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Christmas Cruise Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers On Your Christmas List

Updated: Jan 25

Have a cruiser on your Christmas list? Explore Christmas Cruise Gift Ideas for kids, teens, women, men, couples, families, single cruiser - from gifting an entire cruise to stocking stuffers, we have ideas for you!

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Christmas Cruise Gift Ideas

Looking for the best cruise gift ideas or the perfect gift for someone going on a cruise? You've come to the right place!

Whether it's for a holiday voyage or a tropical getaway, our guide offers tailored gift ideas for every kind of cruiser. From essential items to luxury experiences, we've got you covered.

The Ultimate Gift: Gifting a Cruise

Introduction to the Ultimate Gift ideas for cruise lovers

Are you looking for a gift that really stands out? Something that offers not just a moment, but an experience?

If so, gifting a cruise might be the perfect present! In this section, we’ll cover how you can purchase a perfect cruise gift idea for someone special and then wrap up this big surprise in a way they’ll never forget!

How to Purchase a Cruise as a Gift

Through a Travel Agent (Recommended): A specialized cruise agent offers personalized advice and handles the booking for you, ensuring a seamless gifting experience.

Online Booking via the Cruise Line's Website (Recommended): Directly book through a reputable cruise line's website for more control over the selection and payment process. Just make sure to double-check all information for accuracy.

Contact the Cruise Line: While this method offers personalization, it's often more time-consuming than using a travel agent or booking online.

Cruise Line or Cruise Ship Gift Certificates: This option allows your gift recipient to choose their own cruise adventure, but may limit them to specific cruise lines.

Ideas for Presenting the Cruise Gift

In a Creative Card: Craft a handmade card that hints at the cruise destination and tuck the booking confirmation or gift certificate inside.

With Themed Goodies: Accompany the booking confirmation or gift certificate with themed items like sunglasses and sunscreen for a tropical cruise.

Digital Surprise: Lead them on a mini-email scavenger hunt, with the last clue revealing the booking confirmation or gift certificate.

A Pre-Packaged "Travel Kit": Create a travel kit with essentials like a guidebook and toiletries, inserting the cruise booking details inside.

With a Fun, Personalized Jib Jab Card: Create a fun and personalized message and either send it digitally or play it for them in person.

Gift-wrapped Globe or Map: Wrap up a small globe or map and pin the cruise destination, placing the booking details inside the wrapping.

Themed Breakfast or Dinner: Serve a meal that's themed after the cruise destination, like a tropical breakfast for a Caribbean cruise, and reveal the gift then.

With a personalized ornament: Create a personalized ornament with the cruise date, etc., from a reputable place such as Ornament Shop - click the link below for free personalization and shipping on destination and vacation ornaments.

Experience Gifts: Gifts Cruisers Can Use On Their Vacation

For information on where to purchase onboard experiences, see the section above: ''How to Purchase a Cruise", as the same options apply for gifting onboard cruise experiences.

Gift Shore Excursions to Enjoy at a Cruise Port

A shore excursion voucher is a pre-booked experience that allows the cruiser to explore and enjoy activities at various port stops during the cruise.

It's an exceptional way for cruisers to make the most of their time ashore, offering organized activities that range from cultural tours to adventurous activities.

Great for: All Cruisers. Cruise excursions are available for all all activity levels and ages. Be sure to check with the cruise line or travel agent for details.

Onboard Spa Voucher

Unwind and rejuvenate with a spa day on the cruise.

Great for: Women, Men, Couples, Elderly, and many Teens enjoy these activities as well.

Private Photography Session on the Cruise Vacation

Capture memories on board with a private session from the ship’s professional photographer.

Great for: Families, Couples, Special Occasions

Cruise Ship Hair Salon and Barber Voucher

Stay stylish even at sea with a fresh haircut or styling session.

Great for: Women, Men, Elderly

Indoor Skydiving or Surf Simulator Session Offered on Many Cruise Ships

Some cruise ships offer exciting onboard activities like skydiving and surf simulators.

