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13 Christmas Gift for Neighbor Ideas That are Thoughtful and Easy

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Are you looking for Christmas Gift for Neighbor Ideas? You're in the right place! Neighbors can play a very meaningful role in our lives. There is no better time than the holidays to show our beloved neighbors that they are appreciated and thought about.

We hope the Christmas neighbor gift ideas below bring you and your neighbors holiday cheer and show that it is the thoughtfulness that counts.

Table of Contents for Christmas Gift for Neighbor Ideas

christmas gift for neighbor ideas that are thoughtful and easy ideas for gifting

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1. Personalized Christmas Ornament Gifts for Neighbors

Why this gift idea is great for neighbors

Giving personalized Christmas gifts shows thoughtfulness. A personalized gift will show that you put time and effort into gift-giving, plus it can be really fun and add to the holiday cheer! You'll be the hit of the neighborhood.

The gift details

You can choose a generic neighbor ornament (one without names, but says 'neighbor' or has a holiday theme), a personalized ornament (see many personalization options for neighbors below), or you can order in bulk and personalize the ornaments with your street name, town, neighborhood, etc. for multiple neighbors.

Wrap it in a clear cellophane bag with ribbon, gift bag or in a wrapped box with a Christmas card or greeting card attached.

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Neighbor Christmas Gifts - Personalization Ideas:

1. Family Name - The family's last name or each family member's first name.

2. Street Name - Adding the name of your street or cul-de-sac.

3. Hometown/City Name - Especially thoughtful if they've recently moved to your area.

4. Year - Marking the ornament with the current year will always remind them of when you were


5. New Home - If they've recently moved in, "First Christmas at [address]" or "New Home 2023".

6. Pet Names - If they have pets, include the names or silhouettes of their furry friends.

7. Special Message - A brief note like "From [Your Family Name] with Love" or "Neighbors by chance,

Friends by choice".

8. Shared Memories - If you've shared a memorable event or experience with them, like a block party or

a neighborhood clean-up day, personalize the ornament with something like "Block Party 2023".

9. Hobbies or Interests - If you're aware of specific hobbies or interests they have, such as gardening or

cycling, you can incorporate a related symbol or note.

10. Quote or Proverb - A heartwarming quote about friendship, home, or community. If your neighbor

has specific religious beliefs, inscribe a verse or religious quote.

11. House Number - Along with or instead of the street name.

12. Coordinate - Latitude and longitude of your shared neighborhood or a significant shared location.

13. Anniversaries - If they're celebrating a significant year in their home, like "5 Years on [Street Name]".


2. Popcorn Bowl filled with ...

Why this gift idea is great for neighbors

Most of us love to spend time at home in the winter, and a popcorn bowl is generic enough for most neighbors, while still novel enough that they likely don't have a festive bowl specifically for popcorn. A popcorn bowl or basket provides a gift neighbors will actually use and enjoy for years to come.

The gift details

Start with a large bowl for popcorn. It can be a festive holiday bowl or popcorn theme bowl, and it can be made of glass, plastic or metal.

Fill the bowl with any of these items: popcorn, seasoning (cheese powder, caramel drizzle, ranch seasoning, chili lime, butter-flavored salt, cinnamon sugar), fun toppings (m&m's, reese's pieces, raisins, almonds, etc.), popcorn accessories like serving bowls, movie tickets or gift certificates. If you'd like to add larger items, throw in a popcorn popper or cozy blanket.

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3. Pet & Pet Lovers' Gifts are a Great Christmas Gift for Neighbor

Why this gift idea is great for neighbors

For neighbors with furry friends, these gifts are a hit. They show that you notice and care about the entire family, pets included. Plus, pets bring joy, and supporting that bond is always appreciated.

The gift details

Gifts for the pet can range from a simple toy, gourmet treats, or cat/doggie sweaters.

For those neighbors who are pet enthusiasts but might not have a pet, consider gifting them themed mugs, calendars, or other merchandise related to their favorite animal.

