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7 Best Medium Roast Coffee K-Cups for Keurig Coffee Makers

Updated: Jan 24

Are you looking for suggestions on how to choose the best medium roast coffee K-cups? Or maybe you just want to know a few of the top medium roast brands to try out? Or are you trying to understand the difference in taste and caffeine levels of coffee beans (light, medium, dark)? If so, we hope this article answers all of your questions and more.

best medium roast coffee k cups that you can make with keurig single serve coffee brewers in the morning sun in a bright white and modern kitchen

Our 7 Top Picks for Medium Roast K-Cups:

1. Best Classic Medium Roast

2. Best Unique Blend Medium Roast

3. Best Pairing with Sweets Medium Roast

4. Best Brazilian Medium Roast

5. Best Organic Medium Roast

6. Best Caffeine Kick Medium Roast

7. Best Variety Pack Medium Roast

Understanding the Different Roast Types

Medium Roast - Get Into the Details

Why Origin Matters

Making Your Own Medium Roast Pods


Additional Resources for Coffee K-Cups

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7 Best Medium Roast Coffee K-Cups

1. Starbucks Pike Place Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Best Medium Roast K-Cup for Classic Coffee Drinkers

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best medium roast coffee k cups include starbucks best medium roast k cups like pike place medium roast and breakfast blend

Starbucks is a trusted brand and a favorite of many. Starbucks medium roast k-cups are a familiar and comforting choice. Starbucks Pike Place is perfect for coffee drinkers who like a classic, full balanced, and consistently smooth cup of coffee.


2. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Nantucket Blend

Best Medium Roast K-Cup for a Unique Blend

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best medium roast coffee k cups include green mountain nantucket blend which closely rivals the starbucks best medium roast k cups pike place

Green Mountain's Nantucket Blend is known for having a complex mix that includes coffees from three different continents. Nantucket by Green Mountain is a medium roast definitely worth trying for coffee drinkers who like to taste coffee from different parts of the world and enjoy exploring flavors.


3. Donut Shop Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Best Medium Roast K-Cup for Pairing with Sweets

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the best medium roast k cups list includes the classic donut shop medium roast coffee pods excellent for pairing with your favorite dessert

The Donut Shop's coffee pods are perfect to have with your favorite donut or sweet treat. Donut Shop's balanced and classic flavor compliments donuts and just about any dessert or breakfast treat out there.


4. Peet's Coffee Medium Roast Single Origin Brazil

Best Medium Roast K-Cup for Brazilian Coffee Aficionados

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peet's coffee has one of the best medium roast k cups with its single original brazil roast that can be included in your peet's coffee subscription service

Peet's medium roast coffee is know for using single-origin coffee beans from Brazil. The medium roast k-cup pods have a subtle sweet and nutty flavor. Peet's medium roast k-cups are an excellent choice for coffee drinkers who prefer Brazil's distinct and consistent coffee flavor. Peet's offers a subscription coffee service, so you could order your medium roast coffee k-cups to arrive on a set schedule.


5. Newman's Own Organics Special Blend Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Best Organic Medium Roast K-Cup

Click Photo To See Today's Best $ For Newman's Own Medium Roast

newman's own medium roast k cups is one of the best medium roast coffee pod picks due to its organic and single origin coffee beans in medium roast

This organic blend from Newman's Own has a robust, smooth flavor. Newman's is known for

both ethical sourcing and superb quality and taste.


6. Death Wish Medium Roast K-Cups

Best Medium Roast K-Cup for Those Who Need an Extra Kick of Caffeine

Click Photo To See Today's Best $ For Death Wish Medium Roast

death wish coffee medium roast k cup caffeine content is estimated to contain around 300 to 350 milligrams of caffeine

Death Wish Coffee is known for its high caffeine content. While the exact amount of caffeine in Death Wish's medium roast coffee can vary and should be verified on the package, a standard 8-ounce cup of Death Wish Coffee can be estimated to contain around 300 to 350 milligrams of caffeine.


7. Fresh Roasted Coffee, Organic Single-Origin Variety Pack

Best Medium Roast K-Cup for Variety Seekers

Click Photo To See Today's Best $ For Fresh Roasted Variety Pack

fresh roasted coffee offers a delicious medium roast k-cups variety pack in case you can't choose which medium roast coffee is best

Fresh Roasted Coffee's variety pack is the choice for you if you like trying different coffee flavors and you like to choose single-origin coffees. Each selection in the variety pack is organic, medium roast and

has a unique taste and aroma.