Great for: Adventurers, Teens, Families

Massage for Relaxation Seekers or Couples

Enjoy a relaxing spa day as an individual or as a couple.

Great for: Teens, Adults, Couples, Elderly

Ice Skating or Rollerblading Pass

Some cruise ships have ice skating rinks or rollerblading tracks.

Great for: Families, Teens, Kids

Specialty Dining Experience

Elevate the dining experience with a reservation at one of the ship's specialty restaurants.

Great for: Couples, Families, Luxury Cruisers

Drink Package - Offered On Most Cruise Lines

A beverage package is a pre-purchased plan that allows cruisers to enjoy a variety of drinks without worrying about the cost accumulating during their trip.

These packages can provide significant savings and convenience, especially for those who plan to indulge, and therefore are great Christmas cruise gift ideas for cruise lovers!

  • Beverage Package with Alcohol: This package allows cruisers to enjoy a wide range of alcoholic drinks, including cocktails, wine, and beer. It's a convenient way to enjoy beverages without worrying about racking up a bill at the end of the cruise. Great for: Adults who enjoy alcoholic beverages.

  • Premium Coffee or Tea Package: Elevate your morning or afternoon ritual with a selection of high-quality coffees and teas. This package is a treat for those who appreciate finer brews. Great for: Coffee Lovers, Tea Lovers, Early Risers.

  • Soda Package: This package provides unlimited access to soda and a selection of other non-alcoholic beverages throughout the cruise. It's a cost-effective option for families or individuals who prefer non-alcoholic drinks. Great for: Kids, Teens, Non-Alcohol Drinking Cruisers, All Cruisers.

These beverage packages can simplify the cruise experience, offering convenience and potentially adding value to your vacation.

Universal Cruise Gift Ideas for All Cruisers

Whether they're seasoned cruisers or setting sail for the first time, there are certain gifts that every cruiser will find indispensable, enjoyable, or downright essential.

This section aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of items suitable for anyone planning a serious cruise vacation, covering practical necessities and delightful surprises alike.

Gift The Essentials

Travel Insurance

Give the gift of peace of mind with coverage for medical emergencies and trip cancellations.

Suitable for: All Cruisers

Luggage, Luggage Tags, Compression Packing Cubes

Give the luggage essentials that can make the packing and travel portions a breeze, and compression packing cubes that will help organize and save space.

Suitable for: All Cruisers

International Power Adapter

Essential for international cruises.

Suitable for: All Cruisers

Entertainment Gifts

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Enhance the onboard experience by blocking out distractions.

Suitable for: Teens, Adults

Travel-Size Board Games

Compact and easy to pack for entertainment during cozy evenings onboard.

Suitable for: Families, Couples, All Cruisers

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Enhance the cruise experience with music.

Suitable for: Teens, Young Adults, Music Lovers

Waterproof Deck of Cards

A compact option for entertainment.

Suitable for: All Cruisers, Families

Audiobook Subscription

Endless options for listening.

Suitable for: Book Lovers, All Cruisers

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Collapsible Water Bottle

Convenient for staying hydrated and easy to stow away.

Suitable for: Active Cruisers, All Cruisers

Reusable Travel Coffee Mug

Keeps drinks hot and is eco-friendly.

Suitable for: Adults, Eco-conscious Cruisers

Stainless Steel Straws

Sustainable and handy for drinks.

Suitable for: Eco-conscious Cruisers, All Cruisers

Comfort and Convenience

Quick-Dry Travel Towel or Water Shoes

Essentials for water-based activities.

Suitable for: Active Cruisers, All Cruisers

First Aid Kit, Travel Pill Organizer, Motion Sickness Medication, Bug Repellent

For health basics and organization.

Suitable for: All Cruisers

Inflatable Travel Pillow or Neck Pillow

Provides neck support during transit.

Suitable for: All Cruisers

Leisure and Adventure

Digital Camera

For capturing high-quality memories.

Suitable for: Adults, Photography Enthusiasts

Dry Bag or Water Resistant Bag

Essentials for water-based shore excursions and time at the pool deck.

Suitable for: Adventure Seekers, All Cruisers

Snorkel Gear Set

For underwater exploration.

Suitable for: Active Cruisers, Adventure Seekers, Kids, Teens

GoPro Action Camera

Captures action-packed activities.

Suitable for: Adventure Seekers, Teens

Sleep Mask with Built-in Bluetooth Speakers

Ensures a peaceful night's sleep.

Suitable for: All Cruisers, Music Lovers

Novelty T-Shirts

Get creative with themes for each family member or for the holiday season cruise.

Suitable for: All Cruisers

Cruise Gift Basket

Creative and thoughtful Gifts For the Cruise Lover

Imagine getting a gift that's like a treasure chest filled with cool stuff you love. That's what a gift basket is all about!

These are awesome because you can pick things that match what the person you're giving it to likes.

Whether it's for Christmas on a cruise or a cruise planned for a later time, a gift basket is a super generous idea.

You can make these baskets all sorts of themes and styles, so they're great for everyone.

In the next sections, we'll give you some awesome ideas for Christmas Cruise Gift Baskets made especially for kids, teens, women, men, and couples.

Gift Basket for Kids

Items to Include:

  • Children's Activity Book or Coloring Book: Keeps little hands busy and stimulates creativity.

  • Non-Toxic Crayons or Markers: Safe for use and perfect for coloring in their new books.

  • Small, Safe Toys or Stickers: Lightweight and easy to pack, these items provide quick entertainment.

  • Kid-Friendly Snacks (fruit gummies, pretzels): Tasty and easy-to-eat options for little ones.

  • Travel Journal to Document Their Adventure: Encourages kids to write or draw about their experiences, creating a keepsake for the future.

  • Reusable Sippy Cup or Water Bottle with Fun Design: Makes staying hydrated fun and fuss-free.

  • Disposable Camera to Capture Memories: Simple to use and great for encouraging an interest in photography.

  • Bathing suits, flip flops, vacation pajamas: summer wear is practical, yet it can get the little ones excited for their upcoming cruise vacation.

  • Travel Board Games - to keep the little ones busy and entertained during travel

This basket aims to keep kids entertained and engaged, providing both educational and fun items that are travel-friendly.

Gift Basket for Teens

Items to Include:

  • Bluetooth Earbuds or Noise-Cancelling Headphones [Link]: High-quality audio for listening to music or watching movies during downtime.

  • Smartphone Stand or Holder [Link]: For watching videos or FaceTiming friends and family more comfortably while using cell phones.

  • Portable Charger for Cell Phones [Link to Today's best Price Options]: To ensure their devices are always ready for selfies and social media updates.

  • Instant Camera or Disposable Camera: For capturing memories in a more tangible form than just digital photos.

  • Travel Journal or Sketchbook: A place to jot down thoughts, doodle, or document the adventure.

  • Healthy Snacks: Granola bars, trail mix, or other health-conscious but tasty snacks.

  • Personalized Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottles: Eco-friendly and keeps beverages hot or cold for longer periods.

  • Reusable Travel Coffee Mug or Insulated Tumbler: For carrying their favorite hot or cold drinks.

  • Compact Board Games or Waterproof Deck of Cards: For entertainment that doesn't rely on a screen.

  • High-Quality Sunscreen: Protects against harmful UV rays during outdoor activities.

This basket aims to cater to the interests and needs of teens, offering both practical and fun items that make travel more enjoyable. Whether they're into music, photography, or simply staying connected, this gift basket has something for everyone.

Gift Basket for Women

This thoughtfully curated gift basket for women brings a touch of luxury to her cruise experience with a selection of pampering items:

  • Luxury Travel-Sized Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body lotion): High-quality products to elevate her self-care routine onboard.

  • A Spa Voucher for an onboard pampering session: Allows her to indulge in relaxation without worrying about the cost.

  • A Scented Travel Candle to create a soothing ambiance: Adds a cozy touch to her cabin, making it feel more like home.

  • A Silk Eye Mask for a better night's sleep: Promotes restful sleep by blocking out light.

  • A Reusable Water Bottle in a Stylish Design: Keeps her hydrated during excursions and onboard activities, with the added bonus of being fashionable.

  • A Mini Skincare Kit featuring facial mist, lip balm, and hand cream: Provides a quick and easy skincare routine to keep her feeling fresh.

  • A Book or Magazine targeted to her interests: Offers leisure reading that she'll genuinely enjoy.

  • Artisanal Chocolate or Gourmet Snacks: A delicious treat for indulgent moments, perfect for enjoying while lounging by the pool or watching the sunset.

  • A Piece of Jewelry: Adds a touch of elegance to her cruise wardrobe, ideal for formal nights or special family photos.

  • Swimsuit Cover: easy flowing fabric to enjoy time on the pool deck or beach.

This gift basket is designed to enhance relaxation and self-care, elevating her cruise experience with a touch of luxury and pampering.

Gift Basket for Men

This gift basket for men includes essential items for a cruise:

  • High-Quality Razor with Toiletry Bag: For a clean shave and less irritation, especially useful for formal nights on the ship.

  • Flip Flops and Swim Trunks: Great gift for the pool deck and beach lover.

  • Leather Wallet: Stylish and functional, perfect for carrying essential cards and cash.

  • Travel-Size Shaving Cream: Compact and convenient for maintaining grooming habits on the go.

  • Pocket Multi-Tool (ensure it meets guidelines for air and ship travel): Versatile and useful for small fixes or tasks.

  • Portable Phone Charger: Keeps devices powered up during excursions or when outlets are scarce.

  • Craft Beer or Non-alcoholic Beverage Sampler (some cruises allow certain beverages on board in small amounts): Offers a taste of different brews, enhancing the cruise experience.

  • Beef Jerky or Gourmet Snacks: Satisfies hunger pangs during the day or late-night cravings.

  • Travel Magazine or Guidebook: Provides ideas for excursions or simply offers leisure reading material.

These items combine practicality and enjoyment to enhance his cruise experience.

Gift Basket for Couples

This gift basket is designed to make the cruise experience for couples even more enjoyable:

  • His & Hers Personalized Beach Towels [Link Here]: Matching beach towels add a cute touch for a couple's trip.

  • Star Map of Cruise Dates [Link Here]: A beautiful keepsake, a star map of the sky on the dates of the cruise offers a lasting memory.

  • Romantic Flameless Candles [Link Here]: Set the mood with a selection of romantic candles to create a cozy ambiance in their cabin.

  • Travel-Size Board Games: Compact and easy to pack, these games provide entertainment for evenings on the ship.

  • Champagne or Sparkling Wine: Toast to their love with a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. Many cruise lines allow some beverages to be brought on board in small quantities, or you can typically purchase champagne or wine from the cruise line to have in the couples' room upon arrival.

  • Dining Voucher for a Specialty Restaurant: Fine dining during the cruise is a treat. A dining voucher can make a meal a memorable part of their journey.

  • Mini Photo Album: Provide a mini photo album where they can store snapshots of their cruise memories.

This gift basket is all about enhancing their romantic cruise experience, from personalized towels to memorable activities and treats for two.

Gift Ideas for Holiday Cruises

Holiday Decor for Interior of Cabin

Make the cruise cabin festive with compact, easily packed holiday decor.

Holiday Cabin Door Decor

Everyone passing by can enjoy the festive decorations on the door, as well as it can make the cabin easy to find.

Themed Cruise Wear

Add to the holiday spirit on board with themed cruise wear.

Specialty Dining Voucher for Holiday Feast

Enhance the holiday meal on the cruise with a specialty dining voucher.

Great Stocking Stuffers for the Cruise Traveler

  • Mini Hand Sanitizer

  • Passport Holder

  • Travel-Sized Sunscreen

  • Portable Phone Charger

  • Waterproof Phone Case

  • Sleep Mask

  • Travel Sewing Kit

  • Cruise-Themed Keychain

  • Mini First Aid Kit

  • Deck of Cards

  • Digital Luggage Scale

  • Clip-on Reading Light

  • Towel Clips or Towel Bands

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