Wrap your pet gift in a themed or decorative wrapping paper to match the pet theme. Add a note or a holiday card, mentioning their pet by name if possible.

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4. Festive Bottle of Wine, Coffee Syrup, Cider

Why this gift idea is great for neighbors

A festive bottle, whether it's wine, coffee syrup, or cider, gives the impression of celebration and festivity.

The gift details


The sky is the limit on wine. If you know your neighbor's preference, it is an easy win. If not, go for a wine flavor that you would like to share with them.

Coffee Syrup:

As a wine alternative, coffee syrup bottles give that same festive flare in a non-alcoholic form. Coffee syrup flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel are popular and can be used for cooking and baking as well as morning brew!


Cider brings warmth and gives a feeling of nostalgia, especially during the colder holiday months.

For presentation:

  1. There are so many wine bottle wrappings, you can choose something fun, festive or elegant. A wine bottle wrapper gives the presentation of a well-thought out and classy gift.

  2. Bottles can also be wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon.

  3. Add a holiday card or note, and you are all set!

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5. Hot Cocoa Cups

Why this gift Idea is great for neighbors

Hot cocoa cups are cozy and enjoyed by adults and children alike, and a the perfect way to add to the Christmas fun!

The gift details

Start with a hot cocoa mug. If you are gifting many items, you might consider hefty disposable mugs or gift mug sets.

For the cocoa package:
  1. Add an envelope of premium hot cocoa mix, K-cup pod, etc.

  2. You can make your own hot cocoa mix as well, there are many recipes online if you don't have your own recipe already. If you include homemade cocoa, adding a recipe card is always a treasured gift!

  3. Include a stir stick or edible spoon.

  4. Add a small bag of mini marshmallows or a large marshmallow or two in a small cellophane bag.

  5. For extra festive touches, add a small cinnamon stick, small serving of white chocolate chips, a biscotti cookie, sprinkles, candies, etc.

To present the gift:
  1. Put all items inside the cup.

  2. Wrap the filled cup in clear cellophane and tie off with a festive ribbon.

  3. Add a Christmas card or note for a final, personal touch.

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6. Coffee Mugs Filled with ...

Why this gift is great for neighbors

Coffee mugs are a versatile and practical gift that can be used often for coffee, cookies and milk, or decorative touches in the kitchen. Filling the mugs with little treats adds a surprise and personal touch, making even adults remember what it feels like to be a kid receiving a treat-filled gift bag.

The gift details

Choose a coffee mug that is holiday-themed, humorous, classy or represents an interest of your neighbor. Fill the mug with candies, individually wrapped chocolates, tea or coffee, edible spoons or stir sticks, votive candles, the list is endless!

Wrap the mug in a clear cellophane bag and tie it off with a ribbon for an easy, festive touch. Include a personalized note or holiday card to complete the gift.

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7. Homemade Food or Beverage Gifts

Why Homemade Merry Christmas Gifts Are Great Gifts for Neighbors

Homemade and handmade items are often the best gifts. Homemade food or beverage gifts make wonderful Christmas presents and are always appreciated, especially around the holidays.

The gift details

You can gift homemade holiday treats such as cookies, sweet treats or Christmas candy like white chocolate covered pretzels, etc. Or you can make homemade mixes for your neighbor to cook or bake themselves such as hot chocolate mix, cake mix in a jar, soup ingredients in a jar, muffin mix or cookie mix in a jar, etc.

If you are a gardener, canned vegatables or fruits festively packaged are great ideas..

A favorite homemade food to gift during the holidays is frosted sugar cookies. They are a huge hit not only because of the delicious taste, but because you can decorate them so festively for winter, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.

People understand how much time is involved with sugar cookie dough chilling, cutting, baking and decorating, so they are truly appreciated.

To save time and also give this delightful gift with great presentation, consider a full-pan decorated sugar cookie. It takes less time and gives quite a presentation when placed in a gift box or on a tray wrapped in cellophane bag with a ribbon and printable gift tag.

