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how to meet friends in your 50s



Discover the art of creating and deepening bonds with Friends. Tailored for women living alone, we offer insights, tips, and stories to help create and cultivate meaningful friendships. Dive into heartfelt conversations and embrace the strength of sisterhood, even in solitude.



Explore the profound bond between women living alone and their furry companions. Discover the joys and stories of pet ownership, and find helpful resources for your little sidekick . Discover the therapeutic wonders of animal companionship and find solace in every wag, purr, or chirp.

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Navigate the dating world with confidence.  Discover modern dating tips, insights, and stories specifically for women living alone. Click here to start your successful dating journey as an empowered solo woman.



Connect, share, and build strong community ties, ensuring you're never truly on your own. Dive in and discover acquaintances, friendships, support, and local events tailored for women living alone.

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Meaningful Connections: For Women Living Alone

Welcome to the Resources section of GenXSolo, where we focus on one of the most vital aspects of solo living—connections. This is a space uniquely tailored for Gen X women living alone, offering a rich tapestry of articles, ideas, shared stories, and resources to help you forge meaningful relationships in every sphere of your life.


Articles on Connection


Navigating friendships, family, and even professional relationships while living alone can be a balancing act. Our in-depth articles explore various facets of connections, from maintaining long-term friendships to building a supportive network from scratch. We examine how the dynamics of relationships evolve as we journey through the Gen X years and provide practical tips to deepen your connections.


Ideas for Engaging Community


Community is essential, even when you cherish your solo lifestyle. We provide an array of ideas to help you engage with your community—be it your local neighborhood, volunteer organizations, or online groups that share your interests. Whether it's joining a local book club, participating in a community garden, or taking part in virtual meet-ups, discover a multitude of ways to be part of a community that enriches you.


Shared Stories


Sometimes, the most powerful advice comes from those who have walked the path before us. Our Shared Stories section is a compilation of personal narratives from Gen X women who have experienced the ups and downs of living alone. From stories of serendipitous friendships to lessons learned from years of solo living, these tales offer both wisdom and comfort.


Essential Resources


Beyond articles and ideas, we've compiled a list of resources that can practically assist you in building connections. Whether it's apps that remind you to check in with friends, platforms that facilitate group activities, or services that offer emotional support, these resources are here to aid you in cultivating meaningful relationships.


A Place for Open Dialogue


In this unique space, we also welcome contributions and questions from our community. Got a tip that helped you build a fantastic friendship? Or perhaps a question about dealing with loneliness? This is a platform for open dialogue, where your experiences and insights can benefit others navigating the solo Gen X journey.


Thank you for exploring our Resources on Connections. Our aim is to provide you with a multifaceted guide to enrich your solo living experience through authentic connections. Because while life might be a journey you take alone, the connections you make along the way make it infinitely richer. Welcome to your hub for all things related to connections!

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