College Students

What does a male college student want for Christmas?

Male college students typically look for a combination of practicality and entertainment in gifts. Items related to technology, fashion, dorm essentials, and hobbies tend to be popular. Personalized items also hold a special touch.

What every college student wants for Christmas?

College students wants items that provide comfort or entertainment during their downtime or make college life easier. Think about gadgets, study tools, comfy, dorm room essentials, and even gift cards to their favorite restaurants or online stores.

What do college students want for Christmas?

College students generally appreciate gifts that cater to their lifestyle—like tech gadgets, stationery, fashion items, and room decor. Subscriptions to streaming platforms or magazines are also a hit.

What is the best Christmas gift to a college student?

The best gift varies based on the individual's preferences, but universally appreciated gifts include quality headphones, portable coffee makers, sturdy backpacks, and gift cards.

What do college students buy most?

College students often spend on textbooks, technology for their studies, casual clothing, food, entertainment (like movies or concerts), and sometimes travel or experiences with friends.

Gifts for Boyfriends or Special Someone's

What do you get a guy you like for Christmas?

Consider his hobbies and interests, perhaps a book by his favorite author, a gadget he's mentioned, or perfect gift idea for a unique experience you can share together.

What to get your boyfriend for his dorm?

Gifts for the dorm could include comfy blankets, portable speakers, wall art, or even a set of quality mugs for his morning coffee.

What to get your boyfriend for Christmas when he has everything?

For someone who has everything, experiences are often more valuable than physical gifts. Consider concert tickets, a weekend getaway, or even a simple date night with activities you know he'll love.

What to get my boyfriend for Christmas DIY?

DIY gifts add a personal touch. Consider crafting a scrapbook of your memories together, customizing a mug with a personal joke or message, or even writing him a heartfelt letter or series of notes for different occasions.

Best Christmas Gifts for Different Age Groups & Genres

What to get a Gen Z guy for Christmas?

Gen Z is known for valuing experiences and being tech-savvy. Trendy gadgets, eco-friendly products, and fun gifts often related to trending pop culture or experiences like concerts or festivals are often hits.

What does an 18 year old boy want for Christmas?

An 18-year-old may appreciate tech gadgets, trendy fashion items, or gifts that help him transition into adulthood, like quality wallets or grooming kits.

What is a good guy gift for Christmas?

Good gifts often revolve around the individual's hobbies or interests. Popular items include tech gadgets, sports equipment, stylish apparel, and unique experiences.

What to get a guy for Christmas for cheap? What are some cheap gifts to give a young adult?

For budget-friendly gifts, consider books, quirky mugs, board games, or even DIY projects that have a personal touch. Small tech accessories, like phone stands or earbud holders, can also be a hit.

Miscellaneous Gift Guide

How much should a college student spend on Christmas?

This varies based on the individual's budget and priorities. College students should prioritize essential expenses and only spend what they can afford without going into debt. Setting a budget and sticking to it is crucial.

What does a college guy need for Christmas?

A college guy might need some practical gift items for his studies and dorm life, such as study aids, dorm essentials, or even meal plan vouchers.

We hope this has given you some great Christmas Gifts for College Guys ideas! Happy shopping for your college guy!


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