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Creating a Life

You Love While Living Alone

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Gen X 1965-1980

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We are ambitious.
We are resilient. 
We are brave. 
We are Generation-X.   

Living Alone Doesn't Have To Be Lonely

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Welcome to, a place for Gen-x'ers who live alone to find community, resources, information and connections.  As above, living alone doesn't have to be lonely.

By this time in our Gen-X life, many of us are alone due to circumstance.  Some of us have had a spouse pass on from this earth, others of us have never found the love we so desperately searched for, and some of us have been left alone by a former partner or spouse who decided to move on against our wishes.

There is another group of us living alone who are doing so by choice.  Some of us looked for love, some of us found it at some point, some of us didn't, but we have decided to move on in life on our own now.  Possibly we're happier alone, or we've found that peace that is more precious than gold, or maybe we never really wanted to live with another person.  In fact, some of us here do have a love partner, but we still choose to live alone and keep our own space for various reasons.  

And then there are the children of us Gen'Xers.  This new generation we have created is a whole topic of its own!  But that's for another page and day.  Most of our children are adults or nearing adulthood now, possibly in college or renting a room from us (or not paying the rent), but for all intents and purposes, we are now alone.   

Also, many of us do not have children, again by choice or circumstance, and we are alone now as well.  Many of us made a conscious choice not to have children, and some of us simply didn't make it a priority to have children, although we weren't against it.  Stars just didn't align that way.  Some of us wanted children and couldn't have them, and some of us have a special place in heaven one day, reuniting with our precious child who gained their angel wings too soon.

Whatever brings us here, to this place and time, living alone as a Gen-X man or woman, we are here now. We can be here for one another, accepting each other for who we are, how we got here and where we each came from.  Living alone doesn't have to be lonely.  We'll keep saying this throughout articles and pages, because it is a truth that we can choose to live.  Our perception is our reality.  Living alone can be freeing and liberating, peaceful and serene and even exciting and joyous.

Our vision is that this platform becomes more than just a website; we hope for a community where our unique traits and values as Gen-Xers living alone are valued and supported. We dream of a community of positivity and laughter together.  Our mission is to learn ourselves and share with you how to create a live you love while living alone as a Gen-Xer.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to guest post on our site or share your wisdom, stories of triumph or current struggles that you are having.  

Together, we are not alone.  And one more time, living alone does not have to be lonely.  


Your genXsolo Creator

Born in 1971

Single and Living Alone (with a puppy)

Blessed with one Adult Child 

Finding out that 50's are Freeing

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