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Unwrapping the Joys of a Christmas Cruise: The Ultimate Solo Cruising Adventure of 2023

Updated: Jan 25

A Christmas Cruise: Tips For Gen-X Women Cruising Solo

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Step aboard the holiday adventure of a lifetime, as we unwrap the many joys of cruising solo at Christmas time!

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Why You, Yes You, Might Want to Jump on a Solo Holiday Cruise

Have you ever thought about treating yourself to a cruise at Christmas time? Just you and the open sea? Well, it's quickly becoming the go-to holiday plan for many of us.

Christmas Cruises for 2023: The Year We're All Saying, "Why Not?"

Guess what? This year, more of us Gen-X women are saying 'yes' to this idea. Safer ships, heaps of activities just for solo travelers, and zero planning stress are making holiday cruises a hot ticket.

1. Cruise Planning Resources

Are You Looking for Detailed Information To Help Plan Your Cruise? If so, Take a Scroll to the End

We've stacked up a bunch of extra resources to help you plan your whole cruise. From picking the cruise line to knowing what happens on day one, and even to the nitty-gritty like tipping and what to pack. .

2. Why a Christmas Cruise is the Ultimate Holiday Plan for Gen-X Women and Solo Cruising

You Do You, Holiday Edition

Who doesn't love the idea of independence, especially around the holidays?

Imagine this: you are able to spend Christmas Eve with a festive martini in hand, listening to live holiday music while in a beautiful holiday dress, chatting with fellow cruisers in the warm tropical air.

This is followed up with Christmas morning breakfast delivered to your cabin overlooking the ocean, and then a Christmas feast that you didn't lift a finger for.

Shows, games, and maybe a little spa time—all on your own schedule. No strings, no stress. That's holiday freedom!

All the Fun, Skip the Loneliness

Christmas cruises aren't just filled with couples and families doing their own thing. They’ve got a ton of awesome activities that are perfect for us solo adventurers.

We're talking cooking classes where you're the star of the show, social events that you'll actually want to go to. And don't forget the excursions, which are available for all activity levels and a wide array of interests.

But here's the cherry on top: the holiday spirit is contagious on these cruises. Everyone, from the crew to your fellow passengers, is in a festive mood.

Trust me, people are so jolly they'd love to include you in their holiday plans if you're up for it. It's like being part of one big, floating Christmas family!

3. Get Social Before You Set Sail

Cruise Critic and Facebook Groups Are Amazing Connection Tools

Why wait until you board to start making friends and planning activities? Platforms like Cruise Critic and specialized Facebook groups are buzzing with people just like you who are planning their holiday voyages. You can find groups focused on solo cruising, Christmas cruises, or even both!

From these platforms, you can join in on pre-planned activities or spearhead your own like a holiday gift exchange or a special dinner just for solo cruisers. Imagine stepping onto that ship already knowing a few friendly faces and having some fun activities lined up.

Finding Your Crew on Cruise Critic

  1. Visit the website: Just click on the Cruise Critic photo below to be directed to the home page

  2. Register for a Free Account: If you don't already have one, you'll need this to post in the forums.

  3. Navigate to ‘Roll Calls’: This is where you’ll find a thread for your specific cruise sailing.

  4. Search for Your Cruise: Usually, you can search by cruise line, ship, and sailing date.

  5. Join the Conversation: Introduce yourself, see what others are planning, and maybe suggest a holiday-themed get-together.

Click the photo below to see what cruise critic has to offer:

Whether you're looking for the best excursions in a particular port or tips for cruising solo, Cruise Critic ha

Link Up on Facebook

  1. Log Into Facebook: You know the drill here.

  2. Search for Your Cruise: Use keywords like the cruise line and sailing date.

  3. Join a Group: Look for one that’s specific to your sailing, and hit ‘Join.’

  4. Introduce Yourself: Let the group know you’re a solo cruiser looking for holiday activities.

  5. Check or Plan Events: Groups often have events planned, like a gift exchange or solo cruisers' dinner. Feel free to join or plan your own!

So, why not get a head start? By the time you step foot on that ship, you could already have a whole squad of holiday friends and activities lined up. Now, that's cruising like a pro!

4. Festive Onboard Activities for One

Door Decorations and Cabin Tips

If you're the type to decorate for the holidays, many cruisers love creating and viewing cabin door decorations.

This is a fun way to add a personal touch to your living space and maybe even win a decoration contest on the ship or strike up a fun conversation about holiday celebrations with neighbors.

Activities to Make New Friends

Cruises offer a plethora of group activities where solo travelers can meet new people. From holiday-themed trivia games to cocktail-making classes, there are endless opportunities to socialize and make friends, all while basking in the full festive season spirit.

5. Tips For Positive Well-Being for Christmas Solo Cruises

  • Set Intentions: Before boarding, jot down what you want to get out of this cruise—whether it’s relaxation, new friendships, or adventure. Keep these intentions in mind as you navigate through your days.

  • Count Your Blessings: Keeping a gratitude journal can be a great way to maintain a positive outlook during your solo journey.