Understanding the Different Types of Roasts: Light, Medium or Dark

Whether you enjoy the light and easy characteristics of light roasts, the balanced and mellow taste of medium roasts, or the bold and robust flavors of dark roasts, there is a coffee to suit every taste.

best medium roast k cups including starbucks death wish and newman's own organic medium roast k cup pods

Light Roast Coffee:

Light roast coffee is known for its light and easy flavors. Light roast coffee beans are roasted for a shorter time, compared to medium and dark roasts. Roasting for a shorter time allows the coffee beans to keep their natural characteristics and acidity for the most part. Less roasting time also results in a higher caffeine level than medium and dark roasts, which is surprising to many.

Medium Roast Coffee:

Medium roast coffee strikes a balance between the bright qualities of light roasts and the deeper flavors of dark roasts. The beans are roasted a bit longer, resulting in a medium-brown color and a more rounded flavor profile.

The acidity is slightly toned down compared to light roast, and the coffee develops more sweetness, giving it a smoother and well-balanced medium roast coffee taste.

Medium roast coffee typically exhibits flavors of caramel, nuttiness, and hints of chocolate. This roast level often appeals to a wide range of coffee drinkers due to its versatility and approachable taste.

Dark Roast Coffee:

Dark roast coffee is characterized by its bold and intense flavors. The beans are roasted for an extended period, leading to a deep, rich, and dark brown appearance.

The longer roasting process significantly reduces the acidity, resulting in a more bittersweet and smoky flavor profile. Dark roast coffee offers a robust body and tends to have a fuller mouthfeel.

Common flavor notes include dark chocolate, toasted nuts, earthiness, and sometimes hints of char or spice. Due to the intense roasting, the original flavors of the coffee beans become more subdued, and the taste leans towards the roast itself.

You can read more about dark roast k-cups in our article here.

choosing the best medium roast coffee k-cups including starbucks medium roast and death wish medium roast

Medium Roast Coffee Details

Medium roast coffee offers a diverse range of flavors, striking a balance between the brightness of light roasts and the depth of dark roasts. Here are some common descriptions of the flavors found in medium roast coffee:


Medium roast coffee often exhibits delicious caramel notes. These flavors bring a delightful sweetness to the cup, reminiscent of caramelized sugar or toffee. It adds a comforting and indulgent element to the coffee's taste profile.


The nutty flavors in medium roast K-Cups can range from almond and hazelnut to pecan and walnut. These notes provide a pleasant and creamy sensation, complementing the coffee's natural acidity and adding a nutty richness to each sip.


Medium roast K-Cups may offer chocolate undertones, contributing to a delightful cocoa-like essence. The chocolate flavors can vary from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, further enhancing the coffee's sweetness and overall complexity.


Some medium roast K-Cups may feature hints of fruitiness, similar to citrus, berries, or stone fruits. These bright and lively flavors provide a refreshing twist to the cup and add a fruity dimension to the coffee's taste.


Certain medium roasts can surprise you with delicate floral notes. These fragrant flavors may resemble jasmine, lavender, or other floral essences, creating a sophisticated and aromatic experience.


As the beans reach a medium roast level, they undergo slight caramelization, resulting in toasted flavors. These notes offer a toasty, warm quality, similar to toasted bread or roasted nuts, which enriches the overall taste profile.

Balanced Acidity:

Medium roast K-Cups retain a moderate level of acidity, which contributes to a well-balanced cup. The acidity is neither too sharp nor too mild, providing a pleasant brightness that complements the other flavors.

genx man enjoying cup of the best medium roast coffee made with keurig k-cups while hiking alone in the woods

Clean Finish:

Medium roast coffees often have a clean and crisp finish. This means the flavors are distinct, and the aftertaste is pleasant and lingering without any overwhelming or lingering bitterness.

Smooth Mouthfeel:

The brewing process of medium roast coffee results in a smooth and velvety mouthfeel. The medium roast level helps retain oils and flavors, creating a satisfying texture that coats the palate.

Overall, medium roast coffee is appreciated for its versatility and approachable flavor profile. These coffees appeal to a wide range of coffee enthusiasts, from those seeking a flavorful yet balanced experience to those looking to explore various nuanced tastes without overpowering the coffee's natural characteristics.

Another Option Is To Make Your Own Medium Roast Coffee Pods at Home

Making your own medium roast K-cup coffee pods at home is a great way to enjoy your favorite coffee without being limited to store-bought options. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Materials Needed:

Medium roast coffee beans of your choice

Coffee grinder (read about top quiet coffee grinders here)

Empty K-cup pods or reusable K-cup filter

Spoon or scoop for coffee measurement

Sealing tool (if using empty K-cup pods)

Optional: K-cup holder or Keurig machine


1.Selecting Coffee Beans:

Choose high-quality medium roast coffee beans that you enjoy. Consider trying different single-origin or blend varieties to find your favorite flavor profile.

2.Measure Coffee:

For a standard K-cup pod, you'll need about 10 grams of medium roast coffee. Use a coffee scoop or a kitchen scale to measure the appropriate amount for each pod.

3.Grinding Coffee:

Grind the coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency. The grind size should be slightly coarser than what you would use for drip coffee but not too fine to avoid clogging the K-cup filter.

4.Fill the K-cup Coffee Pod:

If you're using empty K-cup coffee pods, open them up by carefully removing the foil or plastic lid. Fill each pod with the measured ground coffee, ensuring it's evenly distributed.

5.Seal the K-cup Pod:

If you're using empty K-cup pods, reseal them by placing a new foil or plastic lid on top. Use a K-cup sealing tool to heat-seal the lid securely. Alternatively, some K-cup pods come with adhesive lids that can be pressed firmly to close the pod.

6.Using Reusable K-cup Filters:

If you prefer a more eco-friendly option, use reusable K-cup filters made from stainless steel or other materials. Fill the filter with the measured coffee and place it inside your K-cup holder.

7.Brewing the Coffee:

Once your homemade K-cup pods are ready, place one into the K-cup holder of your Keurig machine. Close the machine's lid and start the brewing process as you would with regular store-bought K-cups.

8.Enjoy Your Coffee:

Allow the Keurig machine to complete the brewing process, and your freshly brewed medium roast coffee will be ready to enjoy. Savor the delicious flavors and aromas of your homemade K-cup pod!

Cleaning Reusable Filters:

If you're using reusable K-cup filters with Keurig coffee makers, make sure to clean them after each use. Rinse the filter thoroughly with water and let it dry before using it again. That's it, enjoy!

best medium roast k cup pods for keurig machines and coffee makers try brands like starbucks medium roast k cups and death wish medium roast pods


What is the Death Wish coffee medium roast K cup caffeine content?

While it should always be verified on the packing of the coffee purchased, Death Wish coffee medium roast K-cup caffeine content can be estimated at around 300-350 mg per 8 oz cup. This will vary depending on the brewing method, amount of water used, etc. But Death Wish is known to have significantly more caffeine content than many other coffee brands. For comparison, a typical medium roast k-cup is estimated to have 75-150 mg per 8 oz cup.

What is the Difference Between Light, Medium, and Dark Roast Coffee in K-Cups?

Light roast coffee typically has a milder flavor and higher acidity, while dark roast is known for its bold, bitter flavors. Medium roast strikes a balance, offering a more balanced flavor, a moderate amount of caffeine, and a slight sweetness.

Can You Reuse Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods?

K-Cup pods are generally designed for single use. Reusing them can result in a weaker coffee since most of the flavor and caffeine are extracted in the first brew.

How Much Caffeine is Typically in a Medium Roast K-Cup?

The caffeine content in a medium roast K-Cup can vary by brand, but it generally ranges from 75 to 150 mg per 8 oz cup. This is slightly lower than light roasts, which retain more caffeine during the roasting process, and comparable to or slightly higher than most dark roasts.

understanding the difference beteween light roast coffee beans vs medium roast coffee beans vs dark roast coffee beans

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best medium roast k cups for keurig coffee machines by genxsolo the brand for genx men and women living alone

We hope this article has helped you find the best medium roast coffee K cups to kick start your mornings!


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