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Cruise Resources for Generation X

For us independent Generation X travelers, cruising presents an ideal mix of adventure and relaxation. Whether you're going on a solo cruise or looking for general cruise information, there's a world of options at your fingertips.


Cruise resources include ​information from choosing your cruise line to what to expect at various ports.  For new cruisers, we have the essential cruise packing lists as well as the must-have cruise accessories for new and seasoned cruises.  

Traveling alone, especially for women, brings a unique set of considerations regarding personal safety.  Our resources include articles about general personal safety, safety tips in various traveling situations and personal safety devices.


A big question among Gen-Xers living alone, is how to meet people on a cruise or how to meet people to go on a cruise with.  Much of our focus addresses these (believe it or not) common questions with tips and strategies that are real-life solutions and immediately actionable.

Cruising as a Generation Xer, whether solo or not, is about taking advantage of the freedom and time for enjoyment that we have earned at this stage in our lives. It's an opportunity to explore new destinations, learn about different cultures, and meet people from all walks of life.  And maybe above all, it is about treating ourselves and enjoying the luxury and convenience of a floating hotel.


With planning and an adventurous spirit, I hope each of you learn to love cruising as much as I do, whether you are cruising solo or with a large group.  Let's enjoy this ride (or float)!  If all the star align, may we meet on the high seas soon!

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