  • Reach Out To Others: there will be more solo cruisers than you think on board, as well as the many staff and crew members, who are all spending the holidays away from family and friends.

6. Tips for Being A Social Solo Cruiser on A Christmas Cruise

  • Participate in Group Activities: Most cruises offer a range of group activities. Don't be shy—sign up and join in. Think ugly sweater competition, Menorah lighting ceremonies, and traditional favorites like cookie decorating. Use Mealtime as a Social Opportunity: Opt for communal dining options or join themed dinners aimed at bringing singles together.

  • Reach Out Before You Board: As above in section 2, utilize online platforms and forums, like Cruise Critic or specialized Facebook groups, to connect with others who will be on the same cruise.

7. Tips for Celebrating Christmas on Holiday Sailings

  • Pack a Mini Christmas Tree Kit: Consider bringing small decorations or even a mini Christmas tree to decorate your cabin and get into the holiday spirit

  • Be the Spreader of Holiday Cheer: Bring small gifts or treats on board with you to hand out for the holidays, or shop the Christmas markets at the ports for small items to share. Chances are, you will receive so much more joy than even those on the receiving end.

  • Check the Cruise Itinerary for Special Events: Many cruises offer special Christmas dinners, shows, and even religious services. Make sure to take advantage of these.

  • Share the Spirit: Even if you’re cruising solo, the holiday season is a time for sharing and giving. Consider small acts of kindness, like leaving a holiday tip for your cabin steward or the staff member cleaning the deck Christmas morning, or share a meal with a fellow solo traveler.

  • Document the Experience: Capture your unique Christmas celebration through photos or a travel journal. It'll not only serve as a reminder of your trip but could also inspire other Gen-X women to embark on their own solo adventures.

  • Holiday Music: Download your favorite holiday playlist to keep the Christmas spirit alive, wherever you are.

8. FAQ

Q: What is with the ducks on cruises?

A: Oh, you've heard about the infamous cruise ducks? These little rubber ducks are often hidden around the ship as part of a fun scavenger hunt.

During Christmas, you might even find them dressed in cute Santa hats or reindeer antlers! It's all about adding a touch of whimsy and holiday cheer to your holiday cruise and experience. So if you find one, snap a pic and join in on the fun—holiday edition!

Wouldn't it be cute to find a duck dressed as Santa while you're wandering around the ship? 🎅🦆

Timing and Worth of Christmas Cruises

Q: Is Christmas cruise a good idea? | Are there cruises for Christmas? | Is December a good time to go on a cruise? | Is a Christmas market cruise worth it? | Is Christmas a good time to go on a cruise? | Is Christmas a good time to cruise? | Is Christmas a good time to take a cruise? | Are Christmas cruises worth it? | Are cruises cheap during Christmas? | Is it cheaper to go on a cruise on Christmas? | Are cruises cheap at Christmas time? | Are cruises cheap over Christmas?

A: Yes, A Christmas cruise is like the ultimate holiday hack. Tired of the same ol' family gatherings? A December cruise, especially somewhere warm like the Caribbean, can be a game-changer.

And if you're into the whole holiday shopping vibe, Christmas market cruises are like walking in a winter wonderland—but on water!

Just a heads-up though, holiday cruises can cost a bit more, so make sure you book early and know what you're getting into budget-wise. Trust me, it's worth every penny for the memories you'll make.

Themed Holiday Cruises

Q: What is Christmas like on a Royal Caribbean cruise? | Do river cruises do anything special for Christmas? | Do cruise lines do anything special for Christmas?

A: Many cruise lines, including MSC and Royal Caribbean, go all out to create a festive atmosphere during the Christmas season.

This often includes special holiday decorations throughout, themed events, and even holiday menus.

Decorating Onboard

Q: How to decorate for Christmas on a cruise ship? | Can I decorate my door on a cruise? | Why do people decorate their doors on cruise ships? | Do people decorate doors on Royal Caribbean cruises?

A: Yes, you can generally decorate your cabin door and interior, but be sure to check your cruise line's specific guidelines on acceptable decorations. Decorating can enhance the festive atmosphere and can be a fun activity many passengers enjoy.

Holiday Season Cruises for Singles

Q: What cruise line is best for singles? | Are there cruises for singles only? | Do single people meet on cruises? | How much is a cruise for a single person?

A: Several cruise lines offer amenities and activities geared towards singles, including solo cabins and singles meet-ups. Some cruises are even designed specifically for singles.

Meeting people is often easy, given the social nature of cruises. Pricing can vary but expect to pay a single supplement unless you're on a cruise line that offers no-single-supplement cabins.

Not to be a broken record, but really, you can find so much detailed information on Cruise Critic to help you plan and enhance your cruise by conversing with seasoned or fellow cruisers.

9. It's a Gen-X Solo Christmas Cruise Wrap!

And there you have it!

With this guide, you're more than ready to set sail on a magical holiday journey. So go ahead, book that cruise, and make this Christmas one for the books!

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Whether you're looking for the best excursions in a particular port or tips for cruising solo, Cruise Critic has you covered.


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