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8. Candle - Festively Wrapped

Why this gift is great for neighbors

Candles are a universally well-received gift for even your best neighbor. A candle will be a gift your neighbor can use and enjoy right away.

The gift details

Purchase a candle in your budget, possibly with a holiday scent or a well-known name such as Yankee candles. Wrap it in a cellophane bag and tie it off with a ribbon for a beautifully presented gift. Add a Christmas card, note or tag to personalize it for your neighbor.

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9. Gourmet Fruit or Food Baskets

Why this gift is great for neighbors

Gourmet food or fruit baskets are timeless and elegant gifts. Baskets offer an assortment so there's something for everyone.

The gift details

Gourmet baskets can be purchased already put together with snack foods, meats and cheeses, fruits, etc.

If you'd like to put together the basket yourself, select a basket strong enough to hold the items in it.

  • For a gourmet food basket: Include items like artisanal cheeses, premium crackers, high-quality chocolates, olives, gourmet nuts, and maybe a bottle of fine wine or sparkling juice.

  • For a fruit basket: Include seasonal fruits such as apples, oranges, pears and grapes. Add a few fruits like kiwis, pomegranates, or pineapples to make it more festive.

To present the basket:

  1. Add shredded paper or tissue paper to the base.

  2. Arrange the food or fruit in the basket.

  3. Wrap the basket in clear cellophane and gather it at the top.

  4. Tie the cellophane with festive ribbon.

  5. Attach a holiday card or note for a finishing touch.

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10. Coffee Subscription Boxes

Why this gift is great for neighbors

Subscription boxes are a gift that keeps on giving on year long. This is a higher end gift for neighbors, but is a great option for a close neighbor, elderly neighbor, helpful neighbor or simply a coffee lover.

There are also subscription boxes for wines, beer, etc.

The gift details

Set up the subscription and add it to a holiday card for you neighbor. Most subscriptions offer customization, so your neighbor can pick out the coffee that is just right for them.

Our two top picks for coffee subscriptions are Fresh Roasted and Peet's Coffee because of their high quality coffee, dependable service and subscriber discounts.

11. A Hand-written Christmas Card or Holiday Card

Add a coffee greeting card or gift card.

Why this gift is great for neighbors

A hand-written holiday card is a beautiful keepsake that is appreciated. The fact that someone would take the time to hand-write a note and place the card at a neighbor's home is a thoughtful gesture during the busy holiday season.

The gift details

Of course, you can add a gift card for a coffee shop or local dining favorite, but the item that will be remembered and cherished is the thought of the time you took to think of your neighbor.

Place the card in a cellophane bag and tie it with ribbon for added beauty as well as weather protection. Add a few candies for a cheery gift.


12. 2024 Calendar

Why this gift is great for neighbors

Gifts that can be used all year long have special appeal, and everyone needs a new calendar each year!

The gift details

Choose something generic, fun or neighborly. there are so many fun and unique options for calendars, you can easily find a calendar design personalized for your neighbor.

To present the calendar:
  1. Simply put a bow on it, wrap it in festive paper, or wrap it in a clear cellophane bag and gather it at the top, tied off by a ribbon.

  2. Attach a holiday card or note for a finishing touch.

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13. Cellophane Gift Wrapping Bags & Ribbon

Cellophane Bags - for candles, coffee mugs, treats, etc.. Below are our top 3 recommendations in S, M and L sizes. These bags are affordable, durable, and perfectly sized for the neighbor gifts listed above.

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FAQ Neighbor Christmas Gifts

What is the most unwanted Christmas gift?

Common unwanted Christmas gifts include clothing in the wrong size or style and junky trinkets.

What can I do for my neighbors for holidays?

For the holidays, an act of service such as shoveling the sidewalk, can be a great gift. You can also get them a small gift or card to let them know you are thinking about them. Homecooked treats are also a hit for Christmas neighbor gift ideas.

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We hope this guide has helped you with some Christmas Gift for Neighbor ideas. Happy Holidays to All!


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