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Holidays & Gifts

The holidays are a special time for everyone, including Generation Xers who often find themselves celebrating solo for a majority, if not all, parts of holiday seasons. Many of us are empty nesters, some of us didn't have children, others are divorced, widows or widowers, and some of us simply enjoy the peacefulness and freedom that living alone brings.  Embracing the festive spirit of birthdays and hoildays, from Fourth of July to Christmas, can be both rewarding and heartwarming with some minor planning ahead, even when (or specially when) you're your own company.

Start by decking your halls with holiday decor in a way to that feels festive to you. Whether it's a minimalist approach with elegant white lights and a chic tabletop tree, or a more traditional route with garlands and an array of colorful ornaments, make your space a reflection of your holiday mood. Don't forget to set the tone with a holiday playlist – let the classic tunes mingle with new favorites to create a soundtrack that's uniquely yours.

Gift-giving is a joyous part of many special dates such as birthdays, weddings, Mother's day and of course, the Christmas holiday season, and it's no different for those celebrating alone. Don't stress over gift giving.  Create your gift list with ease with the help of our diverse gift list guides. We have lists for everyone from coffee lovers, cruise vacationers, college guys, teenage girls, neighbors, men's 50th birthdays and more.  Remember, the joy is in the thought and effort put into the gift, making it special and memorable.

For Generation Xers living alone, holidays can be a great opportunity to experiment with festive holiday drink recipes. Whip up a classic eggnog or homemade sugar-free hot chocolate, or try your hand at a more adventurous espresso martini. Living alone doesn't mean you need to skip the holiday treats that you can enjoy as you cozy up with a good book or a holiday movie. The holidays are about cherishing the simple pleasures, and even when you're solo, you can make these moments count with a little creativity and a lot of holiday spirit.

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