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Guide to New or Handmade Book Advent Calendar

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Book Advent Calendars

advent calendar display wrapped red and white

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching!

If the book lovers on your list enjoy reading and counting down to Christmas, then a bookish advent calendar is the perfect gift.

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Table of Contents

harry potter book advent calendar set

What is a Book Advent Calendar and Why You Need One this Holiday Season

For book lovers, there is no better way than to experience the joy of reading gifts to get into the Christmas season.

Book advent calendars are a fun holiday activity that provides reading gifts as your family and loved ones count down to Christmas.

The main difference is that instead of chocolate gifts, an ornament or a small toy hidden behind each door, much to the delight of your children, family, or friends, they will find a different book for each day leading up to Christmas.

Each book is wrapped individually and numbered, and the idea is that readers unwrap a new book every day leading up to December 25th, opening and reading the last book read on Christmas Eve or

Christmas Day, depending if it is a 24 or 25-book gift set.

Book advent calendars are perfect for book lovers of all ages with a variety of themes.

Themes range from classic Christmas stories to popular holiday movies and TV shows.

How to Make an Authentic Book Advent Calendar for a Thoughtful Gift

Book Advent Calendar Puzzles

Step 1: Select the Books

To make a Book Advent Calendar, choose a collection of 24 or 25 books that are suitable for your recipient's age group.

Think picture books, poetry, inspirational quote books, short stories, novels, or any genre of their interest. There are so many mini-books available on Amazon.

You can pick new books from a bookstore, already in a book box, or packaged separately.

You can also opt for a random lot of used books from a thrift shop or your personal home library.

Readers love bookish items of all kinds and will enjoy opening new or old same.

Step 2: Create an Advent Calendar Display

2.1 Choose Your Materials

The first step in creating your Advent Calendar display is to choose your materials. If your books came in a book box, you can use that for the display.

You can opt for a traditional calendar made of paper or fabric, or you can get creative and make a book box using a cardboard box, or use bags strong enough to hold the books.

2.2 Create Your Design

Next, get creative. Use stickers, paints, and markers to create a festive design. Add ribbons, glitter, or other embellishments.

2.3 Add Your Countdown Numbers

The next step is to add your countdown numbers to your Advent Calendar display. This can be as simple as writing the numbers 1-24 on each day of your calendar, or you can use stickers or other decorative elements to make it more festive.

Now it's time to wrap the books to set inside and complete the advent calendar display.

Step 4: Wrap the books

Ensure that each book is wrapped individually even if they came in a book box.

Add the respective opening date onto the wrapped book's cover.

The Countdown Begins!

The rest will be up to the readers on your list to have fun opening and reading each of their gifts.

Get Ready to Celebrate the Season with These Ready-Made Book Advent Calendars from Amazon

1.The Book Lover's Advent Calendar: 25 Bookish Gifts for Readers

Though this does not have 25 mini books, it does have a bookish gift for each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas that will bring joy to book lovers this holiday season.

2.Marvel Storybook Advent Calendar

24-page paperback mini-books, individually wrapped in a paper sleeve to keep the Christmas surprise going each day.

Stories include favorite MCU characters.

3.Nickelodeon: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar: A Festive Countdown with 24 Hard Cover Books

Kids' favorite Nickelodeon characters include Dora the Explorer, Butterbean’s Café, PAW Patrol, and more.

Kids get a new Nickelodeon mini storybook each day!

4. 24 Days of Merry Christmas Book Advent Calendar

This book advent calendar includes a mix of Christmas stories, both old and new.

Each day features a different story to read, from the classic “12 Days of Christmas” to The Nativity.

This variety makes it perfect for kids and adult book lovers, and it’s the perfect daily holiday tradition.

5. Disney Storybook Advent Calendar

For Disney fan boys and girls, this advent calendar includes twenty-four mini Disney books.

The stories feature Disney and Pixar characters, perfect for children or book lovers of all ages.

The collection of books include both storybooks and picture books, making it a cherished gift for kids.

It's a Wrap! Check Out Variations of the Book Advent Calendar Below

Book advent calendars are a perfect gift for anyone who loves books and the magic of Christmas.

They allow you to build a tradition and lasting memories each year.

Here Are Some Bonus Book Advent Calendars with a twist: coloring books for children and adults, a book that includes 24-25 stories as chapters and puzzles.

Simply click the photos to see the best price today with ordering instructions